frustration  compounds,  rippling  through  voorhees’  chest,  hot  and  tight  in  sinew  pulled  over  bone,  flame-like.  his  recollection  of  this  emotion  –  anger  –  extends  far,  chipping  at  his  skull  like  an  artists  stone  chisel,  old  and  familiar.  this  creature  sifts  through  him  like  blood  and  air,  annoying  and  precise  –  and  infinitely  more   challenging  than  any  human  to  brave  the  crystal  lake  killer.  

           the  machete  swings  and  slices  through  krueger’s  hat, lodges  into  wood.  jason  rips  it  free,  leaving  a  wound  in the  old  oak,  the  now-ruined  accessory  falling  to  his  feet.  a  labored,  erratic  breathing  pattern  has  violently  worked  into  his  chest.  

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to crossover movies like Alien vs Predator or Freddy vs Jason one is that they are not part of the continuity of the franchise they each represent and some say yes they are. I'm actually 50/50 on this cause with FvJ since it came out after Jason X and in that movie Jason is out hell then FvJ is part of the Friday continuity but AvP could actually be separate except Predator shows us a Xenomorph skull.

I mean, yeah. That’s where the idea for Alien vs. Predator originated, with that Easter Egg in Predator 2. 

By that same token, Freddy vs. Jason has to be taken into consideration because it picks up off the ending of Jason Goes to Hell, picking up with both of them in Hell and using that as their starting point. 

I think there’s actually a lot more of an attempt to keep continuity in Freddy vs. Jason than in Alien vs. Predator. There were drafts of Freddy vs. Jason that were not set in the continuity of either franchise (actually, bizarrely, most rejected scripts for Freddy vs. Jason were set in the continuity of one franchise and then worked the other one into that) but the version that they went with was one of the only ones that tried to adhere to the rules and parameters of both franchises. 

But even then, I take any film in any franchise to be continuity until it’s directly contradicted by something. And even then, the movie still exists, so it’s kind of up to the viewer. 

For example, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Texas Chainsaw 3D is a direct sequel to the original, but negates the other sequels… and some of the other sequels do a similar thing, so it’s basically “Choose Your Own Adventure” at that point. 

When there are enough glaring inconsistencies, it kind of falls upon the viewer to decide things for themselves. I like to keep everything in the same continuity if I can. Sometimes it requires some creative thinking. Sometimes, you just gotta say “fuck it.” 

But I’ve never been in the camp to decide a crossover is not a part of the franchise just because it’s a crossover, especially when it goes out of its way to try to respect the rules of both franchises. 

jason does possess intense aquaphobia, but it doesn’t mean he wont use it to
his advantage. he is more than okay with the water in crystal lake, moving through
it, submerging himself, using it to give chase. drowning others. it is water in other
places that tends to bother him. 

Happy Birthday, Robert Englund!

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