fuzzy dreams

Dr Seuss Wannabe Dreams

Sometimes I dream of ethereal things
upon this world’s richly golden tapestry
that love can breathe, life is tough but fair
from sorrow the children might be free
yet sometimes when my dreams fall through
I forget to remember what truly matters 
and I’ll bet this may also happen to you 
I forget
the innocence of each bright new dawn
the wonder in a child’s eyes
yes I ofttimes forget much to my regret
the opportunity awaiting every sunrise
this morning may we dream in gratitude
of just how blessed we happen to be  
and I’ll share my dream of love with you
would you be so kind as to share yours with me


Can you imagine a young Sherlock Holmes running around with an eye patch and a toy sword and he keeps jumping on the sofa (his pirate ship) and trying to tackle Mycroft (his hostage from an enemy ship) and while his parents think it’s cute that he’s having fun his energy levels are getting problematic so they buy him books on pirates where he learns about telescopes and so his parents buy him one (if he promises to behave) and he eventually starts to use it to be observant and look closely at things. He builds up a catalogue in his head of little things he notices and his pirate books become more history and science and then computing and as he reaches late teens he starts reading criminal psychology and solving cases and even though he’s an adult he still has his first little telescope in a neat wooden box somewhere In his old room in his parents house.


Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x reader

Rating: Teen

Summary: It’s always easier to sleep with her by your side.

(Until she kicks you accidentally because she only catnaps and she’s awake and fidgety.)

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The dip of the bed rouses you.  There’s a moment, sweetly fleeting, where you lie between sleep and wakefulness, still cocooned by the dark of your eyelids.  You crack a bleary eye open and roll towards the divot created by Holtzmann’s knee.  The bed vibrates, just a bit, as she bounces softly in place.  “Come here often?” you whisper to her, voice soft and sluggish with sleep.  You peer up at her and feel your lips curl up in a soft smile.

She’s backlit by the hallway light.  Her hair has struggled out of several of the pins (likely courtesy of her nap against the refrigerator that she’d startled out of when you came home earlier) and the strands creep down her neck and shoulders like ivy growing wild against an old cathedral wall.  Her face is in shadow, but you can still make out the grin growing on her lips.  She looks like a dream, fuzzy around the edges and just out of your reach.  “You always have me coming,” she cracks. 

“Jesus, J,” you sigh, but when she bends to kiss you, one hand braced against the mattress, you lean up to meet her.  The spectrometer dangling around her neck smacks into your chest with a small thud.  She breathes a laugh into your mouth before pulling away, fingers tapping against the nape of your neck.  Even with the warmth of sleep still curling into your muscles, it sends soft sparks flickering down your spine. 

You recline on the bed again and close your eyes, knowing that she’ll join you if the mood’s struck her.  Her sporadic sleeping schedule doesn’t mesh with your “give-me-eight-hours-or-give-me-death” take on sleep; sometimes she’ll lie in bed with you and doze, but mostly she lies next to you and fidgets.  Or she finds something small to take apart (and not put back together again).  You’ve woken up with a gear imprint on your cheek several times. 

Holtz slithers into bed, the mattress bouncing with her movement.  You curl onto your side so you can slide an arm over her waist.  She’s still wearing her coveralls.  The material’s rough against your hands, but you snuggle closer.  One of her hands weaves into your hair.  She tugs lightly.  You bury your face in her neck with a sigh.  She smells faintly of chemicals, of the heavy tang of metal, and even more faintly—you furrow your brow.

“J,” you say into her neck, wrinkling your nose as some of her hair ends up in your mouth.  “Have you been using my shampoo?”

“Turns out it’s a good conductor for electricity,” she says cheerfully, shifting so you’re more fully pressed against her side.  “Not exactly sure why.  Useful, though.”

You sigh.  The gust of air makes Jillian’s hair flutter; you end up inhaling even more than your original mouthful.  You sputter for a second before pulling your head back.  “Your hair tastes like wonton soup,” you say with a frown.

