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Has anyone else wondered if the reason Allen is directionally challenged is because he should be wearing glasses like Past!Allen? He can’t see for shit and somehow it’s slipped his knowledge that glasses are correctional tools for the eyes and thinks they’re just fashion statements of dignity or something.

And like his arm when it was paralyzed, he just got use to living with everything a giant blur.  Timcanpy is always easy to keep track of, being such a bright gold. Cross’ red hair was always a beacon and Lavi’s too. Link’s blond is bright enough and the man’s usually in arm’s reach anyways.

Date the vaguely humanoid being of light that wanders around your neighbourhood at 3 am. They make your vision get fuzzy when you go close to them but it’s alright because you trust them to lead you back home.

The Hades and Persephone AU no one asked for! 

Iron Flowers

The wards in the Underworld are starting to weaken and Alec has to find the reborn Persephone before it’s too late and Valentine gets out.
But when at-first-glance-mortal Magnus turns out to be the personification of spring itself who doesn’t know his true powers it gets a little more complicated than just restoring the wards in a flash.

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anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Could I request a fic please? Where McCree has a secret fiancé, living somewhere safe and reminding him that he has something to live for? But the remaining Deadlock members find her and kidnap her? And she's terrified when she realizes how much they hate Jesse and how they're willing to do anything to her in order to hurt him.

((A/N - I did this in Blackwatch era if that’s okay! It made more sense as Deadlock was more recent and oh my goodness gracious me I got so carried away with it I love writing McCree as a hero oosh. Might have to upload to AO3!))

“Please be safe.”
“I always am, doll.”

You stood on your toes to be able to press your lips against his. His rough, chapped lips that you were forever telling him to put lip balm on. You saw Jesse out the door, waving to him as set off down the road towards the Overwatch base. You twirled your engagement ring on your finger, a thin gold band that had a set of three diamonds with the middle one being slightly larger.

Jesse had proposed to you last year. You had known him since his days in the Deadlock gang, only because he used to frequent the diner you worked at. On more than one occasion he had bought you a strawberry milkshake or paid for your favourite song to be played on the jukebox. You were always careful though. You never became too close for the fear of doing something wrong which might anger him or the gang. You always accepted his compliments with a smile, and politely refused his requests to go dancing after work. It was only ever him that visited, saying what you had was a little secret, sealed with a wink.

Overwatch had then infiltrated Route 66, tearing apart the gang and luckily giving Jesse another chance at life to do good in the world. Knowing that neither of you were in any more danger, he proposed to you then and there. He constantly complimented you on your accent, your style, your pretty eyes. You had only moved to the little town a couple of years prior. He had of course sweetened you up and you accepted. You were his rock, and he was your charming cowboy.


“Honey, I’m home!” Jesse jokingly sang out as he sauntered through the front door.

You greeted him with a smile and a peck on the cheek. With what Jesse was earning working in the Blackwatch division under Overwatch, there was no need for you to carry on working at the diner. You had your own little ranch on the outskirts of town. You spent your days cleaning, cooking, sewing, ironing, being kept hidden..

“Did you tell them today, sweetie?” You held your hands in front of you, an expectant look on your face.

Jesse’s furrowed brow and sigh told you everything. Your engagement was a secret. A secret from your family, friends, and Overwatch.

“That’s.. fine.”
 You turned away from him, heading back into the kitchen to finish up the stew.

“Darlin’, it’s not fine.”
“So why can’t you tell them? Why can’t I tell them? Why can’t I tell anyone?”

You span on your heels to look at him and crossed your arms. Jesse’s eyes widened at your sudden anger. He understood your frustrations, he really did. It just seemed for however long you two has known each other everything between you had to be a secret.

“There are… Complications.”
“Such as?”

Jesse sighed and took his hat off, moving round to sit on the sofa and patting the seat next to him. You precariously followed suit, back stiff and perched on the edge of the seat.

“Yes? What about them?”
“With Overwatch being close by, they’re gettin’ a bit antsy. Since they, well, arrested half o’ their men they didn’t take too kindly to it. Doll, the base isn’t even the direction that I head off to in the morning. I have to do that in case I’m bein’ followed.”

Your shoulders tensed slightly.

“Being followed..?”
“They’re not the nicest o’ gangs and they try to keep tabs on people. Whether they know that I was given’ a second chance.. I don’t know.”

You looked at him. He was staring at the carpet, eyes drawn to a particular out of place thread. He fiddled with the hat in his hands.

“Which is why I have to keep us a secret.” Jesse slowly said.

You nodded, taking the hat from his hands and walking around the sofa to place it on a coathook. You hadn’t realised he was following you until you turned around and bumped into him.

“(Y/N), you are my home. You always have been. If anythin’ were t'happen’ to ya..”

You leant forwards onto his chest, him then covering you with his arms. He of course smelt like cigars, gunpowder and coffee. You were his home, and he was yours.

You pulled back slightly so you could look up into his chocolate eyes, etched with concern.

“I love you, Jesse McCree.”

He broke into a smile and picked you up, twirling you around.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”


The next day went off without a hitch, you said your farewells and began preparing food for dinner.

Knock. Knock.

You frowned. Wiping your hands clean on a teatowel you lightly stepped over to the front door, peering through the peephole. Two young men dressed in black stood cockishly on your porch. You weren’t supposed to have any visitors today. You weren’t supposed to have any visitors, full stop.

You hooked the metal chain onto the door, so when it opened there was only a tiny crack you could see through. Better to be safe than sorry.

“May I help you, at all?”

“Is McCree here?” The one on the right spat.

“Erm, who? I think you may have the wrong ranch.”

Your heart was racing. Jesse had prepared you for this, to feign ignorance if anyone came asking for him.

“Your fiancé?”

You blanched. You tried to slam the door closed but one put their foot in the way. You grunted, and ran towards where you kept your shotgun in the cupboard under the stairs. You’d never had to use it before, but being so far out in the open you constantly had wild beasts and trespassers roaming your lands, you had to threaten them somehow.

You aimed it at the door, preparing for the worst when a crack shot through the air and your front windows were shattered. You held your hand up to your face to shelter from the flying glass, a few shards managing to scrape across your palm.

“Don’t come any closer.” You threatened. You inwardly cursed yourself at how weak you sounded. You emphasised by jabbing the shotgun in the direction of the window.

“Why, miss, we don’t want to hurt you.”

The two intruders stepped through the shattered pane, pointing revolvers at you and grinning wolfishly. Your breathing quickened. Your eyes scanned around the room, while slowly stepping back. You needed an exit route, and you needed one now.

“Just tell us where McCree is and we won’t have to put a bullet between your pretty eyes.”

They were stalking towards you, every step you took back they took one forward. The gun in your hands was shaking. You cocked it and aimed at their feet, firing which sent a whirlwind of wood splinters into the air.

This gave you a few mere seconds to sprint out of the living room, into the kitchen and out the back door. You heard cursing from the strangers and then heavy footsteps of them chasing you. You rounded the corner and pressed your back against the warm wooden slats, gun poised to whack the butt into one of their heads as they came round.

They never came round. You were sure they were following you. You frowned, peeking out to see if they were still there. They weren’t.

Treading carefully and aiming your shotgun, you stepped around the corner to look by the back door.

“Checkmate, princess.”

Something cold and hard pressed against the back of your neck. You shuddered out a breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding. You stared blankly ahead into the desert, dropping the gun on the ground and raising your open hands to shoulder height.

Gravelly footsteps made their way so the one that had originally spoken to you was standing in front of you.

“Wild one, she is.”
“No wonder McCree went for her.” The one behind you sniggered.

You narrowed your eyes at the one in front, who was now pointing his gun at your chest.

“Don’t try anythin’ funny, sweetheart.” He smiled sickly sweet at you, and then nodded at the one behind you.

A rag soaked in something sweet and alcoholic covered your nose and mouth, making you cry out. You scrabbled at the man’s hands by your face, hearing him wince from where you cut him with your nails. He was relentless. Trying to struggle made you breath in more sharply and quickly, which you didn’t realise was helping their cause. Your hands became fuzzy, knees weak and vision blurring.

“Sleep tight.” They chuckled.

Everything went black.


“Why ain’t she pickin’ up..”

Jesse scowled at his burner phone, the number he had been ringing going to voicemail. He wanted to let you know that he was going to be home early today, as he’d managed to get a half day off and he could help you cook dinner as an apology for yesterday.

He scuffed his way through the long grass, the heat forming sweat droplets on the back of his neck.

He frowned. Tyre tracks by the front of your ranch. You weren’t supposed to have visitors. Feeling uneasy, Jesse unholstered his peacekeeper. Before he had made it to the front of the house, he could see that the front window had been smashed in and the door was slightly ajar.

Oh no.

“(Y/N)? You home, doll?”

He peaked in through the window and saw glass everywhere. Two pairs of dusty footprints by window making their way towards- blood? He stepped through the wooden pane on high alert for any signs there’s someone still in the house. It was deathly silent.

Jesse crouched when he made it to the doorway to the kitchen, picking up a shard of glass that definitely had blood on it.

Well, shit.

He quickly put his earpiece in and channeled it to the base.

“McCree to Watchpoint 66.”
“McCree. Reyes here.”
“I need your help.”


Your head was pounding. Your palm stung. Your breathing was rattling, as though you were dehydrated. Your neck ached from where it was hanging awkwardly, a stray hair tickling your nose. You tried to reach up to brush it out of the way and scratch your nose. You tensed your arms when you realised you couldn’t, something rough had bound your wrists together behind your back. Your eyes shot open. Your vision was blurry, trying to adjust to the dim lit room. You looked down and realised you had been bound to a wooden chair. Trying to cry out for help, you realised a cloth of some sort was drawn tightly across your mouth. Glancing down, even your ankles were tied together from what you could see with rough hemp rope. You tried to regulate your breathing, air heavily leaving your nose.

Your head shot up when the rickety door swung open, a dark figure standing in the doorway.

“She’s awake.” The voice rumbled, nodding to someone else in the hallway.

The figure stepped over the threshold towards you. You tensed up, drawing in a sharp breath and head held high.

He wore dark leather trousers and a billowing cream top, almost like an old fashioned pirate. He grabbed your jaw with his calloused hand, forcing you to look up towards his shadowed face.

“So you’re the one that Jesse McCree has fallen for. A pretty lil’ thing, huh.”

He had the same southern accent as Jesse, albeit more menacing. He turned your head to the side, losing eye contact. Only spending a minute with this savage and he’s already made you feel like a piece of meat up for inspection. He leaned in close, lips hesitating over your ear.

“Do ya love him, sweetpea?”

You shut your eyes, tears squeezing out the corners and you drew in a shuddering breath.

Answer me.”

You nodded your head, him only being satisfied when he let his grip go off your face and moved back. You bowed your head, wondering how you got into this situation. Wondering what Jesse’s reaction would be when he saw how ransacked your house was. Wondering about Jesse.

“Don’t cry. I di'n’t mean to make ya cry.”

He gently wiped away a streaming tear, his touch as soft as a lover’s. You glanced at his tan hand that was so close to your cheek. He took his hand back and thwack. His right hand struck your cheek, snapping your head to the right and hair falling over your face. The pain brought a fresh batch of waterworks, sobs choking in your throat.

A dark chuckle escaped from your captor. He pulled up another wooden chair from the darkness and sat down.

“D'ya know how long we’ve been lookin’ for that mutt?”

You shook your head, learning quickly it’s better to play along.

Too long. After that darned Overwatch took half o’ my men we wanted to fight. Obviously we didn’t have enough manpower. When we learnt that ingrate was alive and workin’ for them? Hoo, that’s a whole ‘nother story.”

He leant back in the chair, his right ankle coming up to rest on his left knee.

“I had my men follow him. That Overwatch weren’t pretty smart to keep an ex-Deadlock member livin’ on Route 66 were they? He tried to be clever. Sent them on a fox hunt, he did. Until one day we finally caught him going back to ya nice lil’ ranch out back. Seein’ you greet him at the door warmed my heart, I must say.”

Your eyes widened.

“He had a lil’ missy and he was keepin’ her secret from the world. Well, I wonder why that is? That Jesse McCree had snagged himself somethin’ real nice and didn’t wanna share her. We thought we could do him the favor. We could let him know how much he hurt us, at the same time hurtin’ him.”

You frowned at this. They wanted to hurt him? By hurting you?

The stranger leant forwards placing a hand on your knee.

“Don’t worry, doll. We only want to let him know how big o’ a mistake he made when he betrayed us.“  He stood up, stalking around to the back of your chair and placed his hands heavily on your shoulders. "You are the key.”

You shuddered under his grasp, your entire body shivering at the thought of what they, or he, were going to do to you.


