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So I'm reading "Awake" and I couldn't help but think of this scenario...
  • Optimus: And so... for the sake of our peace treaty, and for our own well-being, it is probably best that Autobots and Decepticons steer clear of each other... for the time being.
  • Everyone: [murmuring, unsure]
  • Starscream: PFFT! Frag that.
  • Optimus: I... excuse me?
  • Starscream: You're glitched if you think I'm gonna abide by that.
  • Wheeljack: You lookin' to start something, flight-frame?
  • Starscream: [snorts] Hardly! It's unrealistic to continue keeping Autobots and Decepticons apart. We should be learning how to cooperate with each other, and the Neutrals. Besides, anyone who's got a personal score to settle would probably disobey that order anyway.
  • Rumble: He's got a point.
  • Frenzy: Yeahhh, who else would know better than Starscream about disobeying orders?
  • Everyone: [some more murmurs, chuckling]
  • Starscream: Quiet, you! The point is we're ALL going to live on this planet, whether we like it or not.
  • Optimus: I have considered this, Starscream. But what can be done? Tensions between our factions are still very high...
  • Starscream: Well I know what I'M gonna do...
  • [Starscream marches over to Skyfire. His confidence is a total bluff, but the grounders don't know that]
  • Starscream: Skyfire... would you... like to accompany me to... that bar? Over there.
  • [He points to one of the few establishments available]
  • Skyfire: Starscream, I don't think--
  • Starscream: Wait, wait a klik. No tricks. No stupid war stuff. Just you, me, my trine, and a couple of friends you wanna bring along. Whatever. I don't care. What do you say?
  • Skyfire: I...
  • [Meanwhile, Starscream's stiff posture has his trine worried. He doesn't really take public rejection well... and it seems like this behavior is taking every ounce of confidence he can muster. He's really putting himself put there on this.]
  • Skyfire: [looks to his comrades]... Percy? Wheeljack? You wanna come too?
  • Wheeljack: HELL N--
  • Perceptor: Sure, why not.
  • Wheeljack: [sputters] You CAN'T be serious.
  • Perceptor: Mm... let's just see where this goes.
  • Wheeljack: [rolls optics] Fine. But I don't have to like it...
  • [Group starts to move up the block towards the bar. Ratchet begins to follow.]
  • Optimus: You too, old friend?
  • Ratchet: I'm not going for them. I'm going 'cause I've got spare credits and I've got nothing better to do...
  • Optimus: Mhm.
  • Ratchet: Plus, if this gets ugly for any reason I'll be right there. Doesn't that make you feel better?
  • Optimus: Why are you REALLY going, Ratchet?
  • Ratchet: To be honest-- Autobots... Decepticons... hanging out already?-- I need a drink.

Somehow in my many viewings of The Wrong Jedi I have never noticed Padme’s costume. It is a good costume.

(To be fair, the episode’s just a little overwhelming on the emotion front, so a bit (a lot) of oversight is understandable.)

It’s formal, it’s mature, it has a lot of ceremony, but the overall silhouette is a streamlining of an AotC costume: Padme’s packing dress. The skirt and sleeves aren’t as full, the collar is a tight stand, the colouring is sombre reflecting the situation, and embellishment is stripped right back to texture and the belt and added formal tippet (perhaps an indicator of her role in Ahsoka’s trial). 

It’s a move away from the slightly period look in the AotC grey (the button sleeve detailing - a rarity in SW and seen maybe three or four times - is very pointed), towards something that bit more Star Wars. This evolution shows that she has clearly grown and advanced since AotC, and her wardrobe with her, but she is still young and still feminine even whilst she is a force to be reckoned with.  This look sits comfortably with where she is, and the fashions shown to be favoured by her peers and colleagues, most notably Mon Mothma and Bail Organa. It’s a throw forward to the senate under the Empire, Rebellion leaders, reflecting the simplicity that we saw from Leia in ANH whilst displaying the prequel era opulence in understated way. 

The lack of overt-grandeur may also indicate a person scaling back to show sympathy for the people suffering in the war, or perhaps necessary cutbacks in trade expenses, budgeting, self-imposed rationing. This, again, would throw forward to the utilitarian-by-necessity of the Original trilogy, and reflects shifts in fashion during WW2 rationing. Parallels could also be found in the shifts from the fashions of the Edwardian Golden Summer - the bright, grand years of the Western upper and middle classes before the break-out of WWI - to the shift to the sombre simplicity through the War. Padme’s AotC gown is more of a fantasy-by-way-of-pseudo-victoriana, but that echoing and shortening of silhouettes, maintenance of fashions in those upper classes by different means. In solidarity and in pragmatism. Silks replaced by wools. For Padme, velvet with a subdued jacquard.

Costumes like these, costumes that made sense for the character and the escalating situation, were what were sorely needed in RotS. Pregnant or not, the next development of this look would have been better than just throwing bolts of fabric at Padme, which it sometimes feels like they did.  Considering how underserved Padme was in that film, lending her support and structure in her costumes would have at least been a step towards giving her any sort of standing, and would have particularly worked well 


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Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson photographed in 1863 // John Adams Elder’s portrait of Jackson (1876)

The Hat: The Prequel

So,back again with my weird OTP,based off a prompt from @woyprompts
(Quick warning for those uncomfortable with blood and/or gore,not TOO bad,but just in case) ————————————————

Wander gritted his teeth as he tumbled down the cold,sharp mountain,the floppy green hat clutched tightly to his chest.

The Star Nomad finally landed face first,the multiple cuts didn’t help,especially the large gash on his collarbone,it was awfully deep and his vision had already begun to get blurry.

Before he could release the breath he was holding in,several knives and daggers of multiple shapes and sizes fell around him,making a perfect circle.

“Oh dear..” the mangled alien rasped in his gentle southern drawl; he then focused his eyes skyward,looking to the cliff he’d fell from.

Wander,or as folks took to calling him in this galaxy Fuzz,gulped as he saