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Ten/Rose: Call of the Void | Ch 4

Ship: Ten/Rose
Rating: teen & up (secondary character death)
Genre: Reunion fic, dimension-hopping rose, hurt/comfort, romance
Summary: The Doctor and Rose reunite, but of course it can’t be that simple. An ancient TARDIS entraps them at the edge of the newly formed universe, and is determined that only one of them can escape alive. A sacrifice must be made, and this time it’s the Doctor that has to give up everything to be with the woman he loves.
Beta: @lostinfic​, who is as dear of a friend as she is valuable as a beta.

Note: This fic was originally outlined years ago to be a 15 chapter-long story, but I reworked it to a shorter version that fits the Doomsday Month prompt at @doctorroseprompts  for reunion where they both end up in Pete’s World. Part coincidence, part fate! 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 (complete)

The Doctor and Rose stepped out to the ancient TARDIS in unison. In the brief interim between mid air and a successful in-sync landing, the Doctor was reminded of how stark and small his trainers looked against the immensity of space. Iridescent coral became a dark pit in his mind’s eye. The pull to descend had been powerful, but not nearly as mesmerising with Rose at his side. Her safety and her very existence usurped that urge. He’d spoken her name to the infant universe, so was this the response? Rose at his side, but besieged from all sides by chaos.

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[excerpt from a longer work of fiction]
↳ Dishonored

Round 09 // HatingCoriander vs Mad-Adam
Mock magazine spread

Undertale Aesthetics: Snowdin

A long time ago, monsters lived in the ruins back there in the forest. Long story short, we all decided to leave the ruins and head for the end of the caverns. Along the way, some fuzzy folk decided they liked the cold and set up camp in Snowdin.

Wing-woman ( Jason Todd x Reader )

A/N : I have been watching way too much ‘How I Met Your Mother’ recently and this story is a little inspired by it. I also stayed up way too late writing this so it’s a beautifully horrible mixture of bad jokes and my tired brain, I really don’t know what it is, but it’s something. EnJoYyy.

Word Count : 1204


It was a Friday night and as usual it was Jason’s one night off and the pair of you had gone out. Not in a date way, in fact quite the contrary. You were Jason’s wing-man or wing-woman, not to be confused with nightwing or batwing…man, you could really go from wings right now. Anywho it had become a tradition almost. For years you had helped Jason pick up women. It was not always a one night stand thing, in fact most of the few long term relationships he had were thanks to you.

“I ordered us some chicken!” you announced making your way over to Jason at the booth with two beers in hand, “So master of romance what is the game plan for this evening ?”.

Jason seemed a little dazed, you knew he had a rougher then usual week and he just cracked open a massive case but you were determined to ease him out of his miserable state and get him a little action.

“Hmm…oh yeah. Right…how about we just go for the usual ?” he droned.

“Jay ! get your head in the game, we can’t have you looking all forlorn !” you jabbed his shoulder, in a failed attempt to wake him up for his trance of boringness.

“Chics love the forlorn look, tell them my dog died or something” he smirked, rolling his eyes at you and your scheming.

“That’s the spirit !” you cheered, bolting out of your seat choosing your target. You spotted a girl at the back wearing the most fantastic gold heels you had ever seen. “Locked a loaded” you said, subtly moving your eyes to the girl so Jason got the hint. He just replied with a snarky thumbs up ,obviously unenthused by the idea.

You wandered up to the girl preparing exactly what you were going to say. You ‘accidently’ bumped into her on your way to ‘the bar’.

“Oh my god!-Oh sorry” she frantically apologized.

“Oh no problem at all, I was just on my way to get some drinks for me and my friend- and oh my god I love your shoes” you said with the cheesiest, fakest grin on your face.

“Oh thanks, I got them on sale, don’t tell anyone” she giggled.

“So are you here with anyone tonight ?” you asked with particular glee.

“I met up with a couple of friends earlier but they all left, there’s not much point of me leaving I am catching a bus home and it only comes every hour” she smiled.

“No way !, you should totally come sit with my friend Jason and I over there” you pointed out Jason. He waved at the two of you.

She peered at him, before turning back to you with a pouty face “he looks so sad-is he alright ?” the girl with the golden shoes asked, she probably would not be half as concerned for his well being if Jason was not so damn attractive.

You breathed in “Oh, he is fine. It’s just” you paused for a second to ‘recollect your thoughts’ “his dog just died” you looked to the ground and pushed a strand of hair behind your ear “you should go over and talked to him, he could really use all the support he can get at the moment” you said before skillfully adding in “your just his type too”.

She almost dived over to where you and Jason had decided to sit as you giggled and walked to get drinks for the group.

“300 points for slytherin-to your pants” you announced under your breath continuing to laugh at yourself.


Jason looked over at you as you gave him a thumbs up whilsts you mouthed something clearly unintelligent and unknown to him. In perfect time the girl who you had picked had shown up at the table and before you could get a word in she started talking.

“The girl over there talked to me and said that you just lost your dog and I know what the two of you are getting at, I am sure we could find a hotel not so far away from here and maybe figure somethi-” She said uncomfortably flirtily. His eyes winded at the pure bluntness before he interrupted

“Hey, I am sure your a nice and…uh…proficient girl but not matter what (Y/N) says I am not really looking for that right now” he confessed somewhat apologetically, if you even can be in that situation.

“Oh-uh-okay then-sorry-I shoul-” she picked up her bag and walked out the door of the bar. Whilst you came back to the seating arrangement with a very concerned look on your face.

“Uh-Jay?, what just happened” you raised an eyebrow

“It must have been something I said” he brushed his fingers through his perfectly knotted brunette hair, “It’s fine anyway, maybe it’s time for us to grow up”.

“Grow up Jason ?? we are in our twenties this is what life’s all about” you pounded your fist on the table theatrically to mark the end of your sentence. Jason just laughed at your painful dramaticness.

There was chemistry between the two of you and there always had been. It was something you just did not address. Of course other people would but you tended to ignore it. Though in more recent times Jason had maybe for the worse become slightly more aware of said chemistry than yourself and developed feelings. It was a now or never situation for the boy.

“Not for everyone (Y/N)…I found a that girl I really like”, this was when your whole mood changed from frustrated to all giddy and excited.

“OH MY GOD ! JASON ! why have you not told me this before, this is so exciting. Whats her name ? where does she work, does she have facebook ?” you continued question on top of question until Jason answered all with one simple statement.

“I don’t know why don’t you tell me ?”  for a second and a half he had the smuggest look on his face bathing in the smoothness of his phrase, that smug looked quickly turned into a look of fear as he waited for a response.

It took you a couple seconds to process what he had just said before responding perfectly with “I heard she has a great facebook page”. The two of you shared a warm fuzzy feeling that folks like yourselves don’t get very often you moved over to give him a hug.

“So- how’s next Friday and none of your scheming. It’s just us now” he said

You had to think about it for a little. It was weird, one of those things that only works in spontaneity. It was a lovely feeling but you could not deny you had unreviewed feelings for your friend and now it was out of the bag you most definitely would not mind looking into it.

“Sounds great !” your voice was muffled in his chest and you shot up a thumb of approval before smiling at him “I knew you had a crush on me” you teased at him, you mostly defiantly did not know he had a crush on you.

He just laughed and pulled you closer. 

The Complete Timeline of Undertale

The following is a rough timeline of the history of Undertale, without specific dates, all based on text in the game and context clues, if you want the references for any of these points please ask.
Because this is so long (its an entire history) I will put it behind this:

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So, I was just looking through my favorites and, well, I bring you Brian Kinney Meowing. For Reasons. You’re welcome.


Warm And Fuzzy

But Like Literally

You know when you get that warm and fuzzy feeling - that feeling of comfort and happiness - well this coat is quite literally giving me all those feels. I’ve dubbed it my “teddy bear” jacket for obvious fluffy reasons and I’m super obsessed with it. This was another Black Friday purchase and if you read my post on Monday you’ll see that I’ve been going HAM on the outerwear purchases this season. Woops! But like, I’m considering it a necessity with the brutal NYC winters here..so that’s my logic. For a jacket that’s not super bulky, it does provide a lot of warmth and I really love the look of the borg fur on the outside. I chose to do a black/white look…again…so I paired it with my pleated, cropped black trousers and my marble-notebook print (that’s what I’m calling it) dress shirt. And that’s how you pull off the fuzzy jacket folks!


