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ive never used sneaked?? i think? america is weird

it hadn’t used it either, until i typed in snuck and it came up as wrong on word and i was like wtf. but yeah, sneaked is the correct word according to the dictionary. and i’ve googled it like 6 billion times. fuzzymiter replied to your post: have i told everyone how much i absolutely hate…

what the….I just had this exact thought like two days ago.

it’s weird! I honestly can’t stand. it’s the same with dreamed for me, like sometimes it’s ok but I think dreamt sounds better. let’s boycott the word sneaked, ok

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um…I grew up in Missouri and Illinois… MISSOURI IS THE ONLY PLACE I HAVE EVER HEARD SOMEONE SAY “HOLY SHNIKEES!” or is it shnykeez? shnikeez? like shh-nikes (the shoe brand)

oh my god that’s so funny. I may have to use that even though it’s not from the state the story is set in. c: we’ll just say that the character who uses it is from missouri. thanks sam!!!!!

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I just love that it happens one time and suddenly we’re all like “YUp. this is california. amirite? every year mt diablo lights up.”

lmao we’re just happy to be part of the cool kids table now, hoppin on the fire bandwagon with the rest of the state
i was literally just talking about that though. i was like yeah but doesn’t something catch on fire like every year because that’s like our thing yeah? hello welcome to california where you can tell what season it is by how many brush fires are happening