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Little Space: Ideas

Sometimes it’s rather hard to get into little space, but here are just some ideas! They are not meant to be directed towards one gender over another, nor are they everyone’s cup of tea!


You can change different aspects of your physical appearance to feel little.


~Done by Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Pig tails
~Pony tail


~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Button down
~Graphic (with cartoons, quotes, photos, etc.)
~Pastel colored


~Pull up

Full body:

~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/~Mommy/Daddy


~Blanket cape
~Clips (hair)
~Clips (paci)
~Glitter ;)
~Pet gear (ears, tail, collar, leach, etc.)
~Socks (animal, fuzzy, knee high, lace, patterned, ruffled, striped, etc.)


Here are active things to do to put or keep you in little space!

~Action figures
~App games (I will make a list of cute apps)
~Bake (with supervision and or help)
~Bath (bubbles, color tablets, paint toys, etc.)
~Beads (bead animals, charms, jewelry, key chain, etc.)
~Blanket fort
~Cinema (movie theater)
~Coloring (general)
~Coloring books/pages
~Cuddling (blankets, Dommy, pets, pillows, stuffed animals)
~DIYs (any you want!)
~Dress up
~Finger painting
~Help with a meal
~House (playing as mommy, daddy, pet, etc.)
~Instruments (play or learn to play)
~Jewelry making (bracelets, neckless etc.)
~Make believe
~Meals (chicken fingers/nuggets, dino nuggets, fries, Mac and cheese, anything else that makes you feel little)
~Movies (animated, Disney, ect.)
~Music (listen to, or create your own)
~Pet play
~Picture books
~Pillow for
~Prince/Princess (pretending to be in a castle etc.)
~Put on a show (for Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, stuffies, toys)
~Rabb.it with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, Little friend, friend (movie/tv/YouTube/video streaming)
~Reading (to someone else, stuffies, Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, or having some one read to you)
~Rolling on the floor (pretending to be a crumb)
~Snacks (candy, crackers, cupcake, fruit, fruit snacks, ice cream, goldfish, gummies, pie, Popsicle, sprinkles, yogurt, etc.)
~Speaking with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Stories (Making up your own, reading some)
~Stuffies (cuddling, playing with, watching movies/tv with)
~Sticker books
~Sucking on paci
~Tea party
~Toy store
~Tv shows (Cartoon Network, cartoons, ~Disney Jr., PBS kids, Sprout, etc.)
~Video call with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Video games

ALRIGHT NEW LION SWITCH EXPLANATION inspired by a discussion with @bisharpshooter as a tangent from this

the lion chooses its paladin and forges a mystical bond with them. these lions have already chosen their true paladins. their choices for new paladins are for the sake of their true paladins. 


in s2e1, black only responded to keith because shiro was in danger and keith could save him. in that same episode, shiro told keith that he wanted him to lead when shiro was gone. 

in s3, shiro was gone, and although allura is the “decision-maker”, black chose keith.

it all comes back to the trust between black and shiro, something that grew between them throughout two seasons. it’s the foundation of their mystical bond. 

black has been used and abused by zarkon, but shiro respects her and knows that she cannot be commanded. this has earned black’s trust. if shiro truly believes in keith as the leader of voltron, then black will trust that.

EDIT: as an anon pointed out, keith was talking to shiro when black chose him, making it even more obvious that black is carrying out shiro’s wishes, not her own. black literally responded in shiro’s place here, trying to tell keith, as shiro would, that he can lead the team. 

lance even said, “i respect its choice” when black chose keith. by extension of respecting black’s choice to trust shiro’s judgment, lance and keith are trusting shiro’s judgment as well. the very thing that keith doubted so much. 

furthermore, this would add significance to black rejecting the shiro in season 3. she didn’t reject him because he was unworthy or because she’d moved on; she rejected him because she does not trust him.