“Jesse, you need to calm-”
I am calm.” Jesse seethed.
“Well then get your hand off of my desk.”

Jesse looked down, his nails digging into the wood creating splints on Gabriel’s desk. He grunted, flumping himself into the chair opposite Reyes and hiding his dark eyes behind his hands.

“She’s out there somewhere and we’re sittin’ here doin’ nothin’. She could be hurt or dyin’ or-”
Don’t. Don’t you dare say it. Jesse, we will find her. I promise.”


You don’t know how long it had been. They would occasionally bring in water and sludge for what they called food. They had to feed you, this being the only time they would ungag you. Your wrists were chafed from being constantly bound, your ankles only released when you needed to relieve yourself. You had lost all energy to fight. It didn’t help that every now and then they would rough you up.

Your head ached, there was dried blood crackling by your nostril and you were sure your ribs were either cracked or majorly bruised. Breathing became a struggle, it was all you could focus on.

They didn’t seem to care about information about Jesse. All Deadlock wanted to do was hurt you. Hurt you so they could hurt him.

The door creaked open, you flinching at the light that shone through the doorway. You were tired and you wanted to give up. It was the man that you had first seen when you were taken.

“Looks like he’s given up lookin’ for ya, doll.” He smirked. “There’s been no word for.. Oh. Four days now.”

You stared blankly at the floor by his feet; you wouldn’t have given him a reaction even if you could. He walked over to you, holding something in his hand that glinted against the light.

“I think it’s time to.. Up the pace. Don’t you think, sweetheart?”

Only then did you look at him properly, studying what he had in his hand. A knife. You tried to shrink into your chair, worried eyes passing between the knife and his shadowed face. A swift strike and the blade was plunged into your thigh, blood seeping out from around the edges. You shut your eyes and let out a muffled cry, pain blinding your vision.

“Good girl. I made sure t'record that one. I’ll send it to ya fiancé and let him know how ya doin’.”

You breathed in deeply through your nose, tears now running freely down your cheeks and you trying to hold back sobs. You’d never known pain like this before.

He pulled the knife from its warm confines to wipe on his trousers, your blood running down onto the floorboards. He twirled the knife in his hands, looking like a predator wondering where he was going to make his next strike. You pleaded with your eyes as much as you could, you couldn’t take much more. You’d fantasized about being back at home, in your bed, with Jesse.

You didn’t know how strong your threshold was for pain but you knew you weren’t going to last long if they started torturing you for the hell of it.

“Com'ere, doll.” He grabbed your throat, leaning in dangerously close.

He passed the blade down the side of your face, making a deep cut down your cheekbone. You could feel blood trickling down, just adding to the list of injuries you had. He tightened his grip around your neck, digging his fingers in which would no doubt leave some lovely purple splotches.

An earthy rumble echoed through the building. Your captor looked at you in concern then span around to face the doorway. He moved around you, behind your chair and pulled your hair so your neck was on show. A loud crash and then suddenly there were three people all in dark clothing looking through the doorway where a rickety door has once stood.

“Long time, no see, McCree.” The man said, now pushing the blade against your bare throat.

“Get your dirty hands off of her, Max.”


You whimpered, struggling in your bounds on the chair. The grip in your hair tightened, making you take a short breath and changing your view so all you could see was the ceiling.

“You ain’t in a position to tell me what to do, Jesse. Unless you want your sweetheart’s blood spewin’ everywhere. Say, how does it feel? To have somethin’ you love taken away from ya?”

“Let her go.” A voice you didn’t recognise said.

“Uh uh. Not until the lil’ rat here understand what Overwatch did to my gang. And how betrayed I felt when I learnt he’d gone off gallavantin’ with ya.”

You could feel the blade dig in deeper, droplets beginning to form. The pain in your leg was excruciating.

“She’s got nothin’ to do with that.”

Your breathing was becoming heavier, the tightness by your throat and the general aches and pains from your leg, ribs, cheek and hair were becoming too much for you. The room became incredibly warm, your hands and feet becoming tingly and limp and eyes drifting shut.

“Looks like she’s already given’ up, Jesse. You’re too late.”

You heard a muffled crack in the air before you let yourself drift off.



You leaned into the touch of someone stroking your hair back from your face. You stirred, eyes shooting open and breathing increasing from what you last remembered.

“(Y/N), it’s okay. You’re safe.”

You quickly scanned the area and all you could see was white. White ceiling, white walls, white bed. Bed. You turned to where the voice came from and there was Jesse. Your Jesse that had come to save you, perched on the edge of the chair waiting anxiously. You leaned back onto the cushy pillows and let out a sigh. You glanced him over. His beard was more scraggly and under his eyes were dark. You held out your hand towards him, him instantly taking it in his grasp and holding you tightly. His thumb rubbed over your engagement ring.

“Jesse..” You croaked.
“Stop. (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” His voice sounded gravelly, broken. “I thought I could protect you.”

You squeezed his hand in reply, trying not to say anything which could damage your throat.

“I should'a been more careful. I should'a done what you said and told them about us. They could’ve protected you more than what I could.”

You frowned at this.

“No, Jesse-”
“I did this to ya. I wouldn’t be surprised if you up and left me.” He covered his face with his free hand, rubbing his forehead.

You retreated your hand slightly before slapping him on the wrist.

“Don’t you dare. You rescued me. What’s done is done but we’re here now. Safe.”

He peeked at you through his fingers, brown eyes meeting yours. A small smile formed on his lips before darting around your face and taking in what Deadlock had really done to you. It faded.

“Wounds heal, Jesse.” You reassured, catching on to what he was looking at. “I never doubted for a second you wouldn’t come for me.”

“Could'n'ta done it without Reyes.”
“I’m sure he’s lovely.”
“He’s the one that took me in after Deadlock.”
“Even more so.”

Jesse relaxed a bit, glad to see that you had woken up and hadn’t changed a bit.

“So I’m guessing Overwatch know about us then, huh?”

He nodded.

“I had to.”
“Not under the best circumstances.”
“I wish it could’ve been better.”

You turned your head towards him so you were facing him fully. You grabbed his hand that was still laying on your pristine sheets with both hands, bringing it up to kiss his knuckles. You hesitantly glanced down at your wrists, ropeburn clearly showing.

“I love you, Jesse McCree. Don’t you ever forget or think that anything will come in between that.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

Every Other Weekend pt. 4

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,725

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: going to have to close tags for this one. i’m so sorry. but i’m so glad you all enjoy it so much! and i hope you enjoy this part. really happy with it (:

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Originally posted by sebjpeg

“Just sign the damn papers!” Bucky raised his voice at you, angrily running a hand through his hair.

“I’ll get to it. I have a lot to do.” You sighed, not facing him.

“That’s the last thing you have to do.” He spoke with a tense jaw.

“I can’t sign them. That means it’s over.”

“It is over.” Bucky’s hand ran over his face. “Just get it done, please. I don’t want to make this more messy than it is already.”  

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Jonathan Byers x Reader (Request)

Request from @phan—anime: Can I request a Jonathan Byers fluffy imagine where you go missing instead of will and you and Jon secretly like each other - he goes crazy when you’re home but when you return it’s super cute and he says his feelings to you etc ? I have no idea if that makes sense - thank you in advance xx

A/N: Jonathan Byers is my photography loving, The Clash listening babe and I will forever love him.

Word Count: 3712 words

Originally posted by happycookiie

The place you hid in was cold. But you missed it dearly, or rather, the real version of it that you’d grown to love. Not this dystopian, crumbling version. No, certainly not.

You heard voices sometimes, but you believed them to be purely in your head.

There was no way you could hear Will, or Jonathan or even Joyce, not when you were so far away from them. You put it down to hiding in their house, staying there obviously was affecting your mental health combined with this world you seemed to have been dragged into.

You’d ran, and ran and ran. Away from the thing that had brought you here. You’d barely made it alive. It had run after you for ages, constantly on your tail. But you made it into Jonathan’s house, the only place that had come to mind for you to go. Needless to say, you were broken when you got there and found it to be empty, although you’d known deep down that it would be.

You missed talking to people. Going to the cinemas and seeing films with Nancy and Steve, walking in the forest with Jonathan taking photos of you. You especially loved the walks. Playing D&D with the boys, and dramatically acting out the game for them whilst Will told it. You missed sitting in the Byer’s kitchen on a morning, watching as Jonathan prepared breakfast for his family still with sleep in the corner of his eyes.

You were currently sat at that table, or where it should be anyway. There were slight differences between wherever you were, and back home. Like the table in the middle of the kitchen that was broken and smashed to bits around the room. It was never daytime here either and there was no concept of time, all the clock handles just spun constantly or the numbers stayed on 00:00. So you slept whenever you felt like it and as best as you could, considering you also had to keep a watch out for the monster coming back. You heard screams once, faint and very far away from where you were but they still terrified you. They were short-lived and you knew the monster had gotten the poor bastard.

You got bored easily as well, so you liked to go around and count things in the house. The number of paintings, walls, corners of a room, lightbulbs. You would sing as well, usually something Jonathan would play in his car or a song that Steve would have belted out horribly in the corridor at school in an attempt to embarrass you and Nancy. Stuff like that stopped you from being scared, a distraction from what was out there.

But as you sat in the middle of the room, you watched the clock on the wall and saw something that terrified you even more. The clock stopped turning. Of course, it could just be a battery running out, but you looked at the other clocks and saw that they were all the same. All of them read 6:32, and seemed to work as if they were all in sync with time again.

You didn’t know what it meant, but part of you wondered if it meant your rescue. Another part told you not to be so stupid and get your hopes up. How on earth could the clocks relate to your safety?

You averted your attention from the clocks and shut your eyes, leaning back in the chair. You were so tired, although you weren’t certain, you guessed you hadn’t slept for over twenty hours. The monster had passed by the house not so long ago, dragging something very alive with it. It had been crying anyway and making noises like it was in excruciating pain. You’d hidden in the cupboard under the sink as you heard it scratch around the building.

It left after what you assumed to be five minutes as you’d counted to your best ability.

“Y/N?” A faint voice called to you. You screwed your eyes shut tighter, ignoring it.

“Y/N!” The voice said again, more urgent this time. You continued to ignore it, massaging your temples with the tips of your fingers.

“Shut up.” You mumbled to yourself. The voices were coming back again, but you were determined to block them out.

“Y/N?” The voice was louder now, but again urgent to capture your attention.

“Get out of my head.” You hissed, sitting forward and hunching over yourself. Your head was pounding now, and you could do nothing except curl up in pain.


“Y/N, are you here?”

“Get out!” You cried, forgetting about being quiet in case the monster was nearby. The sound of creaking boards met your ears and your head whipped up to look at the kitchen doorway. Lights were shining in the hallway, casting shadows along the floor.

“Y/N?” The voice called through the house, and you realised it wasn’t the voices in your head but rather the voices of the people now in the house. One moment the lights were shining in the hallway, the next they were in your face and blinding you from seeing who was here. You covered your eyes and tried to shield them from the harsh torchlight, wishing you could see the stranger’s faces.

“Y/N! Oh my God you’re here!” Cried a familiar voice. One of the torches was lowered to the floor and someone crouched in front of you, shielding you from the light. But you could now see that the face hiding under a large helmet was none other than Joyce. She had tears in her eyes as she removed the helmet, detaching it from her hazmat suit so she could talk to you properly.

“I can’t believe we found you!” She laughed, pulling you in for a hug. You feebly brought your arms up to hug Joyce, managing a little squeeze. You were so malnourished and weak, yet you hadn’t realised how much so until you felt Joyce’s strong grip holding you.

The other rescuer removed their helmet and you were surprised to see Hopper’s face.

“Hopper?” You questioned, looking to Joyce for answers.

“It’s a story for another time, because right now we need to get you out of here before that thing comes for us.” Hopper barked, pulling his helmet back on and picking up Joyce’s torch.

“H-How did you get here?” You asked as Joyce helped you to your feet, hooking one arm around your waist and letting you lean into her for support. Your legs wobbled dangerously but you kept your ground and began to walk forward with Joyce.

“An open portal, it took a lot of persistency to get here. It wasn’t easy to get access to it.” Hopper explained, opening the front door and checking to make sure the monster wasn’t lurking outside. All clear.

You nodded, trying your best to focus on putting one foot in front of the other successfully.

“Hopper, help me. She’s struggling.” Joyce pleaded, trying to keep you up on your feet as you stumbled, your head going fuzzy as your vision swam before you. You reached your hand out to grab Hopper by the arm but your foot caught on one of the thick roots that covered everything in this desolate world. You crashed to the floor, letting darkness consume you.


