Are people tired of fuzzy nails yet? Well, I’m not. :) Here’s something you maybe haven’t seen before.

• You’ll need a base color, something to stir with, and at least two colors of flocking powder/nail fuzz/nail velvet (they’re all the same thing)

• Paint one coat of your base color. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t cover completely. You’ll be doing another coat and covering it with fuzz.

• Sprinkle out some of each of your colors. You will be using more of the fuzz than when you do a single-color fuzzy manicure, but you can always mix the colors together and save it at the end if you don’t want to waste it.

• Take whatever you’re using to stir and swirl the colors together until you get a design you like. (It’s sort of a mix of swirling and poking since the fuzz likes to clump up sometimes.)

• One finger at a time, paint on another layer of polish, and while it’s wet, dip it into the fuzz. You’ll probably have to roll your finger a bit to get complete coverage.

•Tap your fingers to knock off any excess, or blow on them a bit, then very gently press on the nail to make sure everything sticks. Let it dry, and you’re done!

A little bonus tutorial to the last one.

If you have leftover fuzz or if you don’t have a color that you want, you can mix the colors together to get something new. The little fuzzy particles are so tiny and when you mix them really well, they blend pretty seamlessly.

I wanted a grey fuzz, but the possibilities are endless.

You can also mix glitter with it if you want something both fuzzy and sparkly. I’d keep the glitter pretty small, though, so that it’ll stay stuck to the polish underneath.