TLDR: the mystical bond between black and shiro is founded on trust. black chose keith because shiro chose keith, and she trusts her true paladin’s judgment. 


red called out to lance only after keith literally called out to lance for help. essentially, red called out to lance because keith called out to lance. her desires mirrored keith’s. if keith wanted lance to be there, then by god lance would be there. 

get in, lancey lance, we’re going shopping to save my son.

throughout s3, lance looked out for keith both physically and emotionally, more so than any other character. without his help, it’s not fun to imagine what would have happened to keith and the rest of the team. 

red has demonstrated on two major occasions that she is very concerned with keith’s welfare and will do anything to keep him safe. this is particularly interesting, since she was so temperamental when she first met him that she waited until he was about to die to let him in. the foundation of their mystical bond is protection

we know that lance in particular is great at keeping keith safe, even if he wasn’t before… (hmmMMMMMMMM. HMMMMMMMMMMMM.)

furthermore, allura emphasized that red must have chosen lance to be keith’s right-hand man, to which lance said, “i won’t let him down.” he explicitly made the connection between red calling out to him and keeping keith safe. this is red basically saying, “please keep my idiot son from getting himself killed. be his impulse control, i believe in you.” 

TLDR: the mystical bond between red and keith is founded on protection. red chose lance because he will keep her true paladin safe. 


lance said it himself: “i’m glad it was you.” it’s as simple as that. despite his obnoxious flirting that he’s done in the past, he deeply admires allura. this dynamic in particular really appealed to people, but it was a new angle that had yet to be explored until this opportunity arose. 

blue must have know that lance being separated from her would be difficult, but she guessed (correctly) that allura taking his place would put him in a position in which he wants to be supportive and feels the least upset about it. despite all my complaining about blue shutting him out, i think this decision was made with lance’s self-doubt (which is exactly what blue responded to in allura) in mind. 

blue supports lance. she’s his best bud, his old girl, his blue, his beautiful. she makes him feel useful and happy. as the “mom” of the lions, she’s there for him. the foundation of their bond is support

TLDR: the mystical bond between blue and lance is founded on support. blue chose allura because blue knew that lance would be supportive of allura

as for why lance needed to lose blue at all, maybe she knew that red would continue to refuse allura (being temperamental about keith), and thus needed to force red’s hand. this one is still…kinda fuzzy as to the “why”, but the “who” absolutely matches up with the pattern. that fuzziness also lends itself to a potential explanation for blue being so…cold about the whole thing, both to lance and to allura. 

black’s true paladin is shiro, red’s true paladin is keith, and blue’s true paladin is lance. the lions chose new paladins for their respective true paladins, not for themselves as they did initially. this is merely emphasis as to who their true paladins are.  

it’s interesting that lance was the one to confirm the true reasoning behind all of these switches. black: “i respect its choice.” (respect shiro’s choice to trust keith.) red: “i won’t let him down.” (protect keith.) blue: “if i had to lose blue to someone, i’m glad it was you.” (support allura, thereby supporting lance.) 

this highlights why season 3 was so effective in strengthening the bonds that lance has with both allura and keith. the switches were based on the bonds that their true paladins had with the other paladins, so of course the switch would strengthen those bonds. lance and allura always had the potential to mutually respect and admire one another, and now they do. lance and keith always had the potential of being leader and right-hand man, and now they are. 

TLDR: lance’s bond with keith was strengthened because red chose him to protect keith, her true paladin. allura’s bond with lance was strengthened because blue chose her to support lance, her true paladin. black chose keith to trust shiro, her true paladin, and rejected new shiro because she didn’t trust him. 

if this is the explanation, then i’m honestly okay with the whole thing. 

(if you’re wondering where allura would end up…)

Doku Commissions

It would be lovely if you could ask me for one ;-; I love you ♥

1. Line Art

- Make sure to mention if you don’t want gaps
- Can add shading for free (color of your choice)
- Can have complicated background

Waist up: $5
Full body: $10
+ character: +$5

2. Normal Shading

- Clothes can have simple patterns
- No background
- I can include transparent version if asked

Waist up: $20
Full body: $30
+ character: +$15

3. Full Shading

- Can have complicated background/patterns
- Fuzzy soft gradients that will melt your heart
- Will stream the process if asked!!!

