FvF Item of the Week: The Classic Chemex Coffee Carafe

Life’s too short for bad coffee, and here at Freunde von Freunden, we live by that rule! We spotted the Chemex Coffee Maker in artist Steven Harrington’s atelier in LA and are fans of it's simple yet modern design aesthetic.

Patented in 1941 by the German born Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex Coffee Maker resembles an Erlenmeyer flask corseted with wood and fastened with leather. The result is said to be “a concentrated, clean cup of coffee with no sludge or bitterness." 

Our friends at Five Elephant Coffee in Berlin, who provide us weekly with their specially curated coffee, visited the home of Chemex coffee makers in Pittsfield, Massachusetts! Read their story and watch the stunning video here.

You can get the Chemex Carafe in the online shop of Coffee Circle, Berlin here.

FvF Item of the Week – Bauhaus Tapestry by Benita Koch Otte

We found this beautiful Bauhaus tapestry in the Berlin-based home of furniture dealer Ulrich Fiedler.

Ulrich lives amongst classic furniture from the 1920s and his apartment doubles up as gallery, which can be visited on appointment. We sit down with Ulrich to discuss his passion for tracking down early edition furniture and his favorite piece of furniture - on Freunde von Freunden.

Look for his story in our new book ‘Friends’. You can buy it from our website or find it with retailers around the world.

Photography: Ailine Liefeld

FvF Item of the Week: The Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard

While reviewing old FvF portraits we spotted these funny interior accessories in the tasteful living room of Berlin based illustrator Olaf Hajek.  

The wooden dolls by Alexander Girard were created for the designer’s own home in Santa Fe and are inspired by his extensive folk art collection.

Alongside Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson, Alexander Girard was one of the influental figures in post-War American design. 

These pieces function half as toys, half as decorative elements - the partly smiling, party grim-looking wooden dolls are a charming addition to any interior.

See the entire Berlin portrait of Olaf Hajek on Freunde von Freunden

The Wooden Dolls are available at the Vitra Onlineshop

FvF Item of the Week - Linda Charlotte Ehrl’s Bar Cart

Discover this eye-catching globe bar cart, sometime used as a prop on sets in the Berlin apartment of stylist Linda Charlotte Ehrl.

“Sometimes I’ll take a picture or decoration with me to a project and when I come back, I don’t even know where it belongs. My house changes with this process.”

Check out Linda’s portrait on Freunde von Freunden.

FvF Item Of The Week: Meike Harde’s Hybrid Cabinet

We were pleased to showcase Meike Harde’s prototype Hybrid Cabinet in the FvF Apartment during our first holiday pop-up shop last December. Harde’s cabinet plays with notions of display and concealment, hybridizing typologies of vitrine and console, while combining strong masculine lines with a feminine woven surface structure.

A relatively young designer based in Saarbrücken, Harde has already exhibited at a variety of design events and festivals with work which explores unconventional applications for textile materials. We look forward to seeing her career develop.

Following the display in our apartment, Harde’s cabinet will be making its way to Bazar Noir, a recent addition to Berlin’s growing design retail scene.

FvF Item of the Week: Critical Objects by Hello Me

Tipi’s are always associated with childhood and playtime so when those two elements are combined into a design object for grown-ups we’re immediately sold.

In our Hamburg portrait with urban developers Florian and Louise Kunth, we look inside their ‘personal gallery’ where we find one of the Critical Objects created by HelloMe Studio -  a Berlin-based design studio - headed by the talented Till Wiedeck.

Critical Objects’ are colorful static re-interpretations of everyday objects where the functional properties of these objects are rearranged. See the full collection here and look around Florian and Louise’s loft space filled with remarkable objects on Freunde von Freunden.

FvF Item of the Week Special: Wishbone Chair, Hans J. Wegner

As a tribute to the late legendary Danish designer Hans J. Wegner on what would have been his 100th birthday, we looked for his iconic work within our portraits and found the Wishbone chair in photographer Magnus Reed’s mind-blowing 500sqm apartment in Schöneberg.

