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3. “Am I dead?” Yoonjin.

Word Count: 250 words

Pairing: Yoonjin (Yoongi/Seokjin)

Prompt: #3: “Am I dead?”

Notes: For my favourite old person! :) 

Yoongi blinks into consciousness with a small jerk, gaze unfocused as his eyes fly open, leaving the person hovering over him a little startled. It takes a few blinks for his vision to focus completely, going a little cross-eyed as he comes face-to-face with quite possibly one of the most gorgeous and positively radiant human beings he’s even seen.

Unless – “Am I dead?” Yoongi asks the living…living? Living. Living thing still hovering over him and then blurts out before they can answer him. “Are you an angel?”

“Uh,” the living thing stares at him oddly before letting out an even odder laugh that leave his insides feeling warm and fuzzy. Definitely an angel.

“How’d I even get into heaven?” Pressing his lips shut as soon as the words tumble out of him, Yoongi mentally winces. Great. No mouth-to-brain filter either.

“You’re still very much on Earth, Mr. Min.” The angel answers with a laugh and the words leave Yoongi frowning in confusion. “You’ve suffered some minor head trauma, and I’m no angel – just your doctor, Kim Seokjin.”

“So, you’re not an angel?” Yoongi repeats with narrowed eyes, lifting his neck to survey the room. He hears a soft “wow, he must have hit his head really hard” from somewhere in the near vicinity and spots Taehyung standing near the foot of his bed. Okay. Probably alive then.

“Absolutely not,” one edge of the doctor’s lips lift into a smirk before he winks, “but don’t worry, I get that a lot.”

So, this blog milestone happened...

…and I can’t even begin to fathom it! THANK YOU!!!

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Thank you for adoring Castiel with me - Chuck knows he needs all the love and support he can get! Thank you for reading my endless, kind of verbose, ultimately self-indulgent fluffy writing. I’m going to try to come up with a fun celebration, so stay tuned. In the mean time, keep on loving that amazing blue-eyed angel!

“God doesnt pay me enough to deal with your sinful shit.”


Aaayyyy here be Fuzzy Dad, turned into an angel 8D! Now since normal Fuzzy Dad is pretty angelic on his own, i decided to make his angel ver have a more snooty and dickish personality. >v>

Careful, hes saltier then the red sea–

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*snooty rich voice* "GB! For heavens sakes woman, can you PLEASE keep your sass in check?! Your making me want to put ducktape over your mouth." - Angel Fuzzy Dad

i’m sorry if i was sassy at some point… please don’t put tape over my mouth…

Perfect Moment

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Destiel one-shot

Summary: Dean is feeling a little under the weather and a certain angel wonders if there is anything he can do to help. What Dean really wants is some time with Castiel. When Dean leads him to a field of lightening bugs a little magic happens.

Warnings: -

Notes: this is kinda a favorite of mine!

spn hiatus: week 3—> Ships-—>Destiel. hiatus schedule.

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bts as winter things

jin: late night hot cocoa with cinnamon and marshmallows, matching oversized sweaters, holding hands with mittens on, booping noses pink from the cold, carrying fifty shopping bags with gifts, learning how to ice skate, cuddling by the fireplace, sugared cranberries, overdecorating the christmas tree, laughter with friends and family, sleigh rides, dressing up for fancy dinners, knitting, christmas puns

yoongi: frosted sidewalks, the glow of streetlamps late at night, falling asleep to reruns of christmas movies, having 50 blankets around you at all times, sharing big scarves, buying ice cream and eating it in the snow, getting The Biggest teddy bear from the store, a sly, pink cheeked smile before throwing a snowball, peppermint, the bite of a chilly winter morning, surprise blackouts, moonlight shining into a warmly lit house

namjoon: writing sweet messages on frosted over glass, christmas cards, curling up with a book and hot tea, the smell of pine needles, a favorite knit sweater, warm spiced cider, worn leather gloves, standing in the snow just because, the warmth of a bustling cafe, moleskin notebooks filled with lines of poetry, the jump in your heart when you open a gift, puffy breaths in cold air, the morning after rain when the sky is grey and the world is colorful

hoseok: long road trips to see loved ones, warming your hands by the fireplace, the steam when you hold a warm mug to your face, walks downtown to see the lights, hanging up stockings by the mantle, the smell of home, eskimo kisses, the comforting tapping of rain/hail on your window, big big big sweaters, watching the birds dance among the bare trees, clear nights when you can see the stars, sleepy smiles on holiday mornings, slow dancing in the dark

jimin: breaking open a fresh sugar cookie, catching snowflakes on your tongue, lighting a bunch of scented candles, fuzzy socks, snow angels, santa hats, the sound of bells, crowded city streets alive with music and noise, long kisses in the snow, waking up early and spending the morning tangled under the covers, homemade food warm in your stomach, the first snow dusting on the city, the smell of eggnog, the relief of running inside after being in the cold, breathing on your hands to thaw them

taehyung: knowing all the words to all of the christmas songs, being able to recite the grinch stole christmas word for word, running in the hallway with socks on, snowy eyelashes, mistletoe, the charm of bright toy stores, trying to stay up late and catch santa, matching ugly sweaters, stealing bites of holiday dinner, snowball fights, candy cane swords, sharing pockets when your hands get cold, counting the days until winter break, getting tangled in lights

jungkook: the crunch of dead leaves, the excitement of ripping open wrapping paper, big wooly jackets, ugly cute snowmen in the yard, jokes that you’re getting coal for christmas, fresh snow, flannels and boots, ripped jeans even though it’s freezing, watching the lake freeze over, snow forts, perpetual bedhead, collecting pinecones, penguin huddles for warmth, wearing onesies to bed, cold cheek kisses, singing mariah carey on repeat

In case you’re looking for a (really) long list of Highschool Destiel fics! 

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