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summary: sometimes, celebrities fall for non-celebrities, and maybe that should be an issue for taehyung. but when it comes to you, he’s willing to make bad decisions. (idol au)

• word count: 2.3k

• warnings: swearing

→ note: inspired by a lyric from this beautiful song. i also may make a part two to this later because i can’t ever seem to just write drabbles & be satisfied. hope you like it!!

Taehyung is doomed the second he sets eyes on you, really.

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has Jass met some Warrior cats? or is she to small to get noticed?

I’ve never shoved Jass into that particular universe ‘as is’, but I’ve participated in an RP set in Warriors universe once, with Jass adapted as a medicine cat.

White, fuzzy and short-pawed — munchkin???

The more you know! :D

Rose Quartz
Toro y Moi
Rose Quartz

This is one my all-time favorite songs because of the way it builds up and lets you into its warm, sexy beat. This is one of those rare songs that makes me really feel like grooving. The synths move around the sound space rhythmically, and the vocals are soothing and jazzy. It’s evocative of a close, intimate dance with your favorite person. —Cinder

Recommendation: If you don’t have a favorite person to dance with, take your cat by the its warm, fuzzy paw and teach it how to dance. Or no, let’s be real, your cat would probably teach you how to dance. Learn from his/her grace.


“It is quite clear who the winner is, don’t you say, Magnus?” asked the Queen.
“Uhh, who?” Magnus hadn’t been paying much attention, Fuzzy’s paws were too close and a distraction.
The Queen was already standing up to make the announcement. “The winner of this challenge is Boobmerta of the Swamplands, with a clear lead at fifty points!”

More Fic ideasssssssss

(Hello friend it’s me again) Imagine Derek loving to sow and having a knack for fashion. Imagine a toddler Derek swiping his moms fashion magazine just to look at the pretty dresses. Imagine a young Derek spending nights trying to perfect his cross stitch that his aunt taught him earlier that day. Imagine a teen Derek who make cute clothes for his little sister and brother. Imagine Laura coming to Derek for help on an outfit. Derek’s mom coming to him and asking for him to help mend some of her clothes.(Okay can we all agree that it was Derek who made over his betas with rockin fashionable outfits and Some pieces he made! Omg what if that’s his version of pack initiation. To be a part of the pack you have to let Derek makeover your wardrobe) Imagine Derek now with a little travel sowing kit fixing his clothes that got ruined while he shifted. Imagine him getting so frustrated with Stiles bc 1) he’s a walking fashion disaster 2) Stiles shirt/plaid button up always have a hole somewhere. So Derek finds out Stiles sizes and slowly collects/makes some clothing for Stiles to wear. When Derek finally has enough clothes he goes to Stiles house barges into Stiles room (where a very fashionable Stiles is wearing a stained ratty T-shirt with e an equally ratty pair of track pants that are at least a size too big) and demands Stiles gets changed. Then they have their own mini fashion Show. Imagine Derek realizing how attractive Stiles is bc until now Stiles has never worn anything that did him any favors. Stiles wore things that hid his figure and made him look 10x skinnier then he his. Now this a shirt that actually fits him he looks hot. His muscles a being highlighted and his ass is to die for in the tight jeans Derek made.
Imagine Derek starting to get flustered around Stiles. Imagine Derek sitting down working on a prom dress for a client and Stiles walks by. Derek accidentally pricking himself bc he couldn’t stop lookin a Stiles ASS in those jeans(a pair he made). Imagine Derek trying really hard to play it cool but he keep bumping into walls and tripping over things bc he won’t stop ogling Stiles. The pack low key laughing at Derek’s sudden clumsiness and Stiles painful obliviousness.
Now armed with clothes that make him look good Stiles gains confidence. He holds his head higher and let’s himself feel attractive. Imagine this new confident Stiles marching up to Derek while he’s working on something for Lydia. “So I have a copy of the Devil wears Prada and nothing to do on Saturday. Maybe you wanna come over and watch it? Maybe order in? Just the two of us. You know like a date. Not like a serious date it can totally be casual. Or it can not be causal, I mean whatever your feeling up to man. I just wanted to thank you for the clothes! I mean not that I’d only ask you on a date just because I want to show you gratitude!! I mean I’m super into dating and maybe kissing if you-” and Derek interrupts him with a kiss on the cheek and agrees go on a date with him.

