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I’m getting my things together for my trip and I look over to find this! Lol 😆 My hubby got me this pretty pink blanket for my studio but it looks like it’s already been claimed by a furry little someone. 😜 Loki loves to sleep on fuzzy blankets and rugs so I shouldn’t be surprised. 🐶💤 I’m going to miss his sleepy face on my trip.😢💖

Uncle Steve

Summary: Steve gets to experience being an uncle for the first time.

Warnings: Uncle!Steve, Dad!Bucky, fluff

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve

Word Count: 525

A/N: Another rewrite while I work on stuff. Let me know what you think!

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Since you’ve delivered your daughter you and Bucky hadn’t had a single night to yourselves.

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Soft Bite // Vampire Shawn Blurb

When you started dating Shawn you noticed something was off about him. It wasn’t anything serious. He didn’t have a third eyeball or something. It was just, he never seemed to eat when you and him went out. He purposely avoided taking you to lunch or dinner. If presented with the option of food in any other setting, he would claim he already ate and was not hungry. At first you thought maybe he had an eating disorder, which concerned you greatly, but that wasn’t it. No. He was too fit, too healthy for that.

Things started coming together when you stayed over at his place for the first time. You fell asleep first, nodding off in his bed while he petted your hair and watched Bizarre Foods reruns with you. When you woke up he was still awake as ever, eyes focused on the weird fried chicken foot Andrew Zimmern was eating on the tv. He smiled at you and kissed your head, telling you to go back to sleep. This sort of thing happened every single time you stayed the night. You would always wake up in the middle of the night and find him awake. Sometimes he was doing the dishes from dinner, that you ate and not him. He would be watching TV or on his phone. Never asleep when he should be. It was weird.

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three words

three words

peter parker x reader

warnings: none

a/n: this is part two! of three things, may have more than one part if you want another part soooo let me know? >>>here
i hope you all like this! let me know??

part one: three things

After dinner, your brother arranged who’s sleeping with who. Meaning who’s staying in the same room together because there are fourteen people and only four rooms. Clint and Laura in one room of course, with baby Nathaniel. Bruce and Natasha, and Pietro and Wanda in the kid’s room— they have two full beds. Thor, Steve, and Tony in the guest room— either one sleeps on the floor and the other two sleeps together or vice versa. And then lastly, the kids all in one room. Your room. Kids meaning, Cooper, Lila, You,… and


.  You had a bunk bed, which had a full size mattress. It was pretty roomy. Clint made it clear that you will be sleeping with Lila on the bottom, with Peter and Cooper on top. 

“Here’re some pillows,” you throw at Peter, who you accidentally slapped on the face with your Stitch pillow pet that you got from Disneyland. “Thanks.” You nod, hopping on your bed. Lila was on the top bunk with her brother, watching YouTube. Peter looks up at them before looking at you. “Guess I have to stay with you for right now. The top’s full.” He jumps on the bed with you, a little too comfortably, not feeling the awkwardness you were feeling. I guess I was wrong, he’s not as awkward as I am. Where was all this confidence hiding from??

You two talk for a while, not noticing how late it was. Lila was already fast asleep with Cooper on top. And you were beginning to fall asleep too. Your eyes were feeling heavy, and so was your head. 3. 2. 1. Your head dropped on Peter’s shoulder, who was still a bit awake. He smiled, hearing you starting to snore already. He carefully covered you with your fuzzy pink blanket, and too went to sleep. Not knowing about the storm that will be greeting him tomorrow morning.

That storm named Clint.


You lift up your head from Peter’s chest. Hair everywhere, dry drool on your chin, eyes still shut as you stare up at your brother. “Huh?”

