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Fuzzeh Kitteh

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Humom sumtiems leabs fosset on so I can has drinks from it. But then she laffs bc mah fuzzeh cheeks maek it hard to get much waters in mouf. I lub her, but rude to laff at cat. I no laff when she spill lots ob waters on herself n call it "shower"


2014 is coming to an end, and with my third Tumblr anniversary coming up next month, I decided that it was about time I did a Follow Forever! Some of the people on this list are close friends; others I’ve never spoken to, but I love all of their blogs and wish all the best for them in 2015~! (Note that just because you’re not on this list doesn’t mean that I don’t like you or your blog. I have so many favourite blogs that I can practically guarantee that there are some I’m forgetting, so please don’t feel bad! Also there are some people I wanted to include who have changed URLs and I don’t know their new ones, so there’s that.)

actualaster, aegair, anisuu, artifedex, arkyoptrix, artonelico, behindthebarricades, black-likemyhumour, bloomingprincessia, branman, bunnyflowers, castyrianoit, cheerssweetiedarling, cheshiretears, chistrian, cometcloud, commandersheena, cypresslibra, demonfisting, dualblade-dance-master

eievui, extremesofmediocrity, fatalize, festivesequins, fillehwilleh, forsakenasylum, fresh-biscuits, fuzzeh, gaiusdumpling, glamsnowflake, goldenangelwings, grand-sasstro, haruhisato, hazzkc, hotcoldcoffee, hyperresonate, ikb19o, indygnayshun, jbl-elitest, justanotherblondeguy

kero–chan, laurateridesu, letmereachforthestars, lexicallight, lord-yggdrasill, lmummery, lunetaria, markusholdings, melissquirtle, meridiangrimm, minefloozle, minoriin, nageinosora, nicoyazawaapologist, once-upon-a-singing-vampire, procyonvulpecula, psychotic-pokeratotax, re-stained, rock-pikmin, runedevros

sabrinamarceline, sacean-plains, satoshi-mochida, seagullshroom, seijisagara, sensorium139, shoujoprince, silentsnowdrop, smilecharge, sonicthehammons, sorey420, stardust-cross, stephachu, suguelya, texanona, theobscurereference, therealveterantrainer, thesecretofthisworld, theyogurtfairy, toji-suzuharu, trickssi, unmeinomiracle, uselesscookies, ushinobasho, ventus-resonance, yuuki-bozu

Manna’s one and hopefully only follow forever list that isn’t in any order because she forgot what people’s urls were so she went down the following list – To be fair I see icons first edition

Okay. With that out of the way. A list of everyone I absolutely adore following and that I consider friends even a little. 

rochediscret kenweys missxylia quotidiandreams ikb19o dinognar mynameisnotanne wildemolga riots-of-flowers onizenmaru variabletrigger sealkitty leronde dundee998 epsilla assortedpencils indygnayshun c-u-l-l-e-n sakuraharutsuki bbasch chloe-valens mikoolio kisaragishintaro neskybo arcsymphony wasserplane trashcanmegane fuzzeh cornprices raeosunshine sigmaphi tell-them-naegi muzetmaxwell ignoremode forgetforgetforgetbeam hermster scarletsunshine nicoyazawaapologist zack-fair officialzeloswilder molaag moffit xatus princessofyase brorotica crowmafia gekkougaaa reicherwallach sundroplet alternlsdlm mitsuko21 theglassesprincess mikleos seracclasi suckmymara nagamasa-sama littlecraneprincess goldenangelwings kaotosaurion shiyaru kagetsuna joeckuroda yuuki-bozu theheartlessarmedangelaigis theflowerfield shingmeteoryte demonfisting sensorium139 starlightvision khanzilla mintpastries

Holy shit okay lots of urls. Thanks you guys for being awesome. I don’t think I’m gonna do that again. too many urls. 

Luke’s first Ever and Extremely thrown-together follow-forever

*thank you for being a friend playing in the background*

SO it’s nearing the end of the year, and because I know sooo many wonderful people thanks to this site, I decided I should hop on the follow forever bandwagon!! It’s really rushed and spur of the moment so I know for a fact that I forgot a lot of people (and also left some out because I didn’t feel we’d know each other very long and other slly reasons i’m s sorry…) but if you’re on here- and even if you’re not- please know I love you lots and lots!! Thank you for making my time here great.


acearoattorney acetrainerwally aerolyx ars-daemonum assassinlonqu 


beefbowl blizzardtributon 


calcednyarcome captain-wiggles castagniers clayterran cloudbanker clowse




ecto-plasm ertherarmy 


fursona fuzzeh


ganymar gramarye grcninja




kantilen kelseyexe kiryuujoshua 


lukefonefabres lunsluns


madokakaname minccino




official-adaar oowadamondo

radical-6 randomdaisy ricotyrell roehn 


seijisagara seikoshinohara shingmeteoryte simonblackquill s-q-l styracosaurus suzuyaiuuzou


tenmyoujis thedeceiving the-horned-princen 









As a side note: About two of these people are non-mutuals IIRC. I hope that’s okay, you all just really brighten up my dash.