fuzzymoth asked:

Hey I just wanna know if the gif you made of the girl and her monster teddy is from a video game, I think I have seen this some where before but that was 7 years ago and would like to know.

Yes, it’s from PS2 Ghosthunter, is a really good game! 

i actually have the ost playing on my blog if you hit play!

External image

I try my best to take simple jet a good pic of me with the help of a mirror just like other blogers….humff hummmf hudda.

I don´t fix my makeup often but when I do I like to get inspired by  Bayonetta, Lady and Rarity.
Geek in style like I use to say.

A old OC of mine. Charlie who dos´t look like that anymore, he is a bird human now.

I never finished it pic, but I still won the small art contest at a mini anime event.

The first prize was the book about Final Fantasy Advent Children -Reunion files-.

Shows how they made the whole film and some extra stuff about the story and the game.

it´s nice even do I don´t like the film so much the info and mini tutorials is awesome.