You felt warm. For the first time in so long, you could feel warmth seeping into your bones. You were no longer numb from the constant chill of the air. Opening your eyes, you first saw the window to your right with golden sunlight pouring through. Turning your head to the left, you saw the door was open a crack and music drifted through from somewhere. You knew this room. You recognised the large vinyl player, the record albums all stacked up, rolls of camera film strewn over the little bedside cabinet. You wondered if this was all a dream, a sick trick by your mind that would eventually reveal that you were still in that other world. The other place.

You spread your arms out either side of you, stretching and clinging onto the bedsheets for certainty that this was real. You hadn’t been lurched back into the cold, unfamiliar world yet, so you figured this was real. But still…

Climbing out of bed, you noticed you were wearing a thick, cream-coloured jumper and your underwear. Had someone got you dressed for bed?

Your head was still fuzzy so you couldn’t remember clearly, but one memory managed to slip through the haze. Joyce, calling your name into the dark and bright, harsh lights that blinded you. Touching your temple gingerly, you walked barefoot to the bedroom door and slowly opened it a few more inches to look into the hallway.

Empty, but there was definitely music coming from somewhere in the house and singing too. Bad singing.

You stepped out of the room and gently shut the door behind you without it banging. The hallway was bright too, natural light pouring in and illuminating the flecks of dust floating in the air. You walked in the path of the sunlight, loving how warm it felt on the backs of your legs and the fuzzy feeling of the carpet. You noticed a large burnt patch on the carpet, but you decided to leave it alone. You could ask about it later.

It was easy to locate the source of the music and noise that you supposed you would class as singing. It was coming from the kitchen, and as you approached the doorway the smell of a fry up hit your nostrils. It was a whack to the face, the tantalizing smells making your mouth water instantly. You hadn’t eaten in so long; it was a wonder you weren’t near death. But that didn’t matter now, because you could finally smell victory for your growling stomach.

Creeping up to the doorway, you poked your head around, gripping onto the wooden frame for support as you surveyed the scene before you. Everything was there, the table in the middle of the room, the chairs that were placed around it. Joyce and Will who sat minding their own business, Joyce sat reading a newspaper and Will drawing something. The “singing” was coming from Joyce, and you couldn’t help but smile just a little at Will’s disturbed expression.

Looking up from the table you saw someone else standing by the cooker, juggling between pans containing bacon, sausages and eggs.

“Will can you get the orange juice out?” Jonathan huffed, his back turned to you as he cooked breakfast for his mom and brother. Will got up from his seat and went over to the fridge, taking out the juice and kicking the fridge shut with his foot. As Will put the jug of orange juice in the centre of the table he suddenly looked up, the feeling of being watched alerting him to your presence. His face lit up though when he saw it was you stood there.

“Y/N!” He shouted, running around the table to greet you with an excited hug. You bent slightly so you too could hug him fondly, ruffling his hair up which you could remember him hating when you did it. He wriggled free to flatten his hair down, grumbling as he did so. You just smiled at him with a cheeky grin, glad that he was so glad to see you.

Jonathan and Joyce had now noticed you too, and Joyce was on her feet to embrace you too. She smothered you with a firm but caring hug, knowing just how fragile you still were.

“You’re awake! God, I thought you might never wake up.” Joyce sighed with relief, laughing as she took solace in your awakening.

“H-How long was I…” Your throat was hoarse from lack of using it, but Joyce understood what you were trying to ask.

“Four days, honey. Your parents know you’re okay, and they were fine with us taking care of you as they knew you’d have practically around-the-clock care.” Joyce patted your cheek comfortingly and guided you to a seat at the table.

“Hi Jonathan.” You addressed the young male as you sat down, noticing that he had remained speechless as Joyce had spoken to you. He smiled weakly, the dark bags under his eyes very prominent as he acknowledged you. Even in such a tired state, you still found the way his hair glowed in the sunlight and the little creases that appeared at the corners of his mouth when he smiled cute.

“Jonathan made you breakfast too if you’re hungry. He’s made extra for every meal the past few days, just in case you happened to wake up.” Joyce told you, folding her newspaper up whilst she looked at Jonathan with a sly smile.

Will snorted a little as he poured himself a glass of orange juice, earning a light tap on the back of the head from Jonathan.

“Shut up.” Jonathan mumbled, turning back round to serve up the food before it burnt.

“Thank you. It really means a lot.” You told him, although his back was facing you. Jonathan laughed softly as he came over with four plates of food balanced on his arms.

“It’s only breakfast.” He admitted, but you shook your head.

“No, I meant for everything. I noticed you let me use your room, and I’m sorry if that caused any issues.” You apologised, reaching for the jug of orange juice at the same time Jonathan did. Your hands met on the glass handle and you both locked eyes with each other.

“Really, it was no problem. You needed the best care, and I offered for you to use my room.” Jonathan explained, letting go of the jug and taking his hand off yours so that you could have it first.

You didn’t want to sound like a broken record by saying “Thank you” again, so you smiled at him across the table and tried not to let yourself get too worked up about how warm his hand had felt over yours. You couldn’t stop the slight tremble in your hand though.

You managed to eat a fair amount of food, but despite being so hungry you couldn’t keep eating without feeling like you would throw up if you had another mouthful. Will nabbed your leftover piece of toast and when Joyce scolded him you assured her it was fine and slipped him the rest of the food.

“I have to go to work, I’ll be back later today okay? Look after Y/N you two.” Joyce ordered her sons, grabbing her coat off the back of the chair and squeezing your shoulder before she dashed out.

“Will, do the dishes please. I want to talk to Y/N, alone.” Jonathan got up from the table and walked around to your side, offering his hand for you. You put your hand in his and let him help you to your feet, holding onto his hand a little longer than necessary whilst you pushed the chair under the table. Will began to complain but Jonathan told him the quicker they were cleaned the quicker he could go to Mike’s house. This got Will’s attention, and he leapt up from his seat, gathering the plates without any persuasion.

Jonathan led you out of the kitchen and back to his bedroom, shutting the door so he could cut out the noise of Will crashing around the kitchen. You sat on the edge of his bed and messed with the sheets, tracing patterns with your finger.

“I missed you.” Jonathan stated, sitting down beside you. “I was so worried about you, even when you were here. I haven’t slept much.” He admitted, rubbing his eyes as he spoke. You looped your arm through his and leaned into him, resting your head on his shoulder.

“But I’m safe now. I’m okay.” You told him, dragging your fingers up and down the sensitive skin on the inside of his arm. “Will you sleep now?” You asked him. He exhaled slowly, weighing out the probabilities.

“Probably not. Not when I know you could still get hurt and I can’t protect you.” He confessed, placing his other hand over yours which was resting on his arm. He pushed his fingers to interlock with yours and dragged his thumb across your knuckle in slow strokes.

“I missed you too, you know.” You confessed as well. Slowly, pieces of your time in that other world were returning to you. Singing songs by yourself, missing home, missing the walks with Jonathan, wishing you could see Nancy and Steve again.

“Really?” Jonathan asked in surprise.

“Yeah, just the stuff we did together and the car journeys where you’d play your mixtapes of songs you loved.”

“I’ve missed that too.” Jonathan agreed, yawning slightly as he tried to keep his eyes open despite it being the late morning.

“You said you couldn’t sleep knowing you couldn’t protect me if I was at a risk of getting hurt. If you stay in here do you think you could sleep then? I mean, it is your room after all!” You gently coaxed Jonathan to lie on his back, lying by his side with his hand still holding onto yours.

“Maybe.” Jonathan whispered, turning his head so he could look at you from where you both lay down.

“Just shut your eyes, and relax. Focus on something that will keep you calm.” You commanded, also doing what you said so that he wouldn’t feel left out.

“You.” Jonathan murmured to himself as he lay beside you with his eyes closed. You were glad he couldn’t see the blush on your face when he said this, so you continued to speak like nothing had happened.

“Think of something you’d love to do and imagine you’re doing it, something relaxing.” You muttered, wondering how it would feel to have Jonathan huddled against your back, an arm draped over you as he spooned you and kissed the back of your neck softly.

“I am.” Jonathan sighed, a hint of a smile appearing on his face. His cheeks flushed a dark shade of red, obviously embarrassed about whatever had crossed his mind.

“It must be something funny.” You giggled, sitting up on your elbow so you could lean over him. He opened his eyes and the smile only grew wider at the sight of you.

“No, I just got really flustered. It made my tummy feel all warm.” Jonathan beamed up at you, reaching a hand up to stroke your face. The warmth from his touch made the hairs on your arm stand up, your senses going into overload. “I really was worried about you. But, knowing you’re here and safe with me, it kind of makes everything else okay.”

You leaned into Jonathan’s touch, a heat spreading in your chest as the beating of your heart quickened. “I like you Jonathan, I really do. You were always in my thoughts when I was stuck in that horrible place.”

Just the thought of that world made tears spring to your eyes. Jonathan was quick to sit up and slip his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest as you wept into his jumper. “I was so alone Jonathan, it was so alien and unnatural. I had no one.” You confessed, bunching your fist into the woollen material.

“You have me now. That place, the Upside Down it’s called, is gone. You’ll never see it again, because you’re going to be here with me and I’ll be your knight in a denim jacket, armed with my sheer adoration for you.” Jonathan murmured the sweet words in your ear, his lips brushing against your hair as he slowly combed his fingers through. You loved his devotion to the people who mattered to him, and his unwavering commitment towards keeping you safe.

“Jonathan?” You asked, moving so you weren’t hiding your face in his chest and instead you and him were face to face.

“Yes?” He replied, his voice hitching in his throat as he swallowed nervously. The tension between the two of you was palpable as you found yourselves leaning in towards each other. Jonathan gazed at your lips through half-lidded eyes, his gaze lustful as he looked up to lock eyes with you.

“Kiss me.” You whispered, shutting the gap between you both and sealing your lips together in a smooth, ardent kiss. Jonathan couldn’t help the small sigh that escaped his lips when he pulled away for a moment to catch his breath. But you craved more, and he obliged to you pulling him back in to reconnect your mouths. There was a knock on Jonathan’s bedroom door, obviously Will had finished with his job of washing up, so you pulled away.

“Shouldn’t you get that?” You gasped, your chest heavily moving up and down as you found yourself breathless. Jonathan paused for a moment and looked at the door. He shook his head and ignored the knocking.

“I don’t want this to stop.” He muttered, pressing chaste kisses to your lips. But Will’s voice interrupted Jonathan’s trail of kisses from moving to your neck. Jonathan stopped, his lips hovering over your jaw as he slowly exhaled with exasperation. The hot air across your skin made goose bumps rise all over your body.

“Yeah Will?” He called out, his head resting in the crook of your neck.

“Can you take me round to Mike’s now?” Will yelled from outside the room. Jonathan huffed, torn between staying with you and his promise to his little brother.

“Sure, go get in the car and wait for me. I’ll be five minutes.” Jonathan told him, waiting for Will’s footsteps to fade away as he ran off.

“Five minutes?” You arched an eyebrow, smiling as Jonathan pulled you down after him, getting you to lay your head on his chest.

“Just five more minutes.” He sighed, stroking his hand down your back. “Five minutes where I can just hold you and know that you’re mine.”

“Keep this up and you’ll have all the time in the world.” You hummed, shutting your eyes as you listened to the sporadic beat of his heart.

“I hope so.”

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I've been thinking about panicky Keith a lot lately because I love,,,panicked caretaker Keith. So what about a situation where lance is trapped in a place where the oxygen levels (or if you'd prefer, a poisonous gas is filling the room) are quickly draining and Keith can't do anything but talk to lance on the coms and try to break him out? Also congrats on the blog can't wait to see you grow :0

Lance had been trapped in the lift for what seemed like hours now, he wasn’t quite sure how long it had been, delirium taking over from the sheer lack of oxygen filling his lungs.

He had just wanted to go for a relaxing dip in the pool on his day off, as if he could get so lucky.

Sprawled out on the floor of the altean deathtrap gasping for breath, tears began to fill Lance’s eyes.

All the missions he’d gone on, all the injuries he sustained in the fight to protect the universe and this was how he was going to go; choking on his own breath in an elevator while his closest friends continue on with their day, not even noticing his disappearance.

He’d yelled for them. Over and over, nobody answered. The pain of being so disposable mirroring the ache in his heaving chest. 

Mind going fuzzy and vision beginning to blur around the edges, Lance was about to let the appealing thought of an endless slumber take over his body when he heard the com crack on above.

“Lance? Lance! Talk to me buddy?”


The tears began to flow hard and fast down Lance’s face now, they did care.

“Hang tight Lance we’re getting you out now just breath for me”

Keith was a nervous wreck.

