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On this weeks’ episode of, “Alana Copes with Once Upon a Time,” Emma Swan is really f*cking angry because her life isn’t a goddamn fairy tale and anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive garbage dumpster. Also, congratulations on the engagement you guys, seriously. btw, swears abound. @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home xo

+ Here’s the thing about Emma Swan’s mental state in the moments following a confession she should have heard two days ago: she’s angry. And sure, she’s angry at Killian, because, yes, of course, you tell the woman you plan to marry the finer points of the darkish past before the proposal, but he’s not the only fuck-up between the two of them. The first emotion she feels is anger, because, quite honestly, it’s easier than being sad. Turning around and walking away is easier than being sad. 

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My two favorite warm things when the weather gets cold.

(Hat knit by the fantastic @rose-de-noire !)

signs as christmas/winter aesthetics
  • aries: sugar cookies. you guys are sweet and well-liked.
  • taurus: soft gloves. you guys are calm, mellow, and appreciative.
  • gemini: cute scarves. you guys are fashionable and fun.
  • cancer: festive hats. you guys are adorable and spirited.
  • leo: hot chocolate. you guys are nostalgic and warm.
  • virgo: sledding. you guys are children at heart.
  • libra: ugly sweaters. you guys are festive and cute.
  • scorpio: oversized sweaters. people crave you guys and you're pretty.
  • sagittarius: led lights. you guys are classic and fancy.
  • capricorn: snowflakes. you guys are unique and beautiful.
  • aquarius: fuzzy socks. you guys are trendy and lovable.
  • pisces: warm blankets. you guys are cozy and heart-warming.

kandreil holiday exchange for @wesawbears!

day 3: free day

a collection of kandreil holiday headcanons

  • every year, kevin and neil have competitions to see who can make the best gingerbread house
    • it gets really intense, they have a set budget for ingredients and materials and whatever else they might need
    • they get send pictures to the foxes group chat to see who wins
    • on christmas day, andrew eats both of them
  • neil also likes to have hot chocolate during the winter
    • he doesn’t normally like sweets, but this was something he’d always done with his mom, and it’s something he likes to do with kevin and andrew too
    • andrew usually makes it because neil doesn’t make them sweet enough
    • neil always fills andrews with marshmallows, puts a few in for himself, and keeps them out of kevin’s
  • andrew doesn’t do much different, but he does pull out his fuzzy socks
    • the poor guy gets cold okay
    • let him have his fuzzy socks
  • kevin will hum every holiday song he knows. andrew scoffs. neil either makes fun of him or joins in. these songs include:
    • last christmas
    • hanukkah o hanukkah
    • all i want for christmas is you
    • and more honestly i just can’t think of any others
  • andrew won’t buy anything for neil and kevin
    • if they jokingly ask about presents he’ll shove either king or sir at their chest
    • the cats will cling to their sweaters and won’t move
  • speaking of sweaters, nicky buys them ugly christmas sweaters every year
    • they make neil happy and sentimental so he wears them
    • kevin won’t touch his with a ten foot pole they offend him that much
    • andrew ignores them, but piles on three at once when their heater breaks one winter
      • he stays very warm
  • they always have dinner with the original foxes on december 25th
    • neil makes sure they go every year
    • because the holidays are the time for family
    • and the foxes are the only family neil needs
Drama Ending!

Hey guys! SO the project leader (Shift) approached me with a really really sincere apology, and we talked it over and agreed that things had been said between us that probably weren’t the most mature. We agreed to put it behind us, and I really do respect the way he came to me, he seemed to genuinely regret this whole thing and explained that he honestly did just want to make a movie and restore that group dynamic. 

With that being said, please please don’t send him any hate! All is dropped, and I wish him the best of luck with his movie ^^ 


Length: this chapter is 1060 words 

A SnowBaz fic.

An AU where Baz and Simon never got together, and Simon kept his magic, and they meet after a few years and Baz is doing ballet. Simon thinks it’s hilarious, and stays just to torment Baz.

Status: WIP

Written for a prompt from @basiltxnpitch

Pretty sure I don’t need and t/w’s for this. Angst, dancing, swearing (of course there is swearing. If you are adverse to swearing you wouldn’t have read Carry On).

A/N:  Wow, this has gotten such a great response! I love you guys so much, thanks for all your support!! this is getting intense now. did you guys know that 16 (AKA this chapter) is just 61 reversed? hm, funny…

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This was fucking ridiculous. I was standing in the hospital with Simon Snow’s arms wrapped around my waist and his head digging into my shoulder while he cried. I froze up the moment he ran at me, with a vague fear that he was going to attack me, and I remained frozen on impact, unsure of what was actually going on.

Maybe I’m dreaming. I thought. But this felt far too real for a dream. His skin was warm and electric, his tears were hot and wet, and his sobs sounded like he was breaking apart. His hands were gripping me tight, pulling me close for comfort.