“What do you mean Huh?” He walks closer, yanking Peter’s arm, pulling him off of your bed and waking him up. “WHY ARE YOU TWO IN THE SAME BED?” You groan, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. “Calm down Clint. We didn’t do anything. We must’ve fallen asleep from talking last night.” He rolls his eyes, “didn’t I say Lila was sleeping with you and Cooper sleeps with Peter on the top bunk AWAY FROM YOU?” You groan once again, getting out of bed and helping Peter up from the floor, who was still half asleep. “Come on Pete, let’s go wash our face and get breakfast,” you yawn out. Peter just groans in response, getting dragged to the bathroom with you.

You tie your hair in a messy bun, washing your face with warm water and handing Peter your face wash. “He really thought we slept together?” he laughs. You shake your head, washing away the soapy bubbles from your face. “We kinda did Pete.” He shrugs, lathering his face with soap. “But not in that way,” he says, looking at you with a face full of bubbles. “Yeah, but I think he knows that. He just doesn’t like the fact the we were in the same bed together. Plus, we were practically on top of each other. What do you expect?” you said, dabbing your face with a small towel. He looks at you with his face soaking wet, snatching the towel from your hand and wiping his face with it too. “You were the one who started cuddling with me.” You scoff, “no I was not.”

“Were too. I was asking you a question last night and you fell asleep on me. Right on my shoulder.”

“Did I?” You scratch the back of your neck, a blush settling on your cheeks, “I was really tired last night, sorry. Wh– what were you asking me?” He shakes his head. “It was nothing.”

“No, seriously. What was it?”


“(Y/n)! Peter! Breakfast is ready!” Laura yelled from downstairs, interrupting Peter.

“Welp, let’s get going. Clint’s already salty with us. We don’t want him to get bitter.” He walks towards the door, grabbing the doorknob. “Wait,” you grab his wrist, making him turn. “(Y/n). I’m not going to t–”

“Isn’t that, like the same thing?”


“Being salty and being bitter.”

“Taste wise? No?”

“No what you just said.”
“Oh, well, isn’t being bitter with someone worst than being salty with someone?”

“I don’t know. You said it.”

“Why are we having this conversation?”

“I don’t– nevermind. Go go,” you push him out the door, your eyebrows furrowed because you were talking in all seriousness while he just laughed.

“Aw, there’s the lovely couple.” You looked up to Natasha, who was lifting a cup of tea. A small smirk on her mouth. Your brother groans, rolling his eyes as he downs another cup of coffee. “Did he tell you guys everything?” you whine. They all nod, Tony especially. A smirk on his face as he looks at Peter. Mouthing a ‘that’s my boy’ and winking playfully at him.”We didn’t do anything!!” You were jumping up and down, like something Lila would do when she doesn’t get what she wants. “We heard you two were cuddling. Your head on his chest, and his arms around your shoulders and waist. Sounds like something’s going on with you two hmm,” Wanda teases. “Nothing is going on between usssss,” you whine again. Peter slightly smiling next to you before taking a seat next to Tony. You see him whisper something in Peter’s ear, giggling afterwards and doing a little fist bump under the table where they think you can’t see but you did. You groan, taking the only seat left, which happened to be next to Peter. “Aw, they’re sitting next to each other,” Steve teases. “Can’t get enough of each other can you,” Thor laughs. You didn’t even know they had it in them. “What happened during the grocery trip anyways? Seems like you two got closer since then,” Laura says, taking a bite of toast. “Umm…”

-flash back to the trip to the store-

Peter laughed as he ran around the store, pushing you in the shopping cart. “PETER! Peter peter peter!” You screamed when Peter was going over 1000 miles an hour and you almost crashed into a crate full of giant bouncy balls. He braked right before the cart hit the crate, both of your chests’ heaving. Laughter erupted from the two of you, but it quickly stopped when an employee approached the both of you. “Excuse me, but you two can not come in here acting so childish. If you continue these shenanigans, security will come and get the two of you.” She points at you two, and walks away, leaving you two a little red, but you two burst out laughing afterwards anyways. “Oh my gosh, you almost got us kicked out!” Peter shrugs, “oops?” You playfully shove his arm, “help me get down.” You raise your arms up and he walks over to you and carry you out. “Thank you,” you said sweetly as he puts you down. You get behind the cart and began pushing it, Peter casually puts his arm around your shoulder and pushes the cart with you with his other hand. A soft blush settles on your cheeks as you bite back a smile. Peter smirks freely. Seriously, where did the awkward Peter you met not long ago, go?

