fuzzy knight

knight-shys  asked:

Hello, Night! What's up with you? Is everything going well for you? Just here to remind you that you're brilliant, bighearted, and beyond beautiful. Thank you for creating the art you have and for just being you. I hope you have an awesome day and the BEST of luck with whatever you decide to do today!

awww shy, this message gave me such a big dumb flustered grin - you are serious so sweet! i’m doing well - just been pouring all my time into the fangame so i’ve been pretty quiet, heh. i’ve been feeling like i’m going to just burst because i keep wanting to share what i’m working on, but i’ve been determined as heck to not do so because spoilers - and also i’m admittedly terrified of making too much hype over something that may or may not pan out well X)

i hope you have a lovely day you utter sweetheart! i’m rooting from you from my snowy corner of this strange world we live in. :D