Holtz lifts a shoulder in a half-hearted shrug.  “Abby,” she says, like that’s an explanation that makes sense.  “She’s got a soup situation.  Wants us to discuss it tomorrow.”

“Well, I’m not choking to death on your soup hair,” you grumble.  “Up.” 

She snaps the band of the built-in bra of your sleep tank in silent complaint, but rolls over so her back is to you and props her head up with one hand.  You press closer and arrange yourself so that you can hold yourself up and still reach her hair; there are still a few bobby pins left to pull out from the wild mass.  You toss them onto the floor, even though you know you’ll be the one who ends up stepping on them.

Her hair spills around your fingers.  Despite the apparent wonton soup mishap, it’s soft.  You would have thought that broth might have added some crunch.  You spend a few minutes carding your fingers through her hair.  Holtzmann practically melts.  Her fingers are still twitching here and there, a sure sign of her pent-up energy, but she hums quietly to herself and makes no move to hurry you along.  You move lethargically, sleep still threatening to pull you back under.  It takes you a few tries to corral some of the more stubborn curls into the loose beginnings of a French braid.  After that, your fingers move with a mind of their own, tucking fluffy strands into the braid.  Holtz lies quietly (though not still—she kicks you in the shin accidentally before settling a bit) as your fingers flash in and out of her hair like needlepoint. 

It feels more intimate than usual—Holtz likes to fiddle with her hair and is better at braiding than you are, but, in one of her more cat-like maneuvers, insists that you do it, acting like she’s doing you a favor—and you can’t decide if it’s your own sleepiness or the quiet quality that the early morning hours always have, like they’re flirting with the edge of a liminal space.  The apartment isn’t quiet (Holtz has a few items that generate an electric hum deep into the night) but the bedroom seems to have settled into a lull, just your breath and hers filling the air.  It’s oddly satisfying. 

You weave more of her hair into the braid; Holtz twitches as your fingertips brush against the delicate curve of her ear.  She’s shifted to lay her head down on her arm.  Hopefully she won’t try and run another experiment of soldering while shaking off the pins-and-needles feeling.  It takes you a moment more to tame her hair into the braid.  You sigh to yourself as you realize that neither of you has a hair tie and just drape the end of the braid over one of her shoulders.  The hair is already starting to come loose at the very end, but you’re reasonably certain it will hold for a while. 

It takes you a few seconds to realize that Holtz’s breathing has evened out.  When you prop yourself up, her face is soft with sleep.  It’s always a bit strange to see her face without the usual animation of her expressions.  You lie back down with a small smile and drape an arm around her waist.  She’ll likely wake in the next thirty minutes (you’re not sure if she’s capable of anything aside from catnaps—if she is, you’re always asleep when she falls that deeply) and continue with the project currently laid out on the kitchen table.

But for now, she’s here with you, and so you curl up against her, close your eyes, and let yourself drift back to sleep

Dream a little dream

This is something cute I threw together real quick to say thank you all for following. I just broke 400 and I am just speechless that so many wonderful people follow me. So thank you and I hope you enjoy. As always let me know what you think I really appreciate it. 

Fandom: Criminal minds 

Spencer x Reader

Description: Soulmate AU where you and Spencer have fuzzy dreams about your soulmates until you actually meet each other on your first day at the B.A.U then everything becomes crystal clear.

Song: Dream a little dream of me by Mama Cass

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Spencer started having the dreams a few months ago. This came as a surprise to him because he always thought he was destined to be alone. At first the dreams came to him in blurs, splashes of color really but as weeks passed they have become more and more intense and vivid so much so that he can taste her lips and feel her body. The way she moved and laughed. The only thing that could have made them anymore real was if he saw her face which doesn’t happen until you actually meet.

You on the other hand had always wanted a soulmate. You kept hoping that you would get one but eventually you lost hope. Then one night you finally had the dream. The dreams progressed just like they did for everyone. You felt his hands on your cheek, his lips on yours, the rhythmic way he talked. It was impossible not to fall in love.