Topman Coat  //  PLAC (Similar) Shirt  //  AllSaints Trousers  //  Frank Wright (Similar) Boots


anonymous asked:

I'm the parent of a 4 year old child who sometimes tells people they are a boy (they were dfab). I'm supportive of my child, and love them unconditionally. I'm also, honestly, absolutely terrified. Terrified of what the world might do to my fuzzy/trans child. Terrified I might make the wrong parenting decisions and make things harder for them (and/or their brother). I think you feel your fuzzy trans-ness is a positive part of your identity, and I'd love to hear more about that if you have time.

Yes. So much yes.

Your four year old is awesome. Let’s start with that. Asserting your gender identity when it doesn’t match the sex you were assigned takes work at any age and at a young age that confidence and self-awareness is remarkable and truly fabulous. Keep cultivating that.

But you are absolutely right to be terrified.

Being gender non-conforming in this world is not easy, in fact it’s often downright dangerous. And even in communities and spaces where trans and gender fuzzy folks are well accepted it takes work to be yourself and to live authentically. As much as I am proud of my identity and who I am, I wouldn’t wish being trans on either of my kids.

More than anything else, as a parent to a gender non-conforming child, what you can do is continue to nurture them as a whole person, and do what you can to clear a path when the (inevitable) gender challenges do come up. When it comes to trans kids, the (limited) studies available make it clear that children who receive appropriate care and family support thrive with little to no negative impact. Focus on that. Make sure that your child has your full and unconditional love and support (I know you have that covered), get your family/close friends/parents of their close friends on board and supportive as well, give them access to therapists/doctors/specialists/etc. as needed and desired, and work as their advocate and voice in spaces until they are able to stand on their own. There will always be unknowns, things that you screw up, and ways in which your child will have to fight just to be who they are, but if you treat this as a valued part of their identity you are giving them the best foundation for happiness.

It took me a long time to reach a place where I was really proud and positive about being trans/gender fuzzy. For a long time this was a piece of my identity that I carried around secretively and shamefully. My parents never told me it was wrong (they never knew), and in fact this past year I had a really great conversation where they explicitly asked why I didn’t come out to them earlier (I just wasn’t ready) - but I just grew up knowing this wasn’t something that was normal, or comfortable, or accepted. Trans visibility, trans rights, trans acceptance, and trans advocacy has grown by leaps and bounds every year. While there is still plenty of progress to be made, we’re in a place I never could have imagined when I first found myself experiencing confusion over my gender 20 years ago. Had I grown up with the word transgender in my vocabulary, had I been able to read a book like I Am Jazz, had someone like Laverne Cox appeared on television - I might have ended up in a very different place.

Your child is growing up in a remarkable time and they have remarkable parents. Undoubtedly they are going to run into some challenges along the way. It’s easier to be confident and to make decisions about appearances and gender expression at 4…those become more complex, more permanent, and more challenging at 14 or 24. But by supporting your child now, and clearing their path (as much as you can) you are setting them up to make their own decisions - ones that will help them to live happily and confidently no matter how exactly their gender identity shapes itself.

Keep worrying, it’s your job as a parent. This is something to be concerned about, to think about, to keep seeking out resources for, and to find ways to support unconditionally. And know that over time your child’s identity may shift and change (or not!), but by embracing it now, you are reinforcing your confidence in who they are, supporting their autonomy, and showing that you value them as a person no matter what.

Being trans is hard, being gender non-conforming is hard, but when you can embrace it as a person - as it took me years to do…and as I still work to do - you gain some really amazing (if intangible) insights and a sense of confidence that is hard to shake.

Don’t be afraid to screw up from time to time, but keep doing your best to be a great parent and advocate, and your child’s natural confidence and sense of self will continue to bloom.

Best wishes.