Urban Tenting – In Search of Uncommon Places for Camping

Berlin-based photographers Marlen Mueller and Thomas Adler have started a new website based on the concept of camping in unusual urban locations. Apart from beautiful photographs and inspiring places to camp and have adventures, you can also catch a glimpse of their travel companion, puppy Cat.

Check out Urban Tenting on their website.

Europe in winter

I took a bit of a strange decision end of last year, to be a gypsy (deluxe version though) and just for a bit. So here I am now, living and working between Tokyo, Berlin and Paris, with many stopovers in other cool places.

Giving you a bit of Berlin winter realness here. Arriving to Germany before Xmas is an interesting opportunity to see all open air markets, realize that wearing a Givenchy mink, or even Phillip Lim rabbit scarf are a big no no here (ecological choices), and start every day with a green cold pressed juice.

If in need of bit more luxury, head to Hamburg, where you can find amazing perfume shops.  Harald Lubner is pretty cool, with Fornasetti candles selection.

Address: Große Bleichen 23, 20354 Hamburg

Phone:040 35715455

And for select store Uzwei, they even have Sacai.

My first event in Germany was in LNFA, a local select store in Bikini Berlin. 

Berlin interiors, you can find everything about them on FVF website. It started as a diary of cool places, friends of friends houses (and this is the website name in German)

MichelBerger hotel is one of very typical Berlin venues. It was started by a group of friends, crafting the interiors of an old building, I think it was a school. Now there is a hotel, a creative office space, they even own coconut water brand with plantation in Thailand.