fuzzy characters


Your character holding a star but suddenly realizing it is a bALL OF FIRE

Your character desperately trying not to burn pasta

Your character throwing a tv out the window

Your character dancing to their favorite song (the bad kind that you only do in your house alone)

Your character discovering a certain meme for the first time

Your character seeing someone they like through a window in a store

Your character breaking their only pencil

Your character trying funny smelling lotion/spray

Your character getting their butt smacked my another one of your characters

Your character finally receiving the package they ordered last year

Your character drawing themselves but very confused on how to make portraits

Your character struggling with tv box cables

Your character trying to figure out their password to that really old abscure account that NEEDS to be deleted

Your character flying over buildings at night or sunset

Your character relaxing on a tube in the middle of a pool

Your character pool noodle fighting with another character

Your character falling asleep while reading a good book

Your character discovering the joys of fuzzy pajamas

Your character panicking because another character found their secret blog

Your character finding an old RPG maker game they made when they were a teen

Your character finding out someone they dated was a distant cousin

Your character getting an amazing surprise birthday party

Your character trying to hang up a framed picture in an odd place

Your character sitting in a pile of garbage on their bed from who knows when

Your character drinking something they found but tastes good

Your character getting hit on by some drunk idiot

Your character finally talking to someone cute

Your character playing an instrument

Your character being super bored at a meeting

Your character trying to leave a family gathering because of the creepy/butt relative

Your character taking pictures of random things

Your character being snuggled by cute birds

Your character being snuggled

Your character drinking clamato

Your character eating a brain sandwich from indiana

Your character shot in the foot

Your character sleeping comfortably on a friend’s couch

(submitted by @ladondyll thanks a lot pal, those are a lot of prompts :0 )


I’m posting my Steph gift separately because I’m a lil shit because there was TOO MUCH TO PUT IN THE OTHER POST

I’ve always wanted to do a lyric thing! And I thought Dream On might be a really fun one to do for all of Steph’s characters. Or most of them. The main ones. I tried. 

Hey guess what nerd I love you lots and lots and consider this a really tight internet hug and a heck of a lot of smooches just for youuuu~

nerdyholler  asked:

For the writing prompts, pairing of choice or keep it gen, #47: “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

Thank you for the prompt! I ended up going with Shaynor because they’re adorkable and I’ve been meaning to branch out and how could I not. 


“Commander?” Samantha asked, fingers poised over her console. Surely she must have misheard what Shepard had said. Head tilted to the side, brow furrowed, she waited for the other woman to clarify. 

“I said I waxed the floor, so grab your fluffy socks.” She waved a hand downwards, and Sam followed its movements, which brought her to the realisation that the Commander wasn’t wearing shoes. She worked hard to stifle the laughter that bubbled up inside her at the implications. This certainly wasn’t regulation, but if she’d learnt anything during her time aboard the Normandy, it was that Commander Shepard had a relaxed attitude towards rules. They had a war to fight, Shepard had said. They had to steal their moments of happiness where they could. 

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