You looked everywhere while the dreams continued to get stronger and stronger.  But days passed and you never found him so you decided push the connection away for a little while and focus on your new job at the B.A.U.

“So who’s the new girl again?” Spencer asked while the team was gathered in the conference room waiting for you to arrive.

“Yes I think we need to learn a little bit about our new teammate” JJ said pulling your file closer and looking over the page.

Hotch pulled out his own file and started talking “Her name is y/n. She comes highly recommended from the director. She also placed top in her class and …” He was interrupted by a knock on the door. “That must be her. Be nice everyone I know she might not be Prentiss but we should at least give her a chance” Hotch said walking towards the door and pulling the door open.

You took a deep breathe before the door opened and then you were greeted by a man with dark hair, brown eyes and a somewhat warm smile. “You must be y/n right. There was no picture with your file?” He asked opening the door wider for you to walk in.

“Yes sir that’s me and you must be Hotch. I have heard so many wonderful things about your team. It’s an honor to finally meet you.” You said walking through the door and holding your hand out for him to shake.

His smile grew and his eyes lit up as he took your hand giving it a good shake “Thank you y/n it’s nice to hear that there is some good things being said about us. This is of course the rest of the team” He said letting go of your hand and indicating to the people sitting around a table.

“This is SSA David Rossi” Hotch continued speaking pointing out a man with dark brown graying hair and kind brown eyes.

Rossi stood up and shook your hand giving you a playful wink. “It’s nice to finally meet you y/n we’ve heard great things about you too.” You smiled back at him already starting to feel welcome.

After Rossi you moved down the line towards a beautiful woman with soft blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. “This is SSA Jennifer Jareau. “ Hello y/n you can call me J.J for short. It will be nice to have another girl out in the field” she said opting out of the handshake you were giving for a hug. You were shocked for a moment but then you hugged her back appreciating them making you feel so welcome.

You pulled back from J.J and grinned. “It’s nice to meet you J.J. Thank you for that.” She nodded her head and sat back down in her seat.

Hotch continued on and stopped in front of a muscular man with chocolate brown skin, no hair and dark brown eyes that came off a little cold. “This is SSA Derek Morgan”.

Morgan stood up and politely shook your hand and gave you a simple nod before sitting back down in his chair carefully avoiding eye contact with you. His aloofness stung a little, especially after how the others had greeted you before, but you brushed it off and followed Hotch towards a girl with curly blond hair, big brown eyes hidden behind red glasses, and a bright yellow outfit that reminded you of sunshine.

“This is our technical analyst Penelope Garcia” She hugged you like J.J did. “Hi y/n it’s so wonderful to meet you I’ve read everything I could find about you on the internet and I must say impressive.

”You laughed and hugged her back.” Thank you. I’ve worked hard to make it so” You said pulling away instantly feeling better after getting the cold shoulder from Morgan.

While all this was going on Spencer’s eyes remained glued to you. When you had first entered the room his eye’s roamed over you until they landed on your face and everything seemed to stop. All his dreams flashed through his head but this time the pictures were complete and they were all of you.

His heart began to beat faster in his chest as you moved down the line of people to meet all the while keeping his eyes trained on you. Taking in every single piece of information from the way you walked and held yourself to the sound of your voice and the way you laughed exactly like the dreams.

He couldn’t believe that you were standing right there. All his life he thought he would never find anybody and yet here you were right in front of him. As Hotch moved closer and closer his heart rate sped up until he was convinced that everyone in the room could hear it. But then your eyes met his.

It was your turn now all your dreams about him becoming crystal clear. His puppy dog brown eyes, his messy hair. Everything came to you while you stared at him with awe, amazement, and excitement. After years of waiting and searching you finally found him, it was amazing and wonderful and all too much causing you to fall to your knees and burst out into tears.

