fuzzy angel


Redraw of a piece on my old art blog! I.E.- Aluraart

New on top, old on the bottom

WTNV Headcanon: The Angels, despite not being real, look at Cecil’s fashion sense and adore it. Cue a bunch of angels in fuzzy sweaters and tunics and just badly adorable fashion. Old woman Josie makes sweaters for them and the angels may or may have not stolen Cecil’s clothes from his home

I’m sad to report that Mitch didn’t make it. Your support has helped fund his treatment so at least we can help other sick opossums in the future through the knowledge that was gained!
Our possie children are dropping like flies at the moment. Countless lives have ended in the past weeks, almost every day there’s news of another sweet one passing. It’s very heartbreaking and only goes to show how little we really know about our fuzzy angels.