Waist up: $40
Full body: $60
+ character: +$30

Special: Mouse Doodle

- Guaranteed to be done under 24 hours after accepting order
- No background and no color
- For you, the ones with no money

Waist up: $2
Full body: $3


  • Realistic animals/people
  • Complex machines (robots, cars, etc.)
  • Things I’m not comfortable with


  • NSFW/gore
  • OCs
  • Anime art style, if asked


  • Animals and some items (weapons, furniture, etc.) count as +character
  • The price of background will depend on how detailed it is, starting at $5

To commission me use direct message system so we can talk about details and so I can give you my email to allow you make an order. Do not use asks. Remember - until you send the email, your message won’t count as a commission order. You must send the email. After that I will send you PayPal invoice, and all you have to do is accept it.

If I tell you the slots are full wait 1-2 weeks then try asking again.

Where Soul Meets Body- 11

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1591

Author’s Note: Let’s play a game called ‘Who’s the bigger asshole this chapter?’

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Master   Part 10

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

You stayed in bed the next morning for as long as you could. The house was cold, and being wrapped in blankets that smelled like Steve was the only warmth you could find. You missed having him next to you all night, even if you were used to waking up alone. His body heat would linger in the sheets until he got home, allowing you just a bit of extra comfort on days like this. The sheets today were cold, and try as you might to seek warmth in the confines of your comforter, it wasn’t enough.

Dragging yourself up, you kept the comforter wrapped around you as you wobbled to the closet, yanking on a pair of fuzzy socks, patterned with penguins, and one of Steve’s thick, wool-knit sweaters.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! First off, I LOVE your writing, It makes my heart so happy!! (o^^o)!! Second, if you have time (absolutely no worries if you don't!!) I was wondering about a headcannon for if the chocobros' S/O was spending the night with them and they're sleeping in comfies but they happen to shift and reveal some skin (maybe a shirt rides up a little or something) and what the bros' reaction would be! Sorry if that's confusing! I just need some chocobro fluff in my life!! :D :3 can be a little nsfw!

Being able to make your heart happy is all we could ever hope hope for and more. We’re sending endless virtual hugs to you 👯💕

I’m not gonna lie, I was really excited to tackle this prompt. I love the combo of innocent sleepover fluff and slightly more naughty escapades implied.

Sweet dreams, anon🌙
Note: the s/o is implied to be fem

To get you in a sweet n’ salty mood ↓
Song: “Koop Island Blues” by Koop


  • “Accidentally” forgetting to bring a suitable pair of pajamas to sleep in (sly as a fox, that girl), Ignis’ s/o asked if he had anything she could wear to bed
  • Shedding her clothes to slip into an oversized, off grey button up shirt, she wore a devilishly cheeky smirk that told the breathless man that yes, her legs looked damn good, and oh yes, she knew that she looked dangerously alluring in his clothes
  • Ignis, being the incredible gentleman he is, brushed it off by fake coughing or offering to make her a cup of tea before they slept, but let’s be honest, he was on the edge of a breakdown

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How Well Do We Know Each Other?

A/N: hope you guys like this! any and all feedback is appreciated :-)

word count: 1k+

“Jack, come sit down!” you holler, adjusting your chair so that you fit in frame. “I have to have this edited and posted tomorrow!”

“Don’t yell at me,” your boyfriend smirks, stepping into your bedroom. “It’s not my fault that you just remembered that you don’t have a video ready.” He plops down in the designated chair and pulls his phone out of his back pocket, unlocking it and opening whatever app he’s used to store his questions for the video you’re about to film. You hope they’re better than the standard ‘what’s my favorite color’ material, although you’ve only given him as much time as it’s taken you to set up to craft ten thought-out inquiries.

“Ready whenever you are,” he says, dropping his phone into his lap and using the viewfinder to fix his hair. “I’m tired, though, so can we make this quick?” “You made me sit through filming a video for three hours last week and you didn’t even use it!” you retort, raising a brow. “This’ll take however long it takes.” “Alright, alright,” Jack sighs, raising his hands in surrender. “Let’s just get started. The more time we take to film this, the less time we have to cuddle.”

You turn to face the camera and begin recording, almost flying through your intro. Even though Jack’s comment was unneeded, you have to agree; it’s almost one in the morning and you’d much rather be in bed with your boyfriend snuggled up next to you than filming at this time of night.