He’d spent the good part of three hours searching the ship top to bottom until Pidge suggested that maybe Lance was trapped in the lift. 

Over the coms Keith tried to keep his cool so as not to scare Lance, but truth be told, he was at breaking point.

“Allura get him out NOW!”

“I’m working on it Keith please just try and relax a bit he’ll be fine”

Everyone seemed so calm about the whole situation which made Keith furious.

“How can you say that?! Just listen to him!” Keith screeched before pressing the button to the com so the entire room could hear Lance’s laboured breathing.

Seeing the distress take hold of his fellow paladin, Shiro moved over and placed a hand on Keith’s shoulder.

“I know you’re worried Keith but you’ve gotta be strong for him, okay?”

Sobs now wracking his already shaking form, Keith waited for the affirmative from Allura before rushing out of the crowded room and into the hallway just as the doors of the lift came whooshing open. 

Bending down to the crumpled form on the floor he laced his gloved fingers through the other boys damp hair.

Eyes fluttering open, Lance drew in a shaky breath before launching into a coughing fit. Keith positioned himself behind the trembling boy, rubbing his hand up and down his back in the attempt to comfort him. When the harsh coughs had finally subsided Lance allowed himself to fall back into the warm embrace of Keith’s arms.

“H-heyy” he all but whispered, voice strained from his long since forgotten about screams for help.

Tears began to fill Keith’s eyes once more as he starred down at Lance’s beautiful caramel complexion that had been tinged blue from oxygen deprivation. 

Practically launching himself onto the blue paladin Keith began to bawl.

“NEVER scare me like that again do you hear me? I was so worried I thought I thought-”


Keith was cut off.

“It’s okay, I-i’m okay now” Lance reassured.

“Y-yeah?” Keith sniffled.

“Yeah, you saved me, my knight in fluffy pajama bottoms” Lance joked, shooting Keith a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts.

God, he just couldn’t with this boy.

“Yeah. I’ve got you.”



Here it is!

I’m sorry if it’s really bad and really short this is my first fic :o

Thank you so much and again sorry for the poor quality I am here to improve :)

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Imagine sex with Aleister Black. (Cause he doesn't strike me as being the vanilla type, ya know?)

Title; Control

A/N: ok now we’re gonna attempt to do kink proper. please be advised it has been some time since i have personally engaged in this kind of play, so i apologize if i have gotten something incorrect. we’re going off of memory and what the google machine has helped with. this has ventured into fic territory of its own accord and I ain’t even mad.

warnings; D/s sexplay, mentions of prior kink negotiation, proper use of safewords. spanking, finger sucking, choking, breathplay, orgasm denial

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how long is your time travel au going to be?

idk but here’s some more of it

(the rest)

Castle Evermore is bad.

Neil travels, but he doesn’t know where or when he is most of the time, too disoriented to pay attention. Once or twice he actually sees Andrew, strapped down in a bed, eyes haunted and unsurprised at Neil’s appearance. When Neil opens his mouth to say something, his vision clouds and fades to black.

Once he ends up on the roof next to Andrew, not his Andrew, one who must already be sober. He looks Neil up and down, taking in his changed appearance—the bandages on his face, hair scrubbed and re-dyed its natural color, Ravens gear—and his mouth quirks in something approximating a frown.

“Where are you supposed to be?” Andrew says.


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Bound To Break • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Request: you and Obi are on a mission when you’re seriously injured by Count Dooku. It is left up to Obi-Wan to save your life. Though, as your condition worsens, he begins to lose hope.

Kinda short but I know you guys have been waiting a while for me to post something. Hope you like it !! Love you guys !! 💖❤️💕


“No, (y/n). You cannot just waltz into Dooku’s ship and demand he return the holocron. Are you insane?” Obi-Wan asked you with a scowl. Truth be told, you wanted this mission to be over. Stuck on Dagobah for weeks with someone you loved but couldn’t have? It was torture. So, you were ready to do anything to retrieve the holocron that Dooku had stolen.

“Nope, just tired of being stuck on this planet with nothing to do but study the same trade routes over and over again” you retorted. “It’s overkill, Obi. We might as well just get it over with” you shrugged. Obi-Wan scoffed.

“I truly don’t understand how you could have been taught by Master Windu when you are this….reckless” he replied as he crossed his arms over his chest.

You decided you would just have to wait until Obi-Wan fell asleep before leaving. You could have used his help had he not been so stubborn.

You entered Dooku’s ship and immediately fell under attack. Battle droids shot at your ship as soon as you docked. Thankfully, it was a sturdy ship, so all you had to worry about was not getting yourself shot.

Your lightsaber easily sliced through the battle droids as you deflected the beams of plasma shooting from their blasters. You didn’t need Obi’s help, not when you were just so skilled yourself.

Suddenly, a wave of electricity sparked through you. You cried out in pain and dropped to the durasteel floor. Your lightsaber slid from your hand and skittered across the floor, hitting the toe of a boot. You slowly looked up from the stranger’s boot to their face. It was no stranger at all. It was Dooku.

“Looking for something, Master Jedi?” he smirked, outstretching his hand to show you the holocron. “Did you really think I wouldn’t see you coming?”.

You tried to stand, but you were knocked down by Dooku’s Force push. You were thrown back, hitting your head against a durasteel wall. Your vision became fuzzy and you were sure that you’d pass out at any moment. However, Dooku wasn’t done with you just yet.

Two droids hoisted you up off the ground and held you still as Dooku approached you. He held your lightsaber in his hand and glanced at it with mild curiosity.

“You weren’t planning on killing me and taking the holocron, were you?” he teased. You glared at him and spit in his face. This only angered Dooku further. He outstretched his hand and a burst of lightning instantly emanated from the tips of his fingers to your aching body.

The pain was fierce and overwhelming and you could only remember a faint voice in your head, which sounded strangely like Obi-Wan, begging you to hold on before you blacked out.

Obi-Wan watched you as you lay on your cot back on Dagobah. He’d fought Dooku and escaped with you on your ship. Still no holocron, but he didn’t care about that. All he cared about was making sure you woke up. Which, at the moment, seemed like it would take a miracle for that to happen.

You’d been in a coma for days. Obi-Wan had tried everything he could. He used his Force signature to attempt to transfer some of his strength to you. He meditated with you, trying to communicate with you because he knew you wouldn’t leave him. Not like this.

He loved you so dearly. He swore that his moon eyed Padawan days were over, and then he met you. He hadn’t ever seen you before since your Master was so strict. But, when he did finally meet you, he knew he was in love. He was a Padawan all over again.

“My dearest, please come back to me” he murmured. His hand grabbed your cold and limp one and gave it a squeeze. “If only you’d listened” he frowned. A tear trickled down his cheek and fell from his chin onto your shoulder. You felt it.

You were coming to. Your eyes fought to open and your brain tried to send signals to your limbs to get them to move. You wanted to tell Obi-Wan everything you thought you wouldn’t be able to. You had to tell him because you weren’t sure how much time you had left.

“Obi,” you licked your chapped lips as the words tumbled from your lips. Obi’s eyes widened as he jumped up.

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, instantly cupping your face in his hands. “Darling, you’re here..you came back” there was a light in his eyes that you had never seen before.

“I should tell you,” you croaked. Your arm shakily reached up. You brushed your fingertips across his cheekbone as he watched you intently. “I have always loved you. Every day” you were terribly weak, and you sunk back to the bed.

Your eyes grew heavy once more as you heard Republic ships in the distance. They had finally arrived for you.

“Wait, (y/n), please,” Obi-Wan grabbed your shoulders forcefully and pleaded with you to stay awake. He knew if you were to leave him now, it would be forever.

“I love you, I love you” you whispered to him softly. Had he been just a few inches farther away, he wouldn’t have heard it.

“I love you, Obi. I’m so sorry” and with that, your eyes closed once more.

You were inside a capsule, floating. Something had been fastened around your face. Everything was blurry. There were lights and, as you stared closer, people.

The bacta with which you were floating in immediately began to drain. As soon as your head was exposed to the oxygen, you ripped the mask off of you.

The people. You knew them. Your old Master, Master Yoda, Anakin, and of course, Obi-Wan.

You couldn’t help the wide grin that spread over your lips as your family crowded the tank, glad that you recovered from your encounter.

Though, at the moment, you only cared about one person. Obi-Wan rested his palm against the glass as he beamed at you. There was something different about him, but you couldn’t figure it out. So, you pressed your own palm against his. The layer of glass was the only thing separating the two of you.

Slowly, the Masters left the room as you were removed from your tank and able to walk again. Obi-Wan stayed behind, telling Master Yoda that he would keep an eye on you.

“Well, Master (l/n), you’ve made a full recovery. I do suggest you rest for the next few days, though” the healer told you. “And try not to get yourself killed next time” she teased. You laughed along, thanking the healer for all of her help.

“I never got to tell you, you know” Obi-Wan murmured after the healer left the room. You turned to him as knots began to tie in your stomach.

“Tell me what?” you asked Obi-Wan skeptically. “I told you so?” you questioned with an eye roll.

“That,” Obi chuckled as he stepped toward you confidently. “And there was something else” he came to stand directly in front of you. His hand reached up to stroke your cheek as he gazed lovingly into your eyes.

“And what might that be?” you asked him with a knowing smile. Obi leaned forward slowly and pressed his soft lips to yours. You rested your hands against his chest as he pulled you closer to him by your waist.

The kiss was all you’d expected. Passionate, slow, sensual, loving. It was so Obi-Wan. You couldn’t help the smile that claimed your lips after Obi-Wan pulled away.

“I meant to tell you that I love you too” he whispered. You rested your forehead against his and grinned up at him.

“Good” you nodded, pecking his lips once more….

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5 & solangelo? pls and thanks

Sure! @averca also asked for this! (Also I’m sorry this took me forever to get to, I’ve been super busy with school and family and other stuff!)

Prompt: “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

Blood gushed from the enormous laceration in Nico’s side as he staggered across the grass. Waves of excruciating pain shot through his body with every movement he made, but the only thought he had was making it to the top of Half Blood Hill.

Nico spotted Thalia’s tree silhouetted against the coral colored sky. Lavender clouds floated through the air, and the soft singing of birds greeted him. Perhaps if he weren’t bleeding to death, Nico would’ve enjoyed the beauty of the morning.

Several figures suddenly appeared around the base of the tree, muttering to each other and occasionally pointing to Nico. As he got closer, he realized the figures were Cecil, Lou Ellen, and Kayla.

He opened his mouth and attempted to call out to them, but all that came out was a few garbled syllables and a spray of red. Kayla and Lou Ellen dashed down the hill towards Nico, whose steps had become clumsier as he fought to stand upright. The two girls reached him, slinging his arms around their shoulders to support him.

“Cecil, what the hell are you standing around for? Get a medic!” Kayla shouted as she and Lou Ellen dragged Nico forward.

Meanwhile, Nico struggled to remain conscious. His vision became fuzzy and the sounds around him became quavering and incoherent, as if he were viewing the world from the bottom of a swimming pool.

Finally they reached the hill’s crest. Nico’s breath was ragged and labored, and the metallic taste of blood filled his mouth. All around him, the world was spinning in a hazy blur while pain throbbed through his body. A surge of exhaustion washed over him, and he was pulled into blackness.


Nico was roused by a dull throbbing in his head, and the sound of murmuring voices nearby. With a groan, he opened his eyes and found himself lying in one of the infirmary beds. Golden morning light danced across the hardwood floor and glimmered on a tray of metal instruments beside Nico’s bed. The strong aroma of rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer perfumed the room. He ran a hand down his side and discovered that it had been stitched closed and wrapped in numerous layers of soft, white bandages.

“You’re awake,” a familiar voice said.

Nico turned and spotted Will Solace standing at the foot of his bed. He was dressed in scrubs and held several bottles of painkillers in his hands. His mouth was set in a grim line, and his eyes shined with worry.

Nico opened his mouth to say something, but was unable to find an appropriate response. Will approached the nightstand beside Nico’s bed and set the painkillers down beside the medical tools.

“How long have I been asleep?” Nico asked.

“Four hours. It’s ten o’clock,” Will answered. He didn’t make eye contact with Nico.

Nico studied Will for a moment. His muscles seemed to be wired with tension that wasn’t normally there. “Is everything alright?” Nico inquired.

“You almost died Nico,” Will replied. “When Cecil first brought me to the top of the hill and I saw you, I thought you were going to die.”

Guilt settled in the pit of Nico’s stomach like a stone, “I didn’t mean to scare you like that.”

Will ran a hand through his hair. “I know you didn’t, you wouldn’t do that to me on purpose. But god dammit, Nico, I can stand to see you like this. I love you so much, and it hurts me to see you do this to yourself,” Will said.