-fast forward to when you got home-

You blush when Peter said the six words you were hoping he would say. “Seriously?” you kind of yelled out, then blushed after words and cleared your throat. “I mean.. Cool.” He chuckles, “yes (Y/n) really.” You bite your lip to keep yourself from smiling too much. He leans close to you, and you lean in a little too. His eyes fluttered close and so does yours. You two meet each other halfway, feeling his breath on your lips, your heart was beating so loud, you feel as if he could hear it too, which made your heart beat even harder. Then, right before you closed the gap, your hand, which was on the steering wheel, slipped, and a loud honk made the two of you jump. “AW–” you groan, as your head hit the ceiling of your car. “Sorry,” you whisper, rubbing your hurt head. He laughs, “are you okay?” You narrow your eyes at him. “Yes. I’m swell.” He chuckles again, pulling your head towards his chest. “Sorry love,” he whispers, as he place a sweet kiss on your head. The pain instantly leaving your head as a new feeling takes over. “Um– we should go back in, the ice cream’s gonna melt.” You pull away, quickly running to the back of the car to grab the groceries from the trunk. “Did I make you feel awkward?” he asks when he got out. “Huh? Uh– no. No no no no no.” You walk past him, carrying all the bags by yourself, already heading to the door. “(Y/n). You took all the bags,” Peter yells, his arms raised as he looks over the empty trunk. Hearing a loud slam behind you, following by loud footsteps, Peter grabbed your hand, taking the bags from them. “Did I make you feel awkward?” He repeats, and you shake your head no vigorously. “Seriously (Y/n), it’s okay if I did. It won’t hurt my feelings,” he laughs slightly. “I– no. You– no. No you didn’t. I– I just– I don’t know. I didn’t expect you to actually– you know– like me back. And– and then like– kiss me. Well– Uh– that was fine, I– I didn’t mind– I–” Peter shuts up your rambling by pressing his lips against yours. He smiles into the kiss, and puts both of his hand on both sides of your cheeks, deepening it. You press your hands on his chest, the grocery bags forgotten on the floor. He pulls away, you both letting out a laugh. “Wow,” he says. “Peter,” you whisper. “What is it darling?” You trace random shapes on his chest with your finger, not looking at his eyes. His hands drops to your waist, but raises one again to lift up your chin so he could meet your eyes. “What is it?” he repeats. “The ice cream’s gonna melt.” He playfully rolls his eyes, pulling away from you and picking up the groceries. You laugh loudly, running after him and heading into the house.

-back to present time-

“…. nothing?”

“Mhm,” the whole table hums. You drop your head down to your plate, playing with your eggs and bacon. “Don’t play with your food,” Peter whispers. “Don’t tell me what to do,” you whisper back, not lifting up your head but your eyes were on him. “Ooooooh,” Tony whispers. “But any ways,” Peter says out loud, looking straight at your brother. You shove a spoonful of eggs in your mouth. “What would you say, if– if (Y/n) becomes my– you know– my girlfriend?” The whole table gasps, not expecting this, but at the same time, expecting it, and you turn to look at Peter shocked, as you began to choke on the eggs. You motion for water and he quickly hands you his. Clint furrows his eyebrows at Peter. “Cooper,” he calmly says. “Hand me my bow and arrow.” Peter’s eyes widens and he gets up and runs faster than Pietro. “GET BACK HERE BUG BOY.” Clint runs after Peter and everyone around the table looks at you, then at each other, before getting up and running after the teenager, and the old man. It is way too early for this. I’m literally still half asleep. What the heck. Am I dreaming? Actually.. Am I? Someone pinch me.