“I’ll ask first, and then we’ll switch,” you explain to Jack. “Ready?” At your boyfriend’s nod, you start, “How old I was when I got my first tattoo?” “Sixteen, right?” Jack guesses hesitantly, looking to you for some sort of positive or negative reaction. “Is that your final answer?” you ask, keeping your face emotionless. Jack can read you like a book, and although the results of this video don’t necessarily mean anything, you still want to give him a bit of a challenge. When he nods, you confirm, “Yep, I was sixteen. What did I want to be when I was in high school?” “A politician,” Jack answers right away, smirking confidently as he leans back in his chair. “Good!” you grin, crossing your legs. “I wasn’t sure if you’d remember that one.” “Have a little faith in me,” he teases, laughing at the face you make in response.

“Ready for the next question?” you ask, expecting him to struggle a bit with this one. “What’s my favorite makeup brand?” A few seconds pass before Jack groans, “God’s sake, love,” and rubs his eyes tiredly. “Like I know this.” “You come makeup shopping with me all the time,” you point out, giving your camera a sly smile. “Think about what display I spend most of my time in front of.” “The one with the peaches,” Jack starts, and you nod; he’s on the right track. But then he goes, “The breakfast collection,” and you can’t hold back your giggles. “Do you think that’s the brand name?” you ask, laughing harder when he gives you a look that says yes, that’s exactly what he thinks it is. “My favorite brand did release a Sweet Peach collection,” you tell him. “You got that part right. Think, babe. I took you with me to meet one of the co-founders last year.” At Jack’s clueless look, you press, “In L.A.? A launch party at his house?” “Oh!” your boyfriend gasps, sitting up straight. “Oh, I remember that! Too Faced! That’s my answer.” “Good job!” you praise him, patting his thigh with a laugh. “I’m impressed.”

From there the video moves quickly; you finish asking your questions in a matter of minutes and start answering Jack’s. His are considerably harder and more specific than yours and leave you confused; he asks you things like “When I was eight, I played what position in football?” (the answer, which you get wrong, is left midfielder - you didn’t even know that was a thing) and “How many times have I broken a finger?” (trick question - he hasn’t broken any fingers).

By the time he’s gotten to his last question, you don’t know what to expect and are preparing for the worst. So when he asks, “How much do I love you?” you beam as well, relieved to have a question whose answer you know like the back of your hand. “To the moon and back,” you reply, finishing the phrase he’s told you so many times that it’s engrained in your mind. “Correct,” Jack murmurs, and leans forward to plant a gentle kiss on your lips.

When you pull apart, you tell your camera, “Looks like Jack won,” - and he has, due to the fact that you didn’t ask him questions about your childhood he had no way of knowing the answers to like he did you- and give a dramatic pout.

“Eh, I don’t think so,” he pipes up, and you glance at him to find that he’s staring at you, a look on his face that you could only describe as pure love. “I should’ve told you - my last question determined who won. You got it right, so you’re the winner.” “You’re changing the rules of my video?” you clarify, frowning at Jack. He kisses the side of your head in response and tells your camera, “Well, guys, that’s it for today’s video!”

After running through your usual outro spiel, you turn off your camera and flop straight onto the bed behind it. “That was sweet of you to let me win,” you tell Jack. “What was that all about?” “I gave you hard questions,” your boyfriend shrugs, coming to sit on the bed beside you. “It seemed fair. Plus, you looked really cute in those God-awful pajama pants.” “Hey, now,” you warn, glancing down at your duck-patterned fuzzy purple bottoms. “These are my favorite!” “I know, love, but they’re ugly,” he chuckles, laying down next to you. “Anyways, you did a good job.” “You did, too,” you smile, nestling your head against his chest. “We know each other pretty well.”

Be My Darling

“You chucklefuck.”

Bill slid out from under the bed. His red hair was tousled and rising with friction. He squinted at Richie in the midday sunlight, which streamed through their open windows. “Excuse me?”

Richie leaned back into a sitting position, examining his nails with disinterest. “You heard me, you snot-nosed wiener demon.”

“Rich,” he rose to his feet, dusting his trousers off, “what exactly is this about?”

