all I want is a boy to hold me and call me beautiful and play with my hair and go on late night drives with me. I want a boy to go to carnivals with and movies with and someone I take can naps with my head on his chest. I wanna be able to go on dates where he can’t stop smiling because of how pretty he thinks I am and stuff but then when we get home I want him to shove me against a wall and wrap his hand around my neck while telling me what a fucking whore I am. I want him to turn me around and slap my ass, then grab it so hard that he can see my pussy spreading. I want him to ask me who’s ass it is, and then when I tell him it’s mine I want him to force me on my knees and gag me with his cock because good girls know that it’s always daddy’s ass.

yanno. casual things.

I wanna date a boy who’s the kind of sweet where he puts his hand on the nape of my neck and leans forward to kiss my forehead every night before I go to bed, and then rubs my back while I fall asleep on his chest. I also want to date a boy who wants to fuck me beyond senseless and completely use me before I go to bed. do you see my dilema?

Fuck it.
Γάμησε τα κι άφησε τα.
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