“COME DOWN HERE AND BE A MAN PARKER.” Clint yells, Peter was up in a tree like a stray cat.


“Clint!” Laura yells, “leave the poor kid alone!”

“Yeah Clint! Leave Peter alone!” you yell from behind Laura.

“OOOoohhhh,” the rest of the team teased.

“Oh shut up!” you snap back. They shut up alright, but they still had stupid smirks on their faces.

“Clint, you act like you weren’t like him when you were his age,” Laura says, crossing her arms over her chest. You look at her, standing right next to her and crossing your arms as well. “Yeah,” was all you could say. You remember when you were younger and how Clint used to be when Laura and him had just started dating. He was head over heels with her. They had always been your number one relationship goals. “What do you mean by that?” he snaps. Laura raised her eyebrows at him, who relaxed a bit and started mumbling a ‘sorry.’ “Leave the poor boy alone, and let’s go back inside and finish our breakfast.”

When you all got back to the table, everyone awkwardly sat back down quietly. “So Clint,” you say quietly, your brother looks up at you. “Hmm?”

“What would you say if– if I was I dunno, Peter’s, you know?” Peter’s eyes widen and he jumped up a bit to start running again, but you put your hand on his knee to stop him.

“You guys really are serious about this boyfriend, girlfriend thing huh?” You turn to look at Peter and he gives you a quick, sweet smile.

“Y– yeah. I guess so.”

“Well.. I guess, if he makes you happy. Then it makes me happy too,” he says, taking another sip– more like a gulp– of his coffee, then rolling his eyes afterwards.

“Really!?” you exclaim, forgetting that there were lots of people around you, you didn’t even bother keeping your cool. “Thank you!” You jumped up and hugged his neck, forgetting that he was still drinking his coffee, you might’ve, umm, spilled the hot coffee all over his face.

“Oh my gosh CLINT! I’M SO SORRY.”

-fast forward to five days later-

It has been a week since your brother and the team came home. Which means they leave today. Back to New York they go.

“Do you really have to go?” You whisper, while your head was pressed into Peter’s chest and your arms wrapped around his waist as he hugs your shoulders tightly, pressing you closer to himself– if it was even possible. “I wish I could stay,” he whispers into your hair. You two were standing in the middle of your room, hugging. It’s been five minutes. He was supposed to leave ten minutes ago. The team had been waiting in the quinjet. “Hey, why don’t you come with?” You pull your head away from his chest and look up at him with your eyebrows scrunched. “To New York?” He nods. “I have to stay here and help Laura with the kids. I have school, I’m graduating soon.” He sighs, “I know, I know. Just taking my chance.” You sigh, pressing your cheek against his chest. “I’m going to miss you.”

“Me too baby.” You pull away, punching his chest playfully, “you better call me, text me, facetime me and whatever, all the time Parker.” He chuckles, “yeah, yeah. Of course Barton.” You tiptoe to reach his lips. The thing about Peter is, even if his lips are small, they fit yours perfectly somehow, and boy. Was he a goooooood kisser. I mean, he was the only guy you’ve ever kissed, but 10/10 would kiss for the rest of your life. “Ahem,” you and Peter pull away, turning to the slightly opened door. “Time to go Parker,” Tony says. Peter sighs, pressing his lips onto yours long and hard. Then pulling you into a super tight hug. “I love you,” he says. “What?” He pulls away slightly, smiling sadly at you, then pressing one last kiss on your lips. “I’ll call you later, right when I get home okay?”

“O– okay.”


Three Things: tomhollandslovechild

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Doctor!Tim: Sub-Drop

Ah, I wanted to follow up this little thing because of reasons like angst and hurt/comfort. It’s all self-indulgent tho >.<  I’ve read Sub/Dom fics but there’s so many ways to interpret the ‘drop’ so I might have completely screwed it up, but I really wanted to give it a go?