Richie sniffed. “You know exactly what.”

Bill stared, blankly. At last, Richie caved. “I was looking through your briefcase the other day—”

“You were what?!”

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anonymous asked:

TsukkiHina ---foot

Tsukishima woke up tied to his bed.

“Hinata, what the f—,” he glared at his orange haired boyfriend as he jumped on top of him and smiled innocently.

“This is to get you back for what you did yesterday!” Hinata says, and Tsukishima doesn’t get it until his hands brush across his neck.

He relaxes into the bed and smirks. “I’m not ticklish like you are, so good luck.”

Tsukishima watches as Hinata tries to tickle him everywhere, whining when he doesn’t get any reaction.

“This isn’t fair…” he pouts adorably and gets off with a huff.

“Hey, don’t just leave without untying me-” he gets cut off with a gasp when Hinata’s hand unknowingly touches the back of his foot. When he sees Hinata turn back to look at him, he quickly looks away and adjusts his expression but it’s too late.

“I knew it! You do have a weakness!” Hinata cries out and launches himself back on the bed next to Tsukishima’s feet.

“NO, don’t even think about it, HINATA.”

Hinata does it anyway, which leads to a week of Tsukishima getting revenge at every chance he gets. Also, he always wears his dinosaur patterned fuzzy socks when he’s around his boyfriend, just to be safe.

anonymous asked:

Most non-Illidari partners of Illidari make their lover(s) wear socks to bed. Illidari claws/hooves are sharp and cutting them only makes them MORE sharp (even with filing!) so socks work best. Fuzzy socks. With cute patterns and colors.

What a great idea! Headcanon confirmed. Also, some Illidari will even put several thick socks on their horns– just so they don’t accidentally poke their partner’s eye out in their sleep. 

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for June 12, 2017

The Moon is in earthy Capricorn until tonight keeping us be pragmatic and focused as we navigate our day. It is time to set our lives in order, separate what is important from extraneous noise and focus on what will help make us successful and grounded.   

The Moon squares Uranus and sextiles Chiron this afternoon, then semi-squares Neptune this evening, we are asked to turn our attention to matters of the heart, tune into our intuitive self and listen carefully to our needs and our relationships’ needs. If we sit quietly, meditate and turn inward there can be healing, good communication and promising, even creative outcomes.   

The Moon moves into airy Aquarius at 7:46 PM EST, loosening our heavy constraints and bringing more intelligent thought and altruistic empathy to our already ponderous day. We may be better able to detach ourselves from situations that need a little objectivity, this will lead to a better understanding of pressing matters.   

Affecting us tonight but exact at 3:18 AM tomorrow is a Mercury-Uranus semi-square, in the first of many Mercury led aspects this week, we are headed for new and unusual thought patterns, some fuzzy thinking and perhaps a little forgetfulness while our heads are in the clouds. Breathe, ground and move slowly.    

Tarot Cards of the Day- 5 of Cups, 5 of Pentacles and the 10 of Swords- today seems to be a mid or turning point where we get to choose our next moves. We need to break away from crying over spilled milk/wine and look to the promising future events. So what if we are outside the norm, take a little risk, end a bad relationship or work situation and move on.   

Chakras: third eye, throat and heart 

Crystals- lapis, blue lace agate and emerald 

Aromatherapy: rose geranium, chamomile and lavender 

Yoga-yin yoga with supported backbends   


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the DIY lover | 12.11.16

DIY embroidered doll kit: beaver in a plaid coat by kirikipress

kirikipress’ DIY embroidered dolls are adorable — each one is cuter than the last. i think this sweet buck-toothed beaver is my new fave, with his buffalo plaid jacket and fuzzy cuffs and collar!


Medieval skins for Pewds, Jack, Mark and Minx coming right up!

You can probably tell the inspiration to Pewds’ skin, Jack’s is a mix of archer, spy and hunter, Mark is kind of a berserker (the hand. I just wing it. I don’t really know.), and Minx’s an assassin. I pulled up like seven pages of references for these. I’m weak. 

I think I’ll do another post for this, with full-colored designs for every fighter, if I can make some time. This is really fun.

here’s that one post that starts all of this request and idea illustration stuff