Spencer sprang into action and made his way towards you after pretty much the whole team jumped up to make sure you were okay. Everyone made room for him sensing something was happening between the two of you.

When he finally reached you he knelt down on his knees and pulled you into his arms. You immediately wrapped your arms around him feeling like that is exactly where you were meant to be. You had never felt anything like it before, anything so right and overwhelming.

After a moment he pulled away from you and gazed into your eyes once again while he held your face between his palms and wiped the tears away. When his thumb grazed your cheek you shivered at the electricity coursing through your body.

When he saw your reaction he leaned down and slanted his lips over yours. That same electricity came again but this time stronger causing you to throw your arms around his neck and kiss him back harder. He pulled you closer as if to meld you together and kissed you back with the same intensity almost like he was drowning and you were the oxygen he needed to breathe.

You were so in engulfed in each other that you forgot about the rest of the team that was standing there awkwardly trying to figure out what was going on. At least you were until someone cleared their throat loudly causing the two of you to pull away for each other dazed. Spencer quickly recovered and stood up helping you to your feet as well.

“So do either of you want to tell us what just happened or do you want us to guess?” Rossi asked noting the way you and Spencer still stood close together holding hands.

You rubbed the back of your neck embarrassed. You just barely met these people and they already saw you getting hot and steamy with their friend. As you opened your mouth to respond you were cut off by Spencer who answered.

“Guy’s she’s it. She’s my soulmate” You couldn’t help but smile at that elated that he felt the same way as you. You had finally found your soulmate.

The room erupted in congratulations. Everyone knew how special it was for someone to find their soulmate, not everyone did. You got hugs from everyone Rossi, J.J, Penelope, even Hotch. Then it came time for Derek’s turn and you didn’t know what to expect. You were speechless when he pulled you in and gave you a big bear hug.

“I know I wasn’t very nice to you earlier and I want you to know that it’s not because I didn’t like you. I was just mad that Emily left and I guess I just threw that all at you, it wasn’t fair and for that I’m sorry. But now you have an even more important job than any of us ever did.” He said stepping away from you while the others were across the office giving Spencer a hug and high fives.

You raised your eyebrow in question. He laughed at your expression “You half to make you sure you don’t break the kid’s heart” He said and then began to walk away. You gulped a little scared until he yelled back at you “Oh and one more thing welcome to the family y/n.”

You shook your head and laughed looking at all of them smiling and happy. You felt your heart burst with happiness. Even though you all just met they all felt like family and you couldn’t help but be glad to be a part of it.

Black & White (Reprise) (Backing Vocals)
  • Black & White (Reprise) (Backing Vocals)
  • Skyhill
  • Run With the Hunted

I tried the same technique with all the Skyhill songs, and it only was at least sort of successful with two of them. For “Black & White (Reprise)” it only worked at the end, but you can really hear the harmonies Danny used here! It’s really beautiful~


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Going Home

Sometimes I like to think about Emma and Henry after 3x11, living their happy ending, that was given to them by a woman who they can’t remember. By a broken - some say evil - woman, who loved them so much that she gave them her own happy ending.

I like to think about Emma, who has the memories of raising Henry - Regina’s memories. His first smile. His attempt saying “mommy”. His first school day. Regina and Emma both have the memories of raising their son.

I like to think that sometimes Emma feels something’s missing. Like there has been someone else too. Their guardian angel, she likes to think. Someone who has helped her. Held out a hand for her.

And I like to think that sometimes Emma has a fuzzy dream of a woman, holding her hand, smiling warmly through her tears. Deep brown eyes, full of love and sadness. Slowly she vanishes into purple smoke, watching them; Emma and Henry. Her happy ending.

And Emma wakes up, having this strange, oddly familiar feeling she can’t quite catch. Why does this woman feel so painfully familiar?

But then she forgets. It’s time to get up and make breakfast to Henry. Emma smiles. She is something she never would have thought she would be - happy.