And for the wonderful babe that sent me the kick-ass Ask about Ra’s in this world: I have some other things I want to do before scariness like that, but it will eventually happen. Promise. When it does, I’m coming back to THAT ASK.  :D 


His brain isn’t functioning at full capacity, tongue too thick in his mouth, “j-just a few minutes…I need—” and the drop hits.

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threewhiskeylunch  asked:

Oh oh oh! You're taking requests??!! May I please have some mshakarian with a side of Joker finding out about them? Please?? *bats eyelids*

Here you are, my darlin’! Have a healthy helping of sappy, cheesy, fluffy mshakarian! :) 

And if anyone else wants to make a request, I’ll happily consider it (mshenko, mshega, or mshakarian only please.) 

Rated T

It had taken them several tries to work it out, but they had it down now. If Garrus moved his legs just so, and Shepard bent his body at the right angle, they fit together like they were made for each other – molded out of one skin. Never mind that Garrus’ hide was rough and leathery and Shepard’s skin was soft and pink. How a man so fearless and strong and prone to cheating death could be covered by such a thin, flimsy hide remained a mystery to Garrus. Palaven would have killed him before he’d ever finished boot camp. As it was, Shepard remained one of the fiercest warriors Garrus had ever known, and he merely laughed every time the turian commented on his pink skin.

Pink. Commander Shepard was pink all over. Wonders never ceased.

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[This imagine was requested by @mainstreamed-maddythank you all for your patience, requests, and love. All requests are accepted. I hope you all enjoy! MILD TRIGGER WARNING: THERE IS A DELICATE SCENE IN REGARDS TO AN ACCIDENTAL/SOMEWHAT ON PURPOSE SUICIDE ATTEMPT]

