fuzzy bra


( Gymnopédie No. 1 composed by Erik Satie )

The soft scratching noises from the record player came around every few seconds making your vinyl sound older than it really was. Your arms were wrapped around Harry’s neck as you swayed to Gymnopédie No. 1 in his bedroom sometime past midnight. His arms were loosely wrapped around your waist and his lips ghosted your cheeks every now and then.

It was one of your favorite songs, and that’s exactly why he chose to play it. He was in his underwear only, apart from the mismatched socks he was wearing, shuffling along the floor with you attached to him. He hummed along to the notes of the song and ran his fingers through the ends of your hair.

Harry’s feet got in the way every so often and you stumbled a tad bit over them. Whenever you did he snickered a little and grabbed your arms to make sure you didn’t fall to the ground. His large hands ran over your bare back and made you feel safe and warm.

Both of you had your eyes closed to enjoy the moment, to listen, to touch, and to feel. But, sometimes when you weren’t paying attention he flicked his eyes open to look at your face and take your beauty in. He had known he had been I love with you for some time now, but he was too afraid to say.

What if you didn’t feel the same way? Harry hated to admit that one of his biggest fears was rejection, especially from you. He was wrapped around your finger and he knew it, but you didn’t seem to notice like everyone else around you did. He wanted to tell you though, and he decided tonight he would finally do it. You looked too beautiful now to not, even in your bra and fuzzy pajama pants.

“Hey,” he whispered only loudly enough to catch your attention. You look up into his sleepy eyes, raise your eyebrows in response and hum, “Hm?” He tenderly stroked your side and swayed with you, “I’ve got to tell yeh somethin.” For some reason that statement unsettled you.

What did you do wrong? Unfortunately your mind always goes to the worst case scenario very quickly. You couldn’t lose him, you put everything you had into him; he was the love of your life. The swaying stopped and you began to shuffle uncomfortably, “Um yeah.. what is it?”

He brushed your hair behind your ear and looked at you intently, “I uh..” he stopped moving, put his hand to your cheek. You could feel the heat in your cheeks rising and a twist in your stomach forming. The room was eerily quiet apart from the classical music playing. He finally took a deep breath and let it all out, “I am completely in love with you.” Your eyes widen and you’re too awestruck to say anything at all.

Harry exposed himself, and hadn’t got a response yet so naturally he began to ramble, “and it’s okay if yeh don’t love me back.. I would understand.. but yeh mean everything to me.” You cut him off with a big, sloppy kiss that took him by surprise. He instinctively grabbed your waist and kissed you back passionately.

It took a minute for you to process exactly what happened, but it was the best thing you had ever heard. “I love you, Harry,” you smiled back at him. He picked you up and spun you around, “Oh thank God!” He laughed relieved and buried his face into the crook of your neck, showering it with blissful kisses. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, wine, and your new found love for one another, making it one of the best nights of your life.

me before dog: wouldn’t leave the house in anything less than real clothes and a full face of makeup

me after dog: consistently walks dog in pajamas, no bra, fuzzy socks, and slippers. gives no fucks.