Nico reached out and took Will’s hand, ignoring the discomfort in his side, “I’m sorry, Will. I’ll be more careful next time.”

Will lifted his head and finally met Nico’s eyes. He offered a weak smile and said, “It’s alright. But for now, I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

Nico nodded and settled into the bed. With one final yawn, he closed his eyes and allowed sleep to take him.


When Nico awakened hours later, he was surprised to find Will curled up on the floor beside his bed, fast asleep. Nico leaned over him and brushed a few stray curls out of his face.

“Will,” he whispered. “Will, wake up.”

Will shifted before opening his eyes and sitting up. “Nico,” he said. “You’re up.”

Nico didn’t bother hiding the grin that spread across his face, “Yes, and you’re sleeping by my bed. Why are you here?”

“I didn’t want to leave your side. I don’t ever want to leave your side,” Will replied.

“You’re such a sap,” Nico answered, rolling his eyes.

Will got to his feet and placed a kiss on Nico’s forehead. “Only for you, dork.”

Welcome Home - Josh Washington x Reader (Until Dawn)

There were many things that Josh wish he could have done differently, that if he had the time to sit down and list them all, it would take years to finish naming them all. But as he was tugging the scarf that coved his face despite already wearing a mask, he decided to list some of them.

He would have been a better brother for his sisters. He would have stayed sober that night that his sisters ran into the forest. He wouldn’t have stopped taken his meds that sent his mind into a spiral. He wouldn’t have played the prank that nearly got all his friends, if he could still call them that. He wouldn’t have restored to eating human meat down in the mines, because it wasn’t too long later than they found him, but the wendigo curse was already upon him.

He wasn’t sure what happened in the months after the wendigo curse took over, all he remembered was being dragged down to the mines by the monster that used to be his sister, Hannah, the hunger that he felt in the mines. He wasn’t sure how many days he spent there. The last thing he could officially remember was finally giving into the hunger that took over his sister, and then that’s when things got fuzzy. He had visions of seeing the Cree natives chanting, a pain deep coursing throughout his body that felt like lava coursing his veins; being locked up in a steel room, flashes of hearing people calling him a monster.

Then he remembered hearing his mother and father whispering his name, and that was that. According to his doctors and the Cree natives, he was free of the wendigo curse, or at least most of it. Josh hard time believing that because when he looks at his reflection, all he sees is the monster that his friends called him over and over. The scar on his left cheek running up to nearly his ear, his eyes were gladly back to normal, but they still had a slight scar on his right eye. His teeth even though he had them filed down, they still remained sharp since there was only so much he could file before they became too painful for him to bear.

Josh was at the local park, wanting to look down a phone, but at the same time he didn’t.

He felt nervous because of the one person that was going to meet. (Y/N), the love of his life since before he knew what love was as kids. You were always there for him, and valued him as a person and not because of his name and status as son of a famous film director, much like his friend Chris, but they bond you had with him was different.  You hadn’t been part of the prank, because you weren’t there since you were with your own family that cold dark weekend, but when you heard the news of his sisters, you were there for him like no other.

You would help him with his nightmares, even if it meant staying up all night with Josh on the phone or in person. You would hold his hand as he drove to his therapy sessions. You were his light when the world around him was dark and grey. But even the brightest of lights couldn’t shine in the darkest parts of his mind. Despite you being with him through his troubles, even you weren’t enough to shake him from his thoughts of revenge. He wanted them to pay, he wanted them to feel the same heart racing, anxiety, fear that his sisters felt.

So when he invited his so called friends back to Blackwood Mountain, he said that it would be best if you didn’t go. You had insisted on going, wanting to be there for him on the anniversary of his sisters’ disappearance, because you knew that his mood could drastically change from one moment to another. But he said that it would be better to stay, since you being there would make them feel odd since you weren’t there when it happened, saying it was more of a way to mend what happened that night between them.  

You sighed and trusted him, leaning up to kiss his lips just asking him to come back to you, and he promised he would. He really did want to bring you along but he knew the best way of keeping you safe would be to keep you as far away from the lodge as possible, because with your kind nature, he knew that you would be caught up in his prank. But he wasn’t able to keep his promise.

But as he stood under the lamppost, he reached for a small photograph that he had kept in his pocket since he could remember, even in the dark of the mines; he knew that he held onto it. He stared down at it, the photo of you and him. You and him when you visited in the summer at his lodge. You were caught kissing in the forest, and Beth and Hannah thought that it was too good of a moment to not capture.

This photo helped him when he was recovering after those few months after his ritual, since you reminded him of what it meant to be human, and not like the monster he felt like he still is. Josh felt like he didn’t deserve you after everything that’s he’s done, but Chris insisted that he met up with you. In fact it was Chris that called you to meet him.

Josh was scared that at the mere mention of your name, that you would have nothing to do with him, especially after everything that the gang would have told you of what he put them through, but to his surprise you agreed.

He finally looked down at his phone, only five more minutes till six, and the time you and Chris arranged, Josh had honestly been here since five not knowing what else to do with his time, and giving him enough time to calm his nerves. But so far each minute that past just sent his nerves on a growing slope. He looked down at the photo, seeing how happy you were as you kissed him, and thought of the other photos of you that he had kept throughout your relationship, each of them filled with happiness that was because of him. frames and albums filled of your pictures from when you were friends in elementary to when you were dating in your second year of high school, he would always notice the small details of your face, that if someone were to hand him a photo of you he could pretty much tell how old you were, that’s how well he paid attention to detail.

But one thing that never changed was the smile that you reserved just for him, and right now that’s what worried him. Josh worried that you would never smile for him again, that instead of giving him the smile he loves, you would frown in anger and fear, especially once you would see the changes his face has gone through. He was scared that he wouldn’t your Josh, the man that you would whisper sweet nothings to as he held you till you both fell asleep, the guy that you said you would always love, but instead be the Josh the monster, the wendigo, the sick murder, that the voices in his head chanted over and over when he was growing a tolerance to his medication.

One more minute…his stomach clenched, he felt nauseous like he was going to throw up, never had he felt so sick in stomach, not even when he ate the very thing that made him a wendigo. He looked down at the photo, hoping it would calm him like it always does, but it didn’t, in fact it made him feel worse.

It would be his fault if things turn out bad, it would be his fault if he alone, and it would be his fault if you walked out of him. His fault, all of it, his fault. The voice in his head, now becoming voices, chanting that it was his fault, all of it, he deserved to be alone.


And just like that the voices were silent. Josh didn’t want to look up, he was afraid that the voice that he heard was just part of his imagination, like the way he heard it in the mines over and over again but just teasing him of what he lost and reminding him that you wouldn’t be there to save him like you normally would.

Josh was paralyzed with doubt.

“Josh, is that you?” hearing the voice closer than before.

Josh knew that he had to look up, the urge to see her burning deep in his veins.  Josh’s green eyes looked up, seeing there the one person he thought that he would never see again. The girl that still owns his heart to this day and pretty sure always will. (h/c) flowed down your shoulders, different then he last saw it but still beautiful as he remembered, the features of your face that made him want to shower you kisses as he mapped out your face and body with gentle kisses and soft touches. But what stood out to him the most were your eyes, a beautiful shade of (e/c) one that he could get lost him. Green met (e/c) but the moment that he felt a smile coming through his mask, he saw your eyes begin to water.

His heart was breaking…he had barely even said a word and you were already crying. He couldn’t handle this, it was too much for him, and he needed to leave…now! He quickly shoved the picture in his jacket and stood up, and to walk away, not wanting to hear you say that you were scared of him. He had only taken two steps when he felt two arms wrap around his torso. He knew that he could easily break free of your hold, wouldn’t be that hard, but he couldn’t, in fact he wanted to stay in your arms forever, because to him it was one of the few hugs he received since he was ‘cured’.

“Please don’t leave me, not again,” did all you could whisper to him, not want to let him go.

Your words struck a chord in him, you still cared…about him. He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure how to respond, his deformities now bearing all the weight, because he wasn’t the same Josh that left to Blackwood Mountain nearly a year ago, he was different both physically and mentally.

“(Y/N),” your name rolling off so smoothly from his mouth, one of the few times he said it without crying, since recovering his humanity.

The hold on Josh tightened the moment he whispered your name. He pried your hand off, letting him turn to face your tear streaked face. He looked down at his hands, double checking that they looked normal, like a human because right now he felt more like a monster compared to you, he placed his hands on your cheeks. The warm skin beneath his fingers, making this feel real to him, you were here…with him, you weren’t a figment of his imagination like in the mines.

You leaned in towards his touch, your reddened lips pressing a small kiss against his palm, tasting the saltiness of your tears. “You’re actually here, you’re alive,” you whimpered, “I missed you so much Josh.”

It was funny; those were Josh’s same exact thoughts.

“(Y/N),” at this point he wondered if that was all he could say, “I’m sorry for everything, all of it, I should’ve…”

“Joshua Washington you have nothing to be sorry for, none of it was your fault,” your voice coming out a bit harsh, but you needed him to know that you don’t blame him for anything that happened that night.

“But if it wasn’t because of me, no one would’ve gotten hurt, not Sam, Chris, Jessica, none of them. And it was my fault that I ate…” not wanting to continue those last few words.

“Josh it wasn’t your fault, you had no control over what happened that night, no one did. and what happened down there in the mines, you had to do what you needed to survive, I don’t blame you for anything, I’m just so glad you’re here, you have no idea how much I missed you” leaning in to hug him.

“If it’s anything like the way I missed you…then I think I have an idea,” he said wrapping his arms around you.

Your warmth seeped into him and his onto you. This was something that he missed, the feeling of being cared for. Josh didn’t even know that he was crying till he felt his vision blur, but he did silently, glad that despite going to hell and back, you were still the same as always, beautiful and kind inside and out. But he knew that as much as he wanted to bask in your light, he didn’t deserve it, none of it at all, it was the only way that he felt that he could pay for what he’s done, for the monster he considers himself. Because in his mind monsters and demons don’t get the happy ending, they don’t fall in love with angels, and especially don’t get to be loved by them.

But the selfish part of him wanted to keep you, but he needed to unselfish for once, as he pushed away.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I can’t do this, I thought I could but I can’t,” his voice wavering as part of his heart wanted to take it all back.

“Josh, don’t push me away again,” wanting to hug him again, but his strength keeping you at a distance.

“(Y/N), I’m doing this for your own good, you can’t be with me, I’m not good for you, I wish I was”, he said feeling his own heart break at seeing how broken you were becoming, you weren’t meant to have a frown on your face, your smile was beautiful yet he hated that the reason you weren’t smiling was because of him, “but I’m not (Y/N), I don’t think I ever was.”

“Josh, I love you, I don’t care what happened in the mountains, wasn’t your fault, if anything I feel bad that I couldn’t notice that you were hurting that bad, I’m sorry Josh,” you said wanting to fall into his arms again.

Salty tears were trailing down your face, making Josh feel guiltier but he knew that this was the better option, he couldn’t hurt you again and he knew that if you stayed with him, he could hurt you, since at times he wasn’t sure that he was fully cured from the wendigo spirit. His heart was clenching, it was in his instinct to always be there for you, to make you smile, and this was going against that nature, but he had to follow through…it was the only way he knew that he could keep you safe…from him.

“I’m a monster (Y/N), they don’t deserve happiness, I don’t deserve you at all, its best if you leave me,” his jaw clenching underneath his mask and scarf.

“You don’t know what’s best for me Josh, because if you did…you would know that you’re what’s best for me. You’re my best friend Josh, and you’ve been with me through everything, my highs and my lows. You know me best, you’re patient with me, and you love me. No one else is going to love me like the way you do Josh,” your hand reaching out for his face, wanting to caress his cheek like the way you normally did, but he immediately pulled his face back, almost as if your touch would burn him, making you pull back your hand with an even more broken heart.

“that’s not true, there are people who will love you more than I can, and are better for you than me…millions out there that are better than a monster like me,” his voice becoming a bit deeper as he wanted to keep himself calm but deep down his heart was breaking as much as yours.

“Stop calling yourself a monster! You are not a monster, and I don’t want any of them…I want you!” Feeling you come undone with each passing moment.

“Yes I am!” losing his calm slowly, he wished that you would listen to him, but he knew that it was because you loved him that you didn’t want to leave.

“No you aren’t!” more tears steaking down your face.

Finally knowing that there was only one way to make you see the monster that he is, he pulled off his mask and scarf, letting you see his face the scars that ran up to his cheek, marred skin near his lips, and the fang like teeth, letting you see what he was trying to make you understand, “I am a monster, this is what a monster looks like.” He looked down not wanting to see how you were most likely scared of his appearance, not wanting to see those rejecting eyes that were sure to come.

