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2Ps' reaction to s/o singing lullabies for them to sleep

2p France: He doesn’t sleep often, so when you do this he loves it.

2p England: He’ll hug you close and give you a tight squeeze in thanks.

2p America: He’ll never admit it but when you do this, it makes him feel all warm inside and fuzzy in his chest. Times like that make him realize that he does in fact love you.

2p Canada: He'all hug you close and comb his fingers through your hair until you both fall asleep.

2p China: Loves it, sometimes he wonders how you could even love him but when you sing him to sleep and he holds close and your legs are tangled together and all that’s important to you both is each other, He has no doubts that he loves you and that you love him.

2p Russia: He has insomnia, he also feels bad that you stay up as late as you do to accompany him. So when you sing he listens to every word and is grateful for you and everything you do.

2p Italy: The first time you did it, during a thunder storm and the power was out. He realized how much you meant to him, and how much he wanted you in his life. He also realized that he couldn’t treat you like a game. So from then on he was more serious about being dedicated to you day and night.

2p Germany: You do it in the first place because he has no collection of his childhood. He doesn’t remember anything about being sung to sleep in a soothing voice. So when you do it, he almost changes to a different person. He’s reserved and quiet, he listens closely and is fairly serious.

2p Japan: He enjoys it. Though, if you do it in Japanese it leads to sex.

2p Prussia: One time he Cried when you sang and said it was because no one had ever cared about him like you did. So he loves it when you sing to him and gets fairly possessive if you sing for anybody else.

2p Romano: He has secretly recorded you so when he goes away for a long time and feels uneasy he can listen to you even then.

2p Spain: His favorite spot is the balcony at his house on the hammock out side. He loves it when you smooth him to sleep.


“isn’t it easy? why can’t members kiss each other?” –s.coups

to all my closeted bi peers:

hello, i love you, i support you, and i hope you are all having a lovely day. it is your choice to come out, and it’s okay if you never come out. it’s okay if it’s not safe for you to come out. it’s okay if you’re not ready to come out.

and i promise you– you are a welcome member of the lgbtqia+ community. you do not have to be out for your sexuality to be valid.


Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!


Fukigen na Mononokean Volume 8 bonus 4komas

Translated/typeset by @tomodachimeter

If reposting, please give credit. :)