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Fuzzy Wuzzy

One of the most powerful lessons I learned from my time as a Certified Nursing Assistant was from an elderly woman who called me Fuzzy Wuzzy.

For the purposes of this story, we’ll call this woman “Edna.”

Edna called me Fuzzy Wuzzy because I had recently started shaving my head, and the first time I came to work without hair she put a hand on my head and said I reminded her of the poem, “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t really fuzzy, was he?”

Edna was an easygoing and good natured person who had very poor vision and almost no mobility, but was very pleasant to care for most times of the day.

Except things were very difficult for about an hour every night, because that’s when Edna saw spiders.

The spiders that she saw every night covered her ceiling in a great black moving mass. This was caused partly by the confusion she experienced, and partly because her poor eyesight caused false shapes to appear and move in very dark lighting. It was terrifying for her.

She would scream and holler for someone to get rid of the spiders until one of the CNAs would go into her room and try to loudly convince her there were no spiders. Sometimes she would get so worked up that they would have to turn on the light in her room, which greatly bothered her roommate.

One night, I was working down a different hall in the health center, but I could hear Edna’s shouting from the other side of the facility. The CNA working her hall was occupied with helping another resident use the bathroom, so I went in to Edna’s room and claimed the call.

I knew there was no way I could talk loudly enough for Edna to hear me without waking up half the hall. Plus I didn’t like shouting at residents.

So instead, I took her hand, leaned in very close to her ear, and in the deepest, most reassuring voice I had I said, “Edna, do you know who this is?”

She recognized my voice and immediately stopped shouting. Then she brought a shaking hand down on my head and gave it a little rub.

I’ll never forget the sound of relief in her sigh as she took a deep breath and said, “Oh. Fuzzy Wuzzy.”

I told her she was safe and that things would be alright, and she believed me. I asked her if I could sit with her for a bit and she said yes. She closed here eyes and I held her hand until she fell asleep a few minutes later.

After that, we made a habit of me visiting her room each night I was on shift. I didn’t wait for the screaming to start because I got to know when it normally would. After a couple weeks, Edna no longer saw spiders at night. She never stopped calling me Fuzzy Wuzzy.

And more than a decade later, I’m still blown away by that experience. What an immensely powerful thing it is to be someone’s Fuzzy Wuzzy!

What a difference it makes to listen to someone, get to know them, joke with them, love them, show them respect and learn to laugh with them. And then, when they are going through a crisis, to be there. To say their name and let them hear your voice, to hold their hand, to let them feel your presence.

Even without the power to solve their problem, just to BE THERE. To remind them of brighter times and sunshine and jokes and promises of good days that can return again. To just assure them they’re not alone.

It doesn’t take a lot to be a Fuzzy Wuzzy, but OH, WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT CAN MAKE.

And I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to learn that lesson from that special and sacred experience.

“Will Fuzzy Wuzzy Papyrus reunite with his family at some point”

Fuzzy Wuzzy AU

I was going to go with a more shitpost route but I drew the three of them and it was so cute I had to add in more feels.

Papyrus doesn’t remember far back enough to recall his name or remember these people as his parents. He’s pretty apprehensive about this development. He just wanted to be in the guard! But these people are so happy to see him!! He doesn’t want to let them down!

I figure he mainly finds out post pacifist run, and maybe during the exiled queen and family endings.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking asks for the AU/character design challenge, here's three options for you: Mettaton - Midnight Blue; Burgerpants - Fuzzy Wuzzy; Papyrus - Antique Brass

Crayon AU Designs (Currently Closed)

Mettaton - Midnight Blue

I wasn’t totally sure what to do with this one, but midnight blue kind of made me think of a Vampire AU. SO, SOMEHOW, here is a vampire ghost robot monster talk show host. I like to imagine he’s not even a little subtle about the creature of the night thing. What’s the point of being a sexy vampire if you’re wasting all your time hiding it?

That’s not even real blood. It’s designer fashion blood. For wearing, not drinking. And he had Alphys make him several interchanging sets of fangs, for every occasion. His skin doesn’t sparkle from being a vampire, but it DOES sparkle from MTT Brand Bishie Cream: BUY NOW!

Suddenly resisting the urge to write a papyton vampire AU. If one exists please direct me. Or write it for me. Thanks.

Burgerpants - Fuzzy Wuzzy

In Fuzzy Wuzzy AU, Burgerpants is also a boss monster, inexplicably.  Unlike Papyrus, he isn’t a secret Dreemurr, he’s just some dork from a forgotten cadet branch that broke off years ago. Nothing is different besides the standardized sizing of his MTT Burger Emporium uniform is a touch too small.

He’s still 19, and he’s still wasted his entire life.

No one ever notices, comments, or cares. Aside from a certain neutral ending where it comes into play.

Papyrus - Antique Ancient Brass

I kept reading this as “ancient brass” and it caused this AU… 

The prince made a new friend, so he just had to introduce her to his favorite guardsman, the greatest knight in the whole guard!

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papyrus, fuzzy wuzzy :3c

Crayon AU Designs - Still Accepting (but very behind!)

Fuzzy Wuzzy Papyrus is from the AU where Papyrus is a goat. He is VERY tall and handsome! 

This is the only AU where Papyrus is taller than Undyne. 

I like to imagine he’s Sans’s adoptive brother and Sans is exactly the same. Only this time the fanon height difference is true.

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What about Sans?

I’m assuming this is about Fuzzy Wuzzy? 

Sans is pretty much the same as always. He’s a skeleton and Papyrus is his adoptive brother. I have some comics planned about Sans’s role in the AU but he’s very much still Sans the Skeleton, a skeleton.

BUT just for fun here’s what he would look like if he was a boss monster:

There it is. The worst possible timeline.