I had been in the guest bedroom (that has never once been a room to any guest) for a little over two hours. Mister J rarely came in here so it seemed like the opportune place to be alone for a while, then again, he wasn’t even home so I was alone anyway. I lay curled up in the faux fur lined hanging egg chair, silently crying while wrapped up in my fuzzy pink blanket with a few empty bottles of wine and a box of chocolates. 
Now as a rule that Mister J and I both oddly saw sense in, we don’t drink. We can serve alcohol, we can hold an alcoholic drink just for show, but we never take even a sip. There was a method to our madness, you see. Alcohol only made my voices more prominent, they only made us more unstable and unpredictable. The reason why we worked, the reason why he had gotten so far is because he was crazy, I was crazy, but we were the smart kind of crazy. We were reckless but our risks were calculated for the most part, there was always a plan. Give us any sort of narcotics and the whole world burns.
I’m not one for breaking, I can take more hits than most, but sometimes it’s not the physical blows that break you. So, there I was, sobbing into a pillow, completely pissed drunk with little whispers in my ear… and then he walked in. 
He was on the verge of saying something about the club and in the middle of unbuttoning his shirt when he stopped in his tracks. 
Nonchalance wasn’t going to fix this, but my drunken mind thought otherwise so sniffling, I wiped my eyes and sat up.
“H-H-Hiya P-P-Puddin’, what’s wrong?” 
His eyes flicked to the few bottles of wine I had with me and his eyes narrowed, “Those better be sparkling water, Y/N, or we’re going to have a problem,” he growled. 
I crumpled then, my sobs coming out heavy and fast and I rose gripping one of the bottles by its neck. 
“We already, have a problem, Mister J,” my speech was mumbled and slurred.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” 
I scoffed, throwing the bottle at him and he sidestepped, watching it hit the wall and shatter before his cool blue-grey eyes focused on me. 
“I don’t like you drunk,” his tone was clipped, angry. 
“You don’t give a damn about me, don’t even gimme that, Mister J,” 
He has never cared, you’re just his toy. There are thousands more just like you. Batman knows it, Mister J knows it, but poor little Y/N can’t face the music. The voices whispered and I smacked the side of my head with a violence, yelling out for them to stop. Mister J looked at me in a way my brain couldn’t process and he shut the bedroom door. 
“I want you to tell me what this is all about, doll.” 
He knows, he is just playing with me now. Always playing, always playing, always fucking playing. I stumbled a little, still holding my head because the voices wouldn’t shut up and Mister J began again. 
“Who made you cry?” 
Who? Who? “You silly, but you don’t care.” 
He rolled his neck, cracking it, a tick that always meant he was angry, irritated, or feeling something. 
“Careful, doll. Now I don’t recall saying anything genuinely rotten to you tod-” 
“That’s right! That’s right, did you hear that?” I giggled, a sad and twisted little giggle when I realised he wouldn’t have heard what the voice in my head had said. “It said, you wouldn’t give a shit if I fell off this here balcony.“ I backed up, pulling the door open and he advanced slowly. 
“Now why would it say such a thing, why would you think such a thing?”
He said it in a curious way… in a way that made me even more sad because why would I question him? Why would I think such bad things about my puddin’? Always in your head Y/N he is always in your head, mixing you up, but now you see. But I don’t want to see!
“You can make a thousand more of me,” I felt empty now, tapping my forehead gently, and my back hit the guard rail. 
“I don’t want to make another one, I want you, do you understand? Aren’t you happy? Don’t you love me? Why are you doing this?” He asked in a voice softer than silk, he was trying to calm me I think. Or trick you. The voices whispered.
“I fell for your stories… for your lies… The Bat made me see, don’t you understand? The Bat, told me how stupid I was for thinking you could ever,” I lifted myself so I was sitting on the guard rail.
“Y/N,” he growled. 
Ever. Care about me.”
I let go of the railing so all I would have to do is tilt my body backward and that would be it. Do it, Harley. Jump. Jump. Hitting my head I screamed again for the voices to stop, my voice hitching as I fell back. Oh! 
But he had me, his hands curled around my ankle and I stared down at the little cars and realised I could have just been a mangled heap all the way down there. Leaning up I grabbed his arm and he released my leg, yanking me up and over the rail and we fell back. He clutched me to his chest and I sobbed, I held onto him for dear life and I sobbed into his chest while he stroked my hair. Whether from exertion or… something else his heart was beating hard and fast. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I whimpered. 
He didn’t say anything for a moment, he just lifted me into his arms and carried me back inside, yelling for Frost who entered promptly. 
“Yeah, boss?” 
“Grab the Doc, she has been drinking,”
And with that he was gone and I was still crying but I felt weak, tired, my head lolling and in a moment of tenderness his lips brushed the heart on my cheekbone. 
“We’ll fix you up Y/N… we’ll make it right.”

***Y/N P.O.V

I woke up feeling better, there was an I.V in my arm that was pumping me with fluids to eradicate the alcohol in my system. Mister J was sitting beside me, absently playing with his hunting knife. 
“I don’t like it when you’re presumptuous,” he said. 
Licking my lips I sat up, cupping the side of his neck with my hand and he looked at me then. There was an angry, frustrated, and confused look in his eyes and I brushed my nose against his. 
“I know… I’m sorry… he got into my head. He… he found my weakness,” 
Mister J’s confusion grew, and I squeezed his hand, “You. He made me doubt-” 
“Don’t you ever do anything like that again or I’ll kill you myself,” 
He left me then, moving towards the door but he paused for a second, turning his head but he didn’t look at me. 
“The Bat will hurt for this, for you.” 
And with that he was gone, it was the only thing I needed. It was his way of saying I do care about you, whatever he said was wrong. It was his way of telling me that I mattered to him in the only way he knew how and that was more than I could ever ask for.

