For some reason I thought it would be entertaining to create a gallery of Tumblpeeps I am actually crushing on. I dunno why I thought that was a good idea, but here’s what I came up with.

[NOTE: This gallery is not exhaustive. For one thing, I took out all the married straight men. For another, there’s a ten-photo limit on photosets, which is obviously ridiculously low for this purpose. Fifty would be better.]

good question/s!

needle just asked a great question and I thought it would be nice to post some of my response here:

loving this tumblr. do you have a personal tumblr as well? also, have you explained the points system you use? also also, you mentioned crossfit and wod and paleo. i have a friend who talks about all of these things constantly, but i have never found his explanations about it or general digest of thoughts about these approaches… what brought you to these training/eating styles?

my personal tumblr is fuzzpup (or one of them ;) for anyone interested.

the points system is another social media site called fitocracy, it’s free, so is the app. I’m not sure if it’s still invite only to get on it. I don’t think it is but let me know if I’m wrong and you want an invite. if you’re already on it, I’m fuzzpup there too, friend it up! it keeps tracking my workouts interesting since it’s based on this system of leveling up and I’m an rpg nerd haha.

as for crossfit, et al, at times it can be a bit cultish but it’s a type of fitness programming that combines weight training, calisthenics, gymnastics, etc and is all about functional movement, not just sitting on a cardio machine for an hour… the gyms are all independently owned so they can be quite different but the one near me is outstanding, really knowledgable coaches and intense sense of community.  I found it kind of circuitously… I started school for massage therapy a couple years ago and that got me thinking more and more about my own health and fitness and good food.  I started to be better about exploring all of those things and not just cancelling my gym membership, and eventually my bf started the crossfit intro program and became obsessed. I followed suit a few months later even when he stopped… I’m on a break now because I went part time at work and it’s expensive, but I’ll be back. I learned more there during the year I was active than compared to the rest of my life. I climbed a rope to the ceiling there, which is one of the many things I could not do in elementary school gym class that I did at crossfit 15 years later.

wod=workout of the day, the crossfit gyms all publish a daily wod and the main affiliate posts a separate one too. there are many acronyms, and they have a plan.

crossfit and the community there also introduced me to paleo eating, which is delicious beyond words.  I’ve had quite a history with bread and pasta. and sugar. oh god sugar. long story short I used to feel like shit all the time and now I barely ever do. I don’t keep strict paleo right now (which would include no dairy and I’ve been an ice cream hound of late, right back on that sugar horse) but the general premise is about quality proteins, healthy fats, leafy greens, no processed sugars, grains and vegetable oils. mark sisson can be a bit preachy at times but has a massive wealth of info.

and some recipes:

the daily paleo

nom nom paleo

fuzzpup replied to your post: what if i made my usual potato bread recipe but instead of mashed potatoes i put pumpkin puree in it.

tis the season! I bet it’ll be delicious! it would probly be great with sweet potato too

I wanna do sweet potato too! The only reason pumpkin currently appeals is because i can get canned puree easily and don’t have to go through the trouble of boiling potatoes or sweet potatoes <~~~~LAZY