He expected you to scream or run, but instead there was a long silence. He felt like his heart was breaking all over again, were you scared of him that you couldn’t move. He couldn’t do anything but wait till you left. He wanted to cry, but he would do that when he gets home, he didn’t deserve to cry in front of you, not when this was what he thought he wanted.

Finally he heard steps, he shut his eyes, and you were leaving him. He wanted to keep you, but this was for the best. A warm touch landed on his cheeks, gently ghosting over the scars on his face, almost like a feather.

Your eyes were puffy and red, from crying, but held a look of wonder on them, as they took in his new appearance. The pads of your fingers gently applying gentle pressure that made him lean into your touch like how he always does, making your palm feel his new fang like teeth, he momentarily felt you tense, but quickly ease into it. His eyes were analyzing you, wanting to see a fraction of fear but nothing it was just wonder that was laced across your face.

“you’re still beautiful to me,” you whispered your eyes finally locking with his giving him a smile, which he returned with a small one of his own, “you’re still not a monster to me,” you finished as you leaned up to place a gentle kiss against his scarred skin, going in slowly in case he pulls back but he didn’t.

Your lips against his skin was another thing he missed; but he didn’t think he would miss it as much as he did right now. It still ensured him of how much you cared for him, as he relaxed in your kiss, he badly wanted to kiss you, but didn’t want to startle you. “I still love you Josh, this doesn’t change anything” you said as you leaned against his shoulder, feeling your own cheeks burn as being so close to him again, taking him all in scent since the sweaters that you kept no longer smelled like him, which always something you loved. “but I understand if you don’t love me anymore, I’ll stay away if you want me to, just promise me that you won’t call yourself a monster” you said expecting the worse.

You felt his chest vibrate as a laugh escaped his mouth, “I’m always going to love you (Y/N), but I’m dangerous, I mean look at me,” he said with a broken smile.

“Josh do you want to hurt me?” you whispered.

“No, that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do,” he immediately answered.

“Then you aren’t dangerous to me Josh, I told you, this doesn’t make a difference to me, you’re still the Josh I know, the Josh I love, my Josh,” you said with a smile.

Something inside him snapped, pulling you into his arms. He finally let the tears out, as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, letting take in your scent, and just like you…it reminded him of home, a home that he thought he that he lost a long time ago when he awoke in those mines. Your neck was becoming wet with his tears, but you were sure that you were making a wet spot on his shirt was well, with your own tears. You hugged him close, loving the feel of being in his arms.

Warmth was what Josh felt, like the warmth of coming home from a snowstorm was what this reminded him of. Everything about you still felt like home, he couldn’t push you away, not anymore, not when you wanted him, and when it came to you…he couldn’t deny you anything for too long. And the selfish part of him craved your attention that you were so willing to give him, maybe because you really did remind him what it was to be human, a human in love.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered against your neck, wanting to kiss your neck but was afraid of hurting you. “I thought I would never see you again.”

“I missed you too.”

There was so much pain that needed to be mended between the two of you. It was felt, your tears proof of that. You both had unvoiced pain that you wondered how long it would be till everything was as it used to, so full of love and admiration, that you wondered if you ever go back to that, but you would still want to try. You pulled back slightly just too look at his face, really trying to take in his new appearance.

“Can I kiss you?” he whispered, almost reminding you of the first time he kissed you, so shy and nervous.

You nodded, leaning up a bit for him. Josh took in a breath of air, still amazed that you would still want him, especially like this. His hand cupped your face, leaning your face up towards him. He looked at your face, into your eyes wanting to make sure that this was ok. Seeing no hesitance, he leaned in and closed the space between your lips. He was careful of his teeth, not wanting to hurt you, but he missed this, missed kissing you all the time, when he would see you in the morning, or when he would drop you off, or at night when you stayed the night at his place, reminding him of the home that you provided for him. He relished the feeling of your lips against his, how soft they were against the scarred corner of his lips. He wished things were different, but not at the expense if it would change how he felt right now. You wanted more, wanting to feel more of Josh after not having him for so long. He wanted more too, slowly opening up the kiss more, nearly making you moan as you felt his teeth brush against your bottom lip, which encouraged him to actually nibble your lips, this time making you moan as your grip on shirt tightened, which made Josh smirk against your lip.

He was hungry, not for flesh, but for you. He wanted to quench his thirst of you, but that would have to wait when he felt more control of himself. He wanted more, feeling his body burn with you, pulling you closer wanting and needing to feel your love again. Josh broke the kiss, loving the look on your face, your eyes lulled over with a lust like haze, your lips reddened from his kiss and bites, the quick breaths that made your chest rise, which wanted him to mark it all with his bites, especially with how your skin glowed under the light of the lamp post.

“You have no idea how much I missed you (Y/N),”pressing a kiss on your forehead

“Welcome home Josh,” you said with a smile as you pulled him to a hug again.

He still thinks that he’s not completely human, yes the curse is lifted, but he still didn’t feel like he is fully. But maybe with you, you could really teach him what it meant to be human, starting with the love that you would give him, and he would give you. but since that fateful night when he landed in the mines, almost a year ago…he finally did feel like he was home, because to him, home was where you were, not his room, not the hospital, not the lodge, but here with you in his arms, because that’s where his heart was, in your hands.

Josh was finally home, “it’s good to be home (Y/N)” pulling you closer under the light of the lamppost, “I promise I won’t leave you again,” and this time he meant it.


never thought i would write something this long, but couldnt stop writing once i started, and felt that it would be to odd to cut it to two pieces.

the idea of josh being cured is actually called exor!josh which can be found on  Danji-Doodle’s Tumblr

image, which is also their own concept that I obtained permission to use. so image credit goes to her, and you really should read her work

i do not own until dawn, credit to rightful owners.

this was greatly inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Photograph

yea hopefully you like it let me know what you think

Finn | Heathens 2/2 | Bálor

Title; Heathens 2/2

Pairing; Finn Bálor/Reader, Demon!Finn Bálor/Reader

Words; 6,630

Summary; All that’s happened, it is enabling him to take exactly what he wants until he gets what he desires, we’ll be at his whim…

Warnings; NSFW, mentions of deals with devils, oral sex, DemonKing!Bálor has a dirty mouth, voyeurism kink and bloodplay if you squint hard, latex free, spanking, hair pulling, biting, violence, some post-assault trauma and aftermath 

A/N: It’s here, but it’s not all over yet. There are other fics coming in Heathens!verse, after part two of Daydream Away. Daydream Away is in final revisions and editing, I’m hoping to have it out next week sometime, barring any further disruptions from my personal life. There may be some shorter works coming as well. I am participating in the 14 Days of Valentines party being run by @wrasslesmut. Please leave some love and/or constructive criticism.



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Tyler Drabble 001

Title: N/A

Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader

Warnings: Physical/Emotional Abuse, Angst, Alcohol and drug use, Cursing, A bit of fluff near the end just for you guys <3

Rating: Mature

A/N: This was a really full & detailed request and I thought it would be interesting to write about! Lemme know what you think & send in more requests y'all!

Requested by: @panicatthefallout

Words: 1652

You had just finished your shift at the hospital downtown. Today was a very busy day in your ward so ultimately, you were forced to stay late and help administer vaccinations to the people who needed them the most. You didn’t often stay late because of your boyfriend, Vincent. He didn’t like it when you weren’t home on time to clean the house or do the washing up after he’d been drinking for seven hours straight. It really didn’t matter to him whether you were busy or not, all he cared about was having enough of your money to buy endless amounts of booze and weed with and using you for his own sleazy antics.

You kept your eyes focused on the road, anticipating what words Vince would give you when you returned home. Probably something along the lines of: “Why the fuck weren’t you home at 5:30?!”, “I told you I don’t want you out past 6!” , “Were you cheating on me with that Tyler prick or something? You filthy slut.” , “You’re honestly a worthless piece of shit.” , “I’m only staying with you because no one else would ever want you.” .

You never knew why you stayed with him so long, he wasn’t good for you and you knew it since he started getting physical two years ago. You remember it like it was yesterday, you were out late at the pub with your small circle of friends when he started spamming you with texts asking where you were and who you were with; it wasn’t like him. When you got home that night he was waiting in the living room on the sofa. You had approached him to give him a hug when he slapped you across the face harder than you had ever been hit before. It felt like a million bee stings to the side of your face, making your cheeks grow red and your eyes well up with tears. The next morning he apologized and swore he’d never do it again, but he did.

 You arrived at your house and parked your car in the driveway. When you stepped through the door, the first thing you could hear was the loud booming of your boyfriends speakers blaring ridiculous music and all you could smell was weed, alcohol and sweat.

Another one of Vincent’s parties. Great.

You dropped your work bag down on the floor and walked back outside, deciding to go visit your friend Tyler for the first time in about a week and a half.

You parked your car down the street from Tyler’s house so that if Vincent decided to come pay you and Tyler a visit, he wouldn’t know you were there unless he came inside.

You got out of the car and speed walked to Tyler’s front porch, smoothing out the wrinkles in your scrubs and knocking at the door with your frail and bruised hand.

Tyler came to answer the door almost immediately and greeted you with a warm welcoming smile. “Hey, stranger.” Tyler greeted with a grin, pulling you in for a hug and stepping aside so you could walk into his familiar house.

He gave you one of his t shirts and a pair of your shorts that you’d left at his house months ago to change into while he ordered a pizza for the two of you to eat while you caught up with each other later on.

Once you were changed and comfortable, you walked into the living room where Tyler was sitting with the pizza and drinks and sat down next to him on the couch.

The two of you talked about work and his band and all sorts of things, cracking jokes and having a good laugh until you noticed Tyler staring at your arms with a worried and confused expression on his face. “Tyler..” you said quietly, trying to pull down your sleeves so he couldn’t see your bruises and scratches while also mentally slapping yourself for not thinking to wear a sweater over your t shirt. “Do you wanna explain what these are?” Tyler said with a concerned look, motioning to your arms. You hesitated for a moment, thinking of what to say, “I fell off my motorbike the other day, it’s no big deal.” You shrugged. Tyler sighed, deciding not to push any further.

You made sure to get home after 5am the next day because Vince would be sleeping and he’d be too hungover to say anything to you about being out the previous night as well. You and Tyler had agreed to meet up again in a couple of days for lunch at the local boulangerie to just hang out like you used to and maybe even talk about Tyler’s next tour with his band.

You woke up at 11:42am to find that Vince wasn’t in the bed. You got up and walked out into the living room to see Vincent with your phone, scrolling through your text messages. “Vince..” you started. “Shut up.” He raised his hand as if he was silencing you and shot a glare your way. “Vincent what are you doing with my phone?” You asked, raising your voice slightly. “Have you been going out at night behind my back?” He asked in a low voice. “Vince, I-” you started once again. “I SAID HAVE YOU BEEN GOING OUT WITHOUT ASKING ME?!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, getting all up in your face in an attempt to intimidate you. “No I haven’t!” You whimpered, tears brimming your eyes. “Then what the fuck are these messages, huh?” He asked loudly, scrolling through messages Tyler had sent you:“Can’t wait for lunch today lol” , “it’s on me btw don’t worry” , “call me when ur leaving k?”.

“I was just going for lunch with an old friend, Vince.” You said shakily. “Did you ask me if you could fucking go out?!” He yelled. “Y’know what? I tried to be nice. I let you live in MY house, eat MY food and even after all the shit you do I still stay with you. That’s it, fuck you.” He ranted, balling his fist and punching you in the face. Hard. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. The punches kept coming harder and harder each time, with him yelling about how much of a “worthless skank.”you are and how “nobody will ever love you.” in your ears. He shoved you against the living room wall and spat in your face before walking out of the house, probably to go to the bar or something.

It felt like you had been lying on the floor for hours, the pain too much to even move. You had been crying off and on the entire time, heavy sobs wracking your entire body and making you quake with anger, fear and sadness.

You heard the door swing open and assumed it was Vincent because no one from your family ever visited your house. The reason for that being because Vince didn’t let you  talk to them often. You heard footsteps coming closer and closer so you shut your eyes tight, anticipating impact to your face. But instead of a blow to the head, you were picked up and brought outside to a car.

You woke up god knows how long after, your mind fuzzy and vision blurry. You blinked a few times and once your eyes adjusted, you realized you weren’t home ,but instead at Tyler’s house. It took a moment for the panic to settle in, your mind filling with so many thoughts and worse case scenarios; What will Vincent do to Tyler if he finds out I’m here? What will Tyler think of me for staying with Vince for so long? Am I gonna die? What the fuck?

Just as you were about to get up and make a break for it, Tyler came into the room with a cup of tea and a bag of frozen peas.