[I might make this scene longer for fun or recreate it in Mister J’s point of view further down the line but I am not sure. I am happy with it, I hope you guys are too. Feel free to message me with requests, feedback, or even if you just want to chat.][I also sincerely ask that none of my work is posted elsewhere and in the event that it is please at least credit the author. Thank you]

Reasons Lord Hater might have autism/ADHD

- stimming (waving his hands above his head, foot tapping, finger tapping, rocking back and forth…)

- Has a sensory object (his fuzzy pink blanket)

- Says/does things inappropriate for the situation (… Basically like every episode with him in it)

- shuts down (facing the wall when Wander was singing to him in My Fair Hatey, The Funk)

- insensitive towards other people’s motions and needs

- Trouble with making/maintaining relationships (friendship with Peepers)

- social awkwardness

- self centered

- needs constant attention/affirmations

- short temper

- inappropriate outbursts of emotions

- trouble with focusing on certain tasks, easily distracted (The It)

- can be intensely focused on certain tasks (destroying Wander)

- surprisingly intelligent (building the HATE-RV)

I don’t know, I’m not an expert but these are just things I’ve noticed in my own behavior and others like me who have autism/ADHD. If anyone wants to add to this, feel free to do so

Little Letters 8 : We're Having A Baby!

I am so excited to be posting this. I was squealing myself from how adorable it is. A lot of you have asked about them having kids, well. Here’s the first of many concerning that!

You can read all parts of Letters from War and Little Letters here

“I love you, you love me, we’re best friends like friends should be…”

Lucy peeked into the room where the familiar melody was coming from. The sight she found melted her already softened heart.

“With a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you,” Nastu placed a big slobbery kiss on a small rose colored head that was sitting in his lap, “Won’t you say that you love me too!”

“Daddy!” the little girl giggled, smacking Natsu’s chest, “you did it wrong!”

Cassandra Dragneel was Natsu and Lucy’s pride and joy. The little girl was a little ball of energy like her father and loved to read and stargaze like her mother.

Lucy leaned on the door frame of Cass’s room. Natsu was sitting in the purple room surrounded by stuffed animals.

“I did?!” Natsu played shocked, “let’s try again!”

“With a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you,” he raised Cass up and blew a raspberry on her little tummy, “Won’t you say that you love me tooo!”

“No, Daddy!” she pushed on his chest until he was lying on his back, “you did it wrong again!”

Natsu pulled one of the stuffed toys to use as a pillow, “Aw man! You’ll just have to do it with me so I can get it right!”


Lucy hummed along to the song as she thought back to the first time she found out about her little girl. Their third wedding anniversary was right around the corner and Natsu had planned a trip for two in the mountains. She was excited for a week alone with her husband in a warm, cozy cabin. But she had been feeling so sick for days before then, but she refused to ruin his hard planning by an upset stomach.

Hiding it wasn’t the smartest thing in the world, but in the end it was worth it.

***5 years earlier***

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Insanity Rambles: Yet another Marichat fic from moi! This one is for @jazztastic-panda who had this fabulous idea and I then let my imagination get away from me. This is the result. 


Synopsis: When Chloe aims to ruin Marinette’s Birthday, Chat Noir makes other plans for his favourite Princess.

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Enter The Empty

After the Gabriel reluctantly opened the portal and went on his own way I Castiel entered the empty. It was bigger and scarier than I ever remember it being. “GABE WHERE ARE YOU I NEED YOU.” I Shouted over and over again.

All I could hear was my own voice. I hope my family could understand I couldn’t let them come with me not this time. It was too dangerous Alfie and Alexis being freshly bonded needed time to grow together. Erica and Ace being freshly married and with child need to go on her honeymoon and take care of herself and her child. This univers’s Gabriel and Sam just having Rosie needed time to raise her. Coco and Claire and hearing a relationship needed time to grow as a couple so I had to do this on my own.

I took a deep breath I wanted to try a prayer. Maybe if people can hear me I can keep theml updated let them know I’m okish. “Alright Cas give it a go. I say sitting down.

(@hellaqueerangelofthelord ) “Alexis if you can hear me we need to talk.” I say as I gathered my thoughts.

I started to feel super cold so I tried hard and was able to snap up a fuzzy pink blanket and a blue fuzzy pillow.