Dinner with these guys. Surprised Nora at the restaurant, she had no idea everyone would be there… Levi came out from under the table. I swear we’re never normal in public together haha, but it was really funny and I really missed being together with everyone so it was really nice :)

The food at Jaiya was surprisingly really good and everyone liked their meal. We went to grab some soju after and headed to karaoke. Afterwards, we went to drop Joe off and went to Paris Baguette for some shaved ice. On the way back I ran into the waffle truck and I hadddddd to get it so Levi treated me, but then the guy charged me 2 dollars less so it was a free scoop of ice cream :)

It was really nice to see and spend time with everyone today! Even Justin came through :’D

And I swear every time I see these guys, we take a million photos.

Disgusting couple photo of me and Shunny, I know, but I love this boy so much! He’s not just a boyfriend but he’s also my best friend, my number one support system, my chef, my pillow and basically my everything. No one really knows about my life more than he does, through all of the ups and downs he has never failed to be there for me. I’m so grateful for having such a wonderful company in my life. Even though we have our bad days, there was never a single moment when we stopped fighting for each other. Hahaha, on our good days, he nags me about not helping him make dinner and he’s probably sick and tired of me talking to him at like 3 in the morning because I can’t sleep, and I always have so much to tell him. I have to admit, as great of a girlfriend that he says I am, I am such a difficult person to handle. I’m so bratty, stubborn and irrational when I’m angry but still he keeps loving me through all of that. I’m so grateful for all of the things that we’ve been able to experience together. That’s also one of the things I love about being with him too; we can literally do anything and nothing together but we always end up laughing and having a blast. It’s so crazy how we can go from pizza, to filet mignon dinner in a week or road trips, raves and museum within a month. It’s been almost 10 months and everything feels brand new, I mean I can’t really put half of all these feelings into proper words.

Everyone sees me as this carefree girl who probably has it all, even some of my closest friends, but no one really knows my life past the shopping sprees, fancy dinners and the big smile that I carry on my face like he does. It was just so difficult to handle some of the family problems that I’ve been going through in the past couple of months or so but I’m glad the person that was there for me was him.

Spent the day with Homon, Sam, And Kenia! Went to Tiff’s graduation and then headed to the city to look for clothes for EDC. Ended up getting Viet for lunch and then some cool snacks. Bumped into Calvin and Sarah too. Cities :’)