“So..” Tyler started hesitantly, after at least an hour of sitting next to you in an awkward yet comfortable silence on the bed and holding the bag of peas to the side of your head. “So..?”  you repeated, glancing over at him. “Why didn’t you tel-”, “I’m sorry.” You cut him off abruptly, wiping a small tear that had escaped your puffy red eyes. “I’m sorry for not telling you the first time, Tyler. I’m so sorry.” You apologized, sniffling every so often. “No, no, no. You don’t have to apologize, I’m sorry for not being there as much as I should’ve. I was a bad friend.” He said, using his free hand to rub his face. “You’re not a bad friend, shut up.” You replied in your raspy, cracking voice. “You’re an amazing friend and I’m so so grateful that you basically saved me back there.” You thanked him sincerely. “Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?” He chuckled lightly. “Right.” You agreed, laughing slightly.

You spent the rest of the day with Tyler’s arm gently wrapped around you, while his other hand was holding a bag of frozen veggies to your head. All while watching movies and eventually explaining everything that had happened before to him in full detail.

The two of you fell asleep in each other’s arms after the fourth movie and the day after, decided that you enjoyed each other’s company more than you both initially thought. That eventually led to the two of you hanging out and basically cuddling every night after.

Tyler sat by your side and comforted you as much as you needed that night, and for the first time in three years; you felt safe.

In the following two years after the ‘incident’, you had filed a restraining order against Vincent Martello and he had been sent to jail for ten months on charges of assault, mischief and assaulting a police officer. Also in that time frame, Tyler had told you that he loved you and the pair of you had decided to “take things slow” (even though you were already living and sleeping in the same bed together).

Research, School Work, and Accidental Naps

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 553

A/N:This fic is for Juju’s ( @jared-padaloveme ) Fluffy Birthday Challenge!  I’m right up to the deadline with this one haha!  I hope you are having a wonderful birthday my dear!  I pulled some inspiration with my own life and wishing I had a Sam to take care of me when I’m working on my grad stuff (100% had this happen last night minus the Sam).

It was a lot, following the boys along on cases while working on her master’s degree at the same time. But, she was convinced she could keep up! Most of her classes were online and she could do her homework while they were on the road. Plus she figured she could lend Sam a hand with the research.

Out on their latest case, Sam and Y/N were set up at the motel going through all of the information they’d gathered. Y/N was flipping back and forth between her latest reading reflection paper, discussion boards, and the things Sam needed too.

Her first mistake wasn’t necessarily taking on all of the work, but trying to do it while sitting in the bed. Papers spread around her and pillows at her back, it was comfortable, too comfortable. She felt her vision getting fuzzy as she tried to read an article Sam had emailed her and rest her head against the headboard for a moment. Eyes closing slowly, she started to drift off. As her head rolled the the side it startled her awake and she rubbed her eyes trying to refocus on what was in front of her.

Sam didn’t miss her dozing. “Hey, you want some coffee?”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah that would be good.” She stood and stretched before heading to the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face.

Handing her the cup of steaming liquid, Sam leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead. He thought she was a little crazy for trying to help them on top of all her school work, but he was proud of  her. In truth, he was also a little envious, wishing that he could go back to school himself.

The coffee long gone, Y/N could slowly feel the buzz fading as she continued to work. She’d gotten up and stretched a few more times, put on some music, anything she could think of to keep awake and focused.

“Hey why don’t you just take a break? I’ve got this.” Sam tried to convince her to at least take a nap for a bit, give her mind a break.

“No, I’m so close to being finished with this and if I stop now it’ll be harder to get back on track later.”

Sam shrugged it off and left her be, one thing he realized after they’d been dating a while, she was stubborn and only rarely could she be talked out of something once she’d decided to do it.

A short 10 minutes later, he heard her soft snores. Looking up he couldn’t help but smile a little. Moving to her side, he gently moved her laptop and the scatter of papers off of the bed. When she didn’t react or fight him, he knew she was out for sure this time. Very gently, he grabbed her hips and pulled her to lie on her back. The blankets that had been moved to the end of the bed, he pulled up over her and she stirred only slightly.

“Baby, go to sleep. We’ll finish this tomorrow.”

Y/N rolled over and snuggled under the blankets, only half comprehending what Sam had said.

Chuckling to himself, Sam went back to his laptop and switched it off, before climbing in next to her.

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A/N: Spencer x Reader

And a bit more autobiographical than I’d like from a part of my life I said goodbye to ten years ago.

Party girls don’t get hurt
Can’t feel anything, when will I learn
I push it down, push it down

You applied your make up carefully, making sure the shadows under your eyes were covered up. You’d rolled in at around five am this morning, at least you thought that had been the time. You couldn’t actually remember even leaving the club. Prentiss and Garcia had been alarmed at the amount you were knocking back, trying to convince you to switch to water but you were having any of it. Plus, it wasn’t like you couldn’t handle it, your body was used to it now.

You’d slept most of the day, waking up to a phone call from one of your gym buddies Heather. She wanted to go out drinking again, she’d just broken up with her boyfriend and needed to drown her sorrows. You could understand that sentiment, in fact that was pretty much your life right now. Since you’d broken up with your boyfriend Nick ten months ago you’d spent nearly every Friday and Saturday night that you could, out on the town. If Penelope and Emily didn’t want to join you, you had plenty of other friends who would, especially if you were buying.

It wasnt like you had a problem, you just didn’t particularly enjoy spending your nights alone. And it wasn’t like you were going home every night from work and getting sloshed either, just the one glass of wine or two. It helped….it helped you sleep, helped numb the feeling of loneliness you felt. It didn’t impede on your ability to work at all, although there'dbeen the odd morning when you’d had to get a cab in because you didn’t feel safe to drive. But that wasn’t a hangover, it was just a migraine. And the time you’d had to pull over to vomit into the gutter had been a dodgy burrito, nothing to do with the previous nights festivities.

I’m the one “for a good time call”
Phone’s blowin’ up, ringin’ my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

Slipping into your dress and heels you made the final adjustments to your look, sipping on the vodka and coke that you were pre drinking before calling a cab and heading out.

The bar that Heather had told you to meet her in was crowded although you were surprised when you instantly spotted a familiar face. Spencer Reid, your friend and colleague was in a booth by the door talking with another male. This was NOT the type of bar you expected to see him in on a Saturday night so you made your way over to him.

“Hey Spencer!”

“Y/N, hi! I thought you and the girls went out last night? Is it tonight, I’ll come say hello.” He and his friend stopped talking to greet you, you feeling the other man’s eyes checking you out.

“Haha, it was last night. I’m here to meet another friend actually.”

“Ah okay. Well this is Ethan, he and I were in college together,” Reid motioned to his friend.

Ah, so that was why Spencer was here. You greeted Ethan before spotting Heather at the bar, waving and trying to catch your attention. Telling the boys you’d catch them later, you snaked through the crowd to join her, seeing her lining the shots up already.

1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink

“Hey babe! Boy am I ready for tonight!” Heather kissed your cheek and motioned to the six shots in front of you.

You were always ready for a night like this. It had become your life over the last ten months. You reached for the first shot.

Throw ‘em back, till I lose count

Over the next few hours you and Heather knocked back countless drinks, some paid for with your own cash, others paid for by cute guys or not so cute guys who were trying to pick you both up.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist

You shimmied together on the dance floor, attracting even more attention as men clambered to be able to dance with the two girls who looked to be having the best time ever.

I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry

Because that’s what it would look like to an outside. Like you WERE having the best time ever.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

Inside though, you were crying. Inside, you hated yourself for making Nick leave you. You hated yourself for needing drink to dull the constant thud of self disgust, that feeling that you’d never be good enough. When you drank, it bought out a different side of you. The fun side, the side that didn’t give a shit.

But I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, ‘cause I’m just holding on for tonight

When you drank, you felt able to exist.

Help me, I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, ‘cause I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

As you grinded against Heather on the dance floor you caught eyes with someone over her shoulder. He smiled and raised his eyes brows at you suggestively, licking his lips at you. He looked familiar and it took you a second to realise why.

Sun is up, I’m a mess
Gotta get out now, gotta run from this
Here comes the shame, here comes the shame

Three weeks ago you’d woken up in that guys apartment, him passed out and snoring next to you. Your head had been pounding and it had taken every ounce of energy that you had to not vomit onto his bedroom floor at the overwhelming smell of alcohol and sweat that filled the air. Your body had ached and you felt like you’d spent the night riding a horse. You’d winced and grimaced as you’d wobbled around the room collecting your belongings and dressing, sneaking out into the morning light and searching for cab, knowing what a mess you must look.

When you’d stumbled into your apartment, you’d caught sight of yourself in the mirror. Purple bite marks on your neck and shoulder, smudged make up down your cheeks and your hair a birds nest from having someone’s hand fisted into it as they’d thrust into your mouth. You’d felt sick and shakey, knowing there was only one thing that could calm you right then. You’d reached into your refrigerator and pulled out the vodka.

1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink

Pulling Heather back to the bar with you and away from the guy who’s name you could even rememeber, you ordered another round of shots, noting that Spencer was still in the booth by the door with his friend. It was slightly quieter over there and they looked deep in conversation. Good for him, it was nice to see him socialising.

Proffering a twenty to the bartender, he shook it away and motioned to an older guy standing a few feet away. Both you and Heather smiled at the guy and blew him kisses before bringing the shots to your lips and drinking.

Throw 'em back till I lose count

Another hour or so passed by. You’d lost tracked of Heather, she’d got talking to a the man who’d bought you the shots so you’d starting dancing with a group of girls you recognised from various club nights, feeling totally buzzed and wasted.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist
I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier.

You needed to pee again so you pushed through the throng of people making your way to the ladies and going about your business, tidying up your make up as you did. As you stood in front of the mirror you suddenly felt uncomfortably warm and dizzy. You ran cold water over your wrists trying to cool down, before leaving the bathroom and making your way to the front of the club and out the exit.

Once outside, you leant against the brick wall, the cool night air soothing against your skin. Your head was fuzzy and your vision slightly blurred.

“Hey baby, wanna go for another round?”

The guy from three weeks ago had followed you outside and was standing next to you. Stumbling, you moved away from him, walking to the corner of the building and shaking your head.

He followed you. “Hey, I asked you a question? Don’t ignore me. Last time was great baby, you know you want another go, girls like you always do.”

“I… I’m here with someone. I can’t leave….. Without her,” you blinked, trying to focus.

“We don’t have to leave then. This alley way here is just fine.”

But I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I’m just holding on for tonight

“I don’t want to… Not tonight.” You tried to move back towards the bar but he put his arm out, stopping you and pressing his body against yours, pushing your back to the wall.

“Don’t lie to me sweet thing. You were begging for it last time. Didn’t I make you feel good. You made me feel good.”

He ran his hand over your dress, his hand slipping up underneath the hem. The dress was short so it wasn’t long until his fingers were brushing against your panties.

“No. Not tonight.” You tried to push back, your FBI training lodged somewhere in the back of your inebriated brain. But he was stronger than you and you could barely stand up as it was. You closed your eyes. Perhaps it would just be easier to….

Help me, I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

“She said no.”

Suddenly the guy was hauled away from you and your eyes shot open, seeing the blurry figures of Spencer and his friend. His friend had thrown the guy onto the floor and he quickly picked himself up and scurried away.

“Spencer…. Oh god.” Bile rose in your throat and you turned your body to the side, throwing up on the sidewalk, as you trembled.

“Reid, I think you’d best take her home, do you know her friend’s name? I’ll go inside and find her.”

You could hear the two men talking, feeling a pair of soft hands grasping your hair back as you emptied your stomach onto the concrete.

“She lives across town, no cab will take us. Her friend left a while ago. I’m only a few blocks away. Will you hold her things and hold my badge. Just in case anyone questions this.”

Heather had left? Without telling you?

You’d stopped vomiting and was now shaking. Spencer removed his jacket, handing his FBI badge and he keys to his friend and wrapping his jacket around you.

“Can you walk, Y/N? I’m literally two blocks away from here. I can carry you if not.”

You wanted to go home but your brain couldn’t figure out how to get those words out of your mouth anymore. Your tongue was thick and the world was spinning.

Instead, you just nodded. Spencer placed his arm around your waist and you leant into him, resting your head against him and closing your eyes as your legs somehow managed to carry you the two blocks back to his apartment. That was the last thing you remembered.

On for tonight
'Cause I’m just holding on for tonight
Oh, I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight
On for tonight

You didn’t remember the walk home. You didn’t remember throwing up again on the pavement or falling over and skinning your knee. You didn’t remember Spencer having to carry you up the two flights of stairs to his apartment because you nearly sprained your ankle trying to walk.