I soon realised I should reciprocate, and I gently hugged him close. I can’t remember what I said, but it was something of the lines of ‘it will be okay’. Then he shouted at me that it wouldn’t be okay, that this was Penny, in a coma, his best friend, the last person he had in the world.

That hurt me a little, since I was here, hugging him, letting him cry on my shoulder (literally), but I didn’t get too upset about it – he was hurting at the moment, his life was falling apart. I would be exactly the same in his situation.

Besides. The disturbed part of me was kind of enjoying this. I felt awful about it, but it felt so good to have him coming to me for comfort and crying on my shoulder and just – no. Baz, this is so wrong, I thought, his best friend is in a coma and I’m enjoying this and no Crowley this is disgusting.

Slightly reluctantly, I gently pulled Simon away and held him by the shoulders at arm’s length.

“You’ve got me.” I said in a choked whisper. It was meant to be louder, more confident, but I couldn’t manage it. Not today. I knew my face was betraying my emotion but I wouldn’t hold it back. Not today. With all Simon was going through, it wouldn’t help to be an emotionless prick. Antagonising him today was not a good idea.

“What?” he asked, totally dumbfounded. Fucking idiot, Crowley help me.

“You’ve got me, Snow.” I replied. Fuck, I was going to out myself soon and it would all be over. “And I’m going to help you save Bunce.”


I think I blanched. The words almost came straight out of my mouth. Because I love you and I can’t stand to see you in pain.

I frowned at him, and played the morals card instead. “What do you mean why? Because she needs help.”

“No, but why did you come here? Why didn’t you just go home?”

I don’t know. “You needed help. I mean look at you; you’re a wreck.” But that’s okay, because so am I.

He pouted, and I smiled a bit.

“Snow, you need help. And I owe you. You wanted to help me with Mordi yesterday so I’m going to help you with Bunce today.” Of course, why didn’t I think of the Mordi card earlier?

I could see him working through it in his mind. I watched a range of emotions flow across his face. The jolt of surprise, the frown of confusion. I got a little sad when it turned into the cold suspicion I had familiarised myself with in our eight years at school, but my mood picked up when unexpectedly, the suspicion turned into understanding and relief. Simon nodded, and smiled a little.

“Okay.” He said quietly. “Thankyou, Baz.”

I nodded. Instead of replying, I pulled him by the shoulder over to Penny’s bed. I sat him in one chair and I sat in the other, facing him, parallel to the bed.

He frowned at me. “What now?”

I laughed. “I’ll heal her. I’ll cast a healing spell or two.”

He shook his head. “That won’t work, it won’t be strong enough.”

I just looked at him as I slipped my wand out of my sleeve. It took a moment for him to get the point.

“Oh, right.” He said in realisation. As he said this, he reached out and took my left hand in his. I jumped as our skin touched, the contact still sent electric shivers down my spine. He looked at me strangely and I wondered if he felt them too, but I shook that thought out of my mind. There was a pretty big difference between us: I was in love with him, and he was not in love with me. That’s why I felt the sparks. Why he couldn’t feel them.

I felt his magic begin to flow into me, and adrenaline began to course through my body. This was the third time he’d shared his magic with me, and it was no less exciting or enjoyable.

I suddenly remembered, amidst feelings of enjoyment and exhilaration, that there was a reason for this.

I pointed my wand at Bunce and cast “Wake me up inside,” which would normally only wake someone up from deep sleep or light unconsciousness. It is a gentle spell, it wakes people up peacefully without causing fear.

I felt the power of this spell as it escaped my lips, and it was not just any old rousing spell. This could easily wake up someone in a deep state of unconsciousness. But what about a coma?

Simon remained holding my hand while we watched Bunce closely, although he stopped the magic. That was only a minor disappointment; he was still holding my hand.

I was holding my breath, and I could see Simon holding his. His hand was squeezing mine tight, it was almost painful. I glanced at him, and there were tears in his eyes.

After a while, he closed them, bowing his head. “She’s not going to wake up, is she?” he sounded utterly broken.

He let go of my hand and dropped it, but I caught it because I’m weak and can’t stand not touching him. I slipped my wand back into my sleeve and took his other hand as well.

“Simon,” I breathed as he looked up at me slowly, “she’s going to be fine. Have hope.”

“Baz,” he mumbled –

Simon,” I insisted, just before –

Just before my life exploded into an inferno of fire and heat and twelve years of pent-up feelings.

Just before he kissed me.

10 songs 10 mutuals

I was tagged by @arituzz (thanks Ari!) to shuffle my library (I’m gonna do my favorite spotify playlist) and post the first 10 and then tag 10 of my mutuals!

In Bright Fire - Stars of Track and Field

California - blink-182

Dear Theodosia - Hamilton Soundtrack

A Love Like War - All Time Low ft. Vic Fuentes 

Guillotine - Jon Bellion

(Coffee’s For Closers) - Fall Out Boy


Dirty Laundry - All Time Low

The Adventure - Angels and Airwaves

Breakdown - feat. Jack Johnson - Handsome Boy Modeling School

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