The Wishbone Chair is perhaps Hans’ most celebrated work. A light, attractive and comfortable dining chair with the characteristic Y-shaped back.

See if you can find any other design treasures in Magnus’ apartment on Freunde von Freunden

FvF Item of the Week: Nir Stern’s Wooden Shelf

Discover this simple wooden shelf by interface designer and architect Nir Stern in his roomy apartment in San Francisco

“I built a simple box which can store a few books and at the same time act as railing. The material and theme is repeated in other places in the house so it’s not out of context or otherwise foreign to the house.”

Look for his story in our new book ‘Friends’. You can buy it from our website or find it with retailers around the world

FvF Item of the week: Riding in style

We spotted this marvelous mini wooden bike in co-founder of CeeCee NewsletterSven Hausherr’s home in Berlin.

Originally invented in 1817 by Baron von Drais, this small vehicle was intended to help him get around the royal gardens faster.

What better way to let your kids playfully acquire a sense of equilibrium then on this wooden ride of LIKEaBIKE? Find the “White Mountain” edition here.

FvF Item of the Week: The Pleat Box Lamp by Xavi Mañosa and Mashallah studio

While browsing through our library of portraits we rediscovered the amazing pottery workshop, Apparatu, from former FvF guest Xavi Mañosa - a true master in ceramics. Xavi inherited the craft from his parents and now adds his own contemporary spin on every creation.

In his workshop we found our FvF Item of the Week, The Pleat Box Lamp - a visually stunning piece that is perfect to hang above your kitchen table. The lamp appears robust with its special recycled grey glaze on the outside but at the same time delicate with its brilliant golden enamel on the inside.

Xavi designed this lamp together with Mashallah Studio from Berlin for Marset. To get your hands on the lamp find a distributor in your country here, or when in Berlin, you can find them in the new Silo store

FvF Item of the Week: Keeping secrets inside a whale’s belly.

Spotted in the beautiful home of Jessica Barensfeld & Simon Howell is this wooden whale-box of Brooklyn designer Karl Zahn. Karl grew up in Vermont, playing around in the forests and wood shops, where he grew fond of working with wood and natural materials.

The whale, an ancient symbol for joy and creativity, hides its hinge discretely in the shape of his eye and could be a sculpture, totem or hiding spot for your precious secrets to be guarded with style.

We discovered more of Karl Zahn’s wooden sculptures in the stylish Süper Store, Dieffenbachstr. 12, 10967 Berlin. You can find it online here.

FvF Item of the Week: Yohann iPad Air Stand FvF Edition

Discover this Yohann iPad Air Stand, an exclusive FvF edition, by Swiss design brand sillber at the FvF Online Shop. As part of the launch of our new online shop we asked sillber to produce this special ash wood edition of the stand.

Made expressly for the iPad Air, the FvF edition of Yohann can also accommodate the iPad Mini in five of the six available positions. Its general shape and position are the result of a structural calculation to provide the highest stability for all angles of use.

Find the iPad Stand at the FvF Shop.

Find out more about the background of the newly launched FvF Shop on the FvF Journal.

FvF Item of the Week: ‘H’ Arm Chair by Modernist Brazilian Designer José Zanine Caldas

During the modernist period in Brazil from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, the self-taught designer José Zanine Caldas proposed innovative solutions in the mass production of furniture and transformed wood into magnificently sensual pieces.

This armchair from Zanine was spotted in the urban home of architect Arno Brandlhuber - former FvF guest - who successfully built his modern house out of a ruin in downtown Berlin.

Rediscover more design classics in Arno’s 300sqm loft on Freunde von Freunden and dive into José Zanine Caldas’ world here.

FvF Item of the Week: Trompe l'oeil bookshelf by Marcus Gaab

We had to look twice at this intriguing bookshelf in Christiane Bördner and Marcus Gaab’s home on Freunde von Freunden.

In actuality it is a high resolution picture of a bookshelf that was photographed by Marcus and printed on a 1:1 scale. It is so detailed you can even read the booktitles. Holding its place on the same wall for a decade, it has surprised three cleaning ladies over the years!