Bonus Derek HCs: Derek works from home as a seamster. People all over beacon hills wants him to work on their clothes. Derek’s favorite thing to work on is prom dresses bc when he was younger Laura asked him to make her prom dress and he was looking forward to making Cora’s. Derek’s favorite thing to do besides making dresses is embroidery. That how he unwinds after a long day. Derek’s at home fashion is strictly sweaters and soft jeggings with little fuzzy wolf paw slipper that Issac got him. (Derek wears the whole greaser look in public bc “Stiles, vintage is in fashion! Get with the times!) Derek want to open a boutique filled with his creations and design. It takes the whole pack to convince him to do it. Derek’s not really good with a hammer but Stiles has been breaking things since he was born so he mostly does all the fixer upper thing in the loft/hale house. Stiles is usually a male shift model for Derek(bc he can’t tell Derek no especially when he gets this soft twinkle in his eye when he’s explain his projects.) Stiles has modeled from dresses to rompers to jeans to crop tops just for Derek. Derek is a quiet strong type, but the moment you mention 90’s fashion he will rant and rave “ITS LIKE THE COMIC SANS OF FASHION STILES. THERE IS NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON TO WEAR A FUCKING FULL DEMIN LOOK.”

(This has been in the back of my mind for a while and I thought you’d like it! Please add more head cannons bc this fuels my very existence! )

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Yes! I love this idea!

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For the a/b/o Halloween thing I want to request Jaylos please. Alpha!Jay dressed as the big bad wolf and precious Omega!Carlos as sexy little red ridinghood. I read a cute fic from another author on here but I dunno maybe we all could use some hot smut for Halloween? Pretty please xx

Sure! Enjoy this song that helped me to complete this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTzLgnT9UFI

Couple costumes were all the rage, according to Evie. She and Mal were going as a zombie couple, Chad and Audrey were going as a modern Beauty and the Beast.

Carlos’s newfound love for dogs and his obsession with three colors gave Evie the perfect idea and she made their costumes without even asking them.

Not that Jay is complaining. All he got was a set of fuzzy paw mittens (that Evie constantly complained how she had to die them from gray to black to match his hair, so Jay’s not allowed to take it off for even ten seconds to properly piss) and wolf ears on a black headband. She threw some theatre make up on him - dark colors on his eyes and nose, some black lip paint that tasted like plastic - and called him done.

His date is a little more dressed up though. Decked out in a heavy cloak that almost reaches his knees, Carlos is pretty damn cute as Red Riding Hood. He has a tight white shirt on and black shorts and he carries a wicker basket just big enough for him to awkwardly hold Dude in (for now. Jay knows at the end of the night, he will carry the basket back to their dorm room while Carlos cuddles Dude to his chest).

“Wasn’t Little Red a girl though?” Carlos had asked when Evie first presented their costumes.

“Yeah, but so was the big bad wolf in the original tales,” Evie explained, fitting Carlos’ cloak just so. “But you’re roles fit. Red was an omega and the wolf was an alpha.”

“Doesn’t the wolf eat her?”

“Depends on which version you’re reading,” Evie was satisfied with her creation and turned to dote on her own dead appearance. “In some, the tale is suppose to be how an alpha becomes the new provider for an omega once they leave their family, shown in how she replaces Red’s grandma. The alpha gives Red care and safety in the woods.” She dabbed fake blood on to her lips, fell silent for a moment. “And Red, with her love and gentle nature, tames the wolf; she convinces the alpha to give up her wild nature and to domesticate herself because she loves her omega. Red shows her a better way of life.”

Carlos hummed before grinning. “And what role did betas play in it all?”

“We were the ones smart enough to write down the story while you two were dressing as old ladies and baking cookies.”

Now at the party, Jay has spilt three drinks on his ridiculous paws, but everyone is laughing and someone finally brought him a straw. There’s some cheesy scary music playing in the background and a couple of people wrapped in toilet paper to be mummies, but Evie is failing horribly at a zombie walk in high heels and that’s enough to make the whole night great.

With his hood pushed back and face dripping water, Carlos rushes to Jay’s side. “I beat Mal in an apple bobbing contest!” He takes another giant bite of the fruit in his hand and swats when Jay steals a bite for himself. “Are you having fun? You haven’t participated in a lot of the activities.”

“Of course I am, Pup,” Jay kisses his cheek. “I just like to watch you have fun.”

Which is true. Carlos bending over the tub of water on his knees with his hands clasped behind his back was Jay’s favorite part of the evening so far.

But when Carlos sits beside him, scratching Dude at their feet, Jay just watches him.

Did the Big Bad Wolf consciously make the decision to change for Little Red Riding Hood? Or did the alpha change without realizing it, so drawn in by an omega to realize the loss of her own wildness?

Jay knows he’s the latter. It hadn’t seemed so originally, he hadn’t thought he had changed at all, but when he thinks further back, remembers the bully and aggressive alpha he had once been…it’s like looking at another person.

Some of that change has been from Auradon, some from having strong friends like Evie and Mal he knows, but some of it must have been for Carlos too. Jay wouldn’t care about fitting into Auradon if it weren’t obvious how much Carlos flourished here. So he played extra nice, put in more effort, to ensure he fit in just as much as his omega.

It’s not like alphas are wild animals nowadays, but he does feel…tame when around Carlos. It’s annoying and reassuring at the same time. There’s so much he would do for the brilliant smile, for the kind words, to see Carlos be proud of him.