You didn’t remember Spencer looking embarrassed as he pulled your vomit stained dress off your body, almost fighting with you to get one of his shirts onto you. And you certainly didn’t remember trying to convince him to sleep with you just because you suddenly felt like you owed him for rescuing you.

Cause I’m just holding on for tonight
'Cause I’m just holding on for tonight
Oh, I’m just holding on for tonight

All you remembered was the overwhelming shame and hatred you felt when you opened your eyes the next morning, Spencer asleep next to you and a bucket on the floor next to the bed. There was a bottle of water and two advil on the table next to you.

Snippets of the previous night came back, the shots, the dancing. Being pushed up against a wall by a guy you’d let fuck you a few weeks ago. Spencer and his friend pulling him off you because you were so wasted that you couldn’t do it yourself.

What would have happened if they hadn’t been there? You knew the answer.

On for tonight
On for tonight

You started to cry.

Captain America .VS. the Winter Soldier: The Fight For Tony Stark

Anon asked for a love triangle between Steve, Tony and Bucky. This is like a little teaser or how it started. Takes place after Civil War. Enjoy :)

Ultimately it’s Rhodey that let’s them in. Steve and Bucky. Rhodey gives Bucky a nod in greeting that Bucky reciprocates, but Rhodey hardly spares a glance at Steve.  He tries not to let it bother him. He doesn’t really have that right. He fucked up and he knows it. He’s surprised Rhodey’s not making him crawl into the compound on his hands and knees.

Natasha’s in the kitchen with Clint and they’re drinking coffee and talking. Clint smiles a bit.

“Hey, Dad’s home.”

Steve rolled his eyes at the nickname he’s never going to lose. He vaguely wonders if Tony is still considered the Mom to his Dad and his chest tightens.

Natasha offered Steve a small smile and stood up to give him a hug. He hugged her back.

“He hasn’t left the lab in weeks,” she whispered.

“I’ll talk to him,” Steve nodded.

“Right. Come on Buck. I’ll show you to your room,” Clint said.

Bucky looked at Steve who nodded and the ex-assassin followed Clint out of the kitchen. Natasha excused herself.

“You’ve got a hell of a lot of nerve coming back here,” Rhodey said. “I would’ve left you two out there but he insisted I let you in.”

“So he knows we’re here?” Steve asked.

“He knows,” Rhodey answered. “Why do you think your friend has a room to go to? You crush him, and berate him and he still makes room for you, and that friend of yours.”

“I screwed up, I know,” Steve said.

Rhodey snorted. “You fucked up.”

“Will he see me?” Steve asked.

“Mr. Stark has revoked all access to the labs,” JARVIS answered. “Excluding Dr. Banner and Colonel Rhodes.”

Steve nodded. “Right…I’ll just go put my things in my room.” His room he found, was right across from Bucky’s three floors below the penthouse.

“I take it he did some reorganization?” Steve asked.

Natasha leaned in the doorway. “Bruce talked him out of putting your rooms in the basement.”

Steve sighed. “Has all my access been revoked?”

“Just to the penthouse and his lab. Unless there is a dire emergency,” she answered.

Steve sat down on the bed and dropped his head into his hands. He felt the bed dip as Natasha sat next to him and her fingers in his hair.

“He just needs time,” she told him.

“Pretty sure he’s going to need a decade,” Steve snorted. “I screwed up…no, I fucked up.”

“Everything will work out,” she promised.

He took a deep breath. “I need to finish unpacking.”

She nodded. “Dinner’s at 7.”


The door shut behind her and he laid back on the bed staring at the ceiling. He squeezed his eyes and blinked back the tears before he got up and went into the bathroom to shower.


Tony wasn’t sure what was happening at that precise moment. His brain had finally ceased working due to the copious amounts of alcohol in his system. He can still feel the burn in the back of his throat from the vodka shots, glasses of whiskey, and tequila chasers. He can already feel the hangover he’ll have in the morning but it’s worth it, feeling the body against his own.

It’s not Steve, no matter how much he wants it to be. He’s still mad at the man, even if part of him has already wholeheartedly accepted his apology. Let him move back in. Him and that best friend/ex-assassin that could possibly go off at the drop of his hat and maybe murder Tony in his sleep no matter how much Steve (and everyone else) is trying to tell him otherwise.

It’s okay. He’s got a gun he nicked from Natasha under his pillow. She probably knows but hasn’t said anything. Not that she has the right. He made the thing for her.

He groaned as the hands belonging to the body against his, (Man. Definitely man he thinks.) start moving lower, and squeeze his ass through his jeans and he whimpers because Steve used to the same thing before lifting him by his thighs so Tony can wrap his legs around his waist.

And then the body’s gone and the cold air makes him hiss through his teeth. He blinked, the liquor making his vision fuzzy and he recognizes Bucky. Well his arm anyway.

It’s hard not to. It’s gorgeous and Tony’s upset that he wasn’t the one to design it and in the back of his mind he’s already started designs for a new arm. A better one. Maybe he can see if T’challa’s got any vibranium lying around that he can use.

Bucky shoved the man (And Tony notices just how like Steve the guy looked. Slimmer and not as bulky and then he grimaces because he as a sinking suspicion he was making out with Johnny Storm) who says something that Tony can’t quite make out over the loud music vibrating his brain and storms (Ha Storm) off.

“Seriously? You’re that desperate you’re willing to make out with Steve’s idiotic doppleganger?” Bucky asked.

He pulled Tony to his feet and took him to the kitchen to lean against the bar. It’s not as loud in here, and empty.

“M’not desperate,” Tony slurred and took the glass of water offered to him. “Horny and drunk…not desperate.”

“I didn’t realize there was a difference,” Bucky snorted.

Tony didn’t say anything and just drank the water. He set down the glass and swayed on his feet as he started to walk out of the kitchen. He made it two steps before Bucky catches him and picks him up.

His body is warm and Tony stops himself from sinking into the feeling because it’s not Steve. It’s Steve’s best friend and butt buddy and he’s the reason he and Steve broke up and Tony should hate him but he can’t bring himself to. Even if he did kill his parents.

He is aware of Bucky carrying him to the elevator, and skipping the one that takes them directly to Tony’s floor. That would involve walking through the party and Tony can’t handle that.

“You don’t have to carry me…” Tony muttered.

“As amusing as it would be to watch you stumble drunkenly to your room, I’m not that heartless,” Bucky told him.

Tony snorts. “Pretty sure between the two of us, you’re the one with the heart.” He tapped the arc reactor with his finger for effect.

Bucky cracked a smile and shook his head as he stepped off the elevator. Tony recognized it as Thor’s floor. The Asgardian god was still partying when Tony snuck off with Johnny (he’s going to regret that in the morning) but there was a light coming from his bedroom and Tony could’ve sworn Bruce had been wearing the exact same green shirt at the party, that was laying on one of the couches.

His shook his head and closed his eyes. His head unwillingly laid on Bucky’s shoulder as the ex-assassin/soldier carried him to the main elevator that would take them to Tony’s room.

“Really though? Storm? I thought you hated him,” Bucky said.

“Richards I hate,” Tony replied. “Johnny on the other hand. Man’s ruined seven sets of sheets but the sex is worth it.”

Tony yawned as Bucky stepped off the elevator into his penthouse and started walking to the bedroom.

“You smell good,” Tony said. He nuzzled Bucky’s neck.

“You’re desperate,” Bucky replied.

“Not desperate-”

“Horny and drunk,” Bucky interrupted. “And I’m not going to take advantage of you in this state.”

“And if I want you to take advantage of me in this state?” Tony asked. He looked at Bucky through his lashes. “I can’t tell you how many fantasies I’ve had involving that metal arm of yours.”

“I’d lend it to you, but I’m not sure you’d give it back,” Bucky chuckled and set him on the bed.

Tony pouted and kept a tight grip on his shirt. “Is he happy?”

“Who?” Bucky asked. He tried to get Tony to let go and gave up, instead he pulled the shirt off and Tony continued to hold on.

“Steve…is…is he happy with you? Are you two happy?” Tony asked. “Together?”

“Together?” Bucky asked.

He sat on the edge of the bed. “Why would you think Steve and I are together?”

“Please…he spends all his free time looking for you, and when he finds you, he just drops everything to get you, and prove your innocence. He was willing to…” Tony stopped talking and rolled over so his back was to Bucky. He was still holding Bucky’s shirt.

“He was willing to what?” Bucky frowned.

“Nothing, forget it…just, I hope you two are happy together,” Tony mumbled.

“Stark…Tony…Steve and I not in a relationship,” Bucky told him. “We’re just friends. I don’t like him in that context and he most certainly doesn’t like me that way.”

Bucky waited for a reply and leaned over to find Tony had passed out, still clutching his shirt and sighed. He removed Tony’s jacket and shoes before he tossed a blanket over him. He grabbed a discarded pillow–too tired to go all the way back to his room–and laid down on the couch in the living room.

“Good night Jarvis,” he yawned.

“Good night Mr. Barnes,” The AI replied.


Tony groaned and winced as he started coming to. His head was throbbing. His mouth was dry and tasted like stale beer. His stomach rolled as he dragged himself out of bed and into the bathroom.

He didn’t notice the shirt in his hand until he saw it in the mirror. He frowned. No one else had been in his bed and he would’ve known if he slept with someone. At least he hoped he would’ve remembered anyway.

The shirt he recognized was Bucky’s. It was a bit small for Steve and Bruce didn’t wear t-shirt’s and well, Tony had bought Bucky the shirt at a Twisted Sister’s concert a few months ago. He set the shirt down before washing his face and brushing his teeth and changed into some jeans and a long sleeved shirt. He walked out of the bedroom and saw Bucky standing at the stove, frying some bacon with a cup of coffee in the other hand. Steve was sitting at the counter with his own cup, frowning and saying something too low for Tony to hear.

“You lost this,” Tony said. He dropped the shirt on the counter and went to get himself a cup of coffee. He missed the way Steve’s jaw clenched when he saw the shirt, and the way the blond looked at Bucky with narrowed eyes.

Tony leaned against the counter and drank his coffee. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit Cap?”

“You left the party, figured I’d check up on you,” Steve answered.

“I’m not sure if I was hallucinating or not, but I vaguely recall Buckaroo carrying me all the way up here after one too many drinks,” Tony replied. “Did we have sex? Because I honestly can’t remember.”

Bucky smirked and set down a plate of bacon and eggs. “Trust me, if we had sex you’d know it. Now sit down and eat. You need something to soak up all that booze.”

Tony sat down at the counter and picked up a fork. He got two bites in before he grimaced. “Please tell me I did not make out with Johnny Storm.”

Steve coughed and set down his coffee. “You made out with Johnny Storm?”

“Caught them dry humping like a couple of teenagers in the hallway,” Bucky drawled. “Couple more seconds and Storm would’ve signed your clothes.”

Tony wrinkled his nose and went back to eating his breakfast. “Ugh, stop me next time. I don’t care if you have to restrain me.”

“Right…well you’ve probably got work to do and we’re late for a meeting with Fury so…” Steve trailed off as he stood up. “See you later.”

Tony nodded a little.

“Someone slept on the wrong side of the bed,” Bucky snorted once the elevator doors had closed.

“Since when are you and Tony so chummy?” Steve asked.

“Since he decided that you and I are dating because you ran off to look for me,” Bucky answered. “And also basically started a war because of me…I understand you were trying to do the right thing, and I really appreciate that Steve. God knows I do, but that man is so broken up because of it that he made out with Johnny Storm. I mean, out of all the people at that party, he made out with Johnny Storm.”

“What? Are you trying to say it’d be okay if he made out with you?” Steve asked.

“I don’t take advantage of people when they’re shit faced drunk,” Bucky answered. “Were he sober, maybe.”

“You would make out with him while I’m trying to mend fences with him?” Steve asked slowly.

“Hey, until you mend those fences, Tony’s basically a free man,” Bucky answered. “He may still love you but that doesn’t mean he has to come back to you.”

Steve crossed his arms over his chest. “Are you interested in Tony?”

Bucky swung his gaze to Steve’s face and shrugged. “So what if I am?”



“You are my friend and you know I love you but back off,” Steve told him. “I’m trying to fix things with Tony and you-”

“And me what?” Bucky interrupted. “You afraid he’s gonna fall for me instead of going back to you?”

Steve didn’t say anything and Bucky’s smirk grew.

“Shut up Bucky,” Steve said.

“I didn’t say anything,” Bucky replied, innocently. “Sides Stevie, you don’t own Tony. He can see who ever he wants.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Steve asked. He crossed his arms over his chest.

“It means,” Bucky drawled as the elevator doors slid open. “I’m interested in Tony.”