The work is one of a series of twelve trompe l’oeil book shelf motifs that arose from Marcus’ social studies that involved surveying modern middle class intellectuals and questioning why people retain books they have already read.

If you are interested in this intersection between design-tableaus, status symbols and clever decoration contact Marcus for more info and read the interview on Freunde von Freunden.

Photo by: Philipp Langenheim

FvF Item of The Week: Dieter Rams’ Abstract Modularity

One of former FvF Guest Joachim Sauter’s favorite objects is this Braun Control Panel from 1961 found inside his classic modernist Berlin apartment.

Designed by one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, Dieter Rams, the control Panel RCS 9 anticipated the 60s Braun program’s tendency towards modularity. 

The asymmetrical arrangement of knobs, cool anodised aluminium and a light grey paint finish - that replaced the more romantic associations of figured wood - are central elements of Rams’ functionalist vocabulary that developed throughout the 1960s.

Former FvF guests Rob Fissmer and Elise Loehnen who live in The West Coast Vitsoe apartment in Los Angeles have plenty of Dieter Rams’ at home. They have the famous 606 Universal Shelving System for Vitsœ on display mixed in with Dieter Rams Braun equipment that is definitely worth checking out!

The resemblance between the RCS 9 and the 606 Universal Shelving System is striking, displaying a similarity in contemporaneous design.

FvF Item of The Week: Linen Jump Suit by Jesse Kamm

It’s Berlin Fashion week, so we thought it apt to select one of our favorite outfits for the FvF Item of the Week. 

This one-piece linen jump suit from Jesse Kamm’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection has been on our minds since her story was published on FvF. It’s such a quick and easy outfit – one that is instantly and effortlessly stylish, and built to last. 

Its popularity led to it being sold out on Jesse’s webshop, but luckily we still found some at Oneofafew in the sales section.

See Jesse sporting more of her SS14 designs, and see inside her home and studio in her portrait on Freunde von Freunden.

FvF Item of the Week: ‘She Said’ Chair, Studio Nitzan Cohen

With it’s feminine armrests that curve downwards gently, the 'She Said’ chair – designed by Munich-based Studio Nitzan Cohen – demonstrates carpentry at its most graceful and fits perfectly into carpenter Tobias Petri’s home in Munich.

As a founder of Holzrausch Tobias Petri knows how to combine craftmanship and modern design, as his entire living space is touched by the overall Holzrausch concept.

Look into his home on Freunde von Freunden, see his video portrait shot by We Make Them Wonder and order the chair at Mattiazzi here or contact Holzrausch.

Picture by Christoph Schaller.

FvF Item of the Week: Light Matter Sculpture by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

We’ve been admiring the work of Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert ever since portraying the Parisian glass-blower in 2012. Since our first encounter with Jeremy, we’ve seen his stunning glass work popping up in more and more international venues, including Design Miami/Basel, the V&A Museum, and Calvin Klein’s flagship store in NYC.

We were fortunate enough to partner with Jeremy in showing the very first edition of Light Matter, an immense hand-blown sculpture, at the FvF Apartment during our holiday pop-up shop. The signed and numbered piece will be on display in the apartment until the end of January and is also available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact us for further information.

Be sure to check out more of Jeremy’s work on his own website and keep your eyes open for our future collaboration in the FvF Shop.

FvF Item of the Week: 109 Chair by Finn Juhl

Our dear friend and FvF guest from Los Angeles, artist Lauren Spencer King, has an eye for detail and knows how to collect beautiful objects for her home.

Apart from ceramics by Ben Medansky, a chaise lounge by Jens Risom and lamps from onefortythree, there is one piece in particular that cannot be overlooked: the 109 chair by the late Danish designer Finn Juhl – the father of the Danish design concept.

This chair reflects Finn’s ideals about furniture not having a prescribed front and back. His pieces of furniture were intended to be viewed and admired from all angles and from any vantage point in a room.

When visiting Copenhagen this summer we recommend a visit to Finn Juhl’s house. More info here.