Maybe the changes really were that subtle and slow coming that he never noticed. Or maybe Jay is falling harder than he thought.

But there’s no doubt in his mind that whatever rough nature he gave up is worth it for Carlos. He is worth more than winning a stupid fight with another alpha, worth more than any stolen trinket, worth more than impulsive aggression.

Jay winds his fingers through Carlos, strokes his thumb along the back of Carlos’ hand where the bones stick out just a little too much still.

Carlos peeks at him from the corner of his eye and smiles. “You all good?”

“Yeah,” Jay sighs, kisses Carlos’ shoulder, “I’ve never been better,” and he means it.

So this ended up being less smutty and more fluffy, but once Evie started talking about the Alpha/Omega history of the fairytale, I knew where I wanted it to go.

I hope you still enjoyed it!

Here, Kitty!

REQUESTED BY: https://superlogancooper.tumblr.com/

Can you do a short where the reader gets turned into a cat by Loki and T'Challa has to take care of her?

PAIRING: T’ChallaxReader

AUTHOR: http://faerose-86.tumblr.com/ 

This request was just too freaking cute! I couldn’t resist!

I also did some research and found out that the language T’Challa speaks in Civil War is call Xhosa so I’ve used that occasionally.

*Ikati = Kitten or Cat.

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“I’m going to kill him!” T’Challa shouted, looking between the now cat version of you and the rest of the team.

Somehow, and for what reason - he didn’t know - Loki had turned you into a cat. T’Challa didn’t know if it was some cruel prank on him, or the god just trying to have a little fun.

Nevertheless, T’Challa was now left with a small, fuzzy animal pawing at his feet.

“T’Challa, calm down. I’m sure we’ll find a way to fix this. Right Thor?” Stark glanced over at the thunder god - who didn’t help the situation by just shrugging his shoulders.

The Wakandan sighed, trying to ignore the mews that were coming from below him. He glanced down and saw a pair of large round eyes peering up at him. He leant down to pick you up, smiling as you purred and curled into his chest.

He softly scratched between your ears and he couldn’t help the small smile that graced his face. The team watched in amusement as he cradled you.

“Come on, Ikati, you must be hungry, no?” he whispered, laughing when you purred in response.

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Headcanon #50 (special)

Because of her numb paws, Tigress’ handwriting is atrocious. After mister-good-at-calligraphy Crane pokes her for it for the seventh time, Tigress storms out. Crane thinks he hurt her feelings and watches as Tigress walks up to Po. He doesn’t see the rest of their conversation.

           The next day, the five notice that Tigress’ punches aren’t as hard as they once were, and that she keeps running her paws through the fur on Po’s head. After Shifu asks, Tigress reveals that she had Po use Chi to fix the damage to her paws.

           Po and Tigress can be seen holding hands in the evenings, if only for the sheer feeling of it. Po gives tigress handwriting lessons every afternoon.


Here is my final fic! 22/22! It ended up longer than I expected, so I probably won’t get the next chapter of TTQ out tonight because I’m going out for my birthday, and I’ll be spending the next couple days with a friend, but I’ll either post it at some point this weekend or post two chapters on Monday. Anywho, enjoy 3k of shenanigans!

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“A-A-Achoo!” Plagg sneezed as Adrien glanced around the street to make sure the coast was clear. He had to meet Ladybug for a patrol soon and needed a safe place to transform without being spotted.

“You okay, Plagg?” He glanced down at his kwami with a frown, eyebrows creased together worriedly. The small black cat rubbed his nose with a groan and sniffled.

“I’m fine,” He grumbled stuffily.

“Are you sure?” Adrien cocked a brow, and Plagg nodded. “Alright…Plagg, transform me!”

In hindsight, Adrien probably should have been a bit more concerned about Plagg, but how was he supposed to know what would happen if he transformed? It was partially his fault, but Plagg could have spoken up about it sooner, especially once Adrien found out it had happened before. In a flash of green light, Adrien’s world changed in an instant, and he found that suddenly everything was a lot…bigger. He blinked a few times to make sure he was seeing things correctly, craning his neck to see the top of the car parked on the street.

Uh-oh. The thought wasn’t his own, but the voice that carried it was familiar.

Plagg! What the heck just happened? Adrien glanced down to see two fuzzy paws on the ground. His two fuzzy paws. Plagg!

So, funny story… Adrien raced to the nearest shop window and stretched up to confirm that he hadn’t gone crazy. I should have seen this coming.

How did this happen? And why are you in my head? Adrien demanded.

Um, it’s kind of complicated, but it’s happened before. Don’t worry it’s totally fixable. All we have to do is find the guardian’s house, and he can get us back to normal. Plagg explained.

Okay, where does he live?

I don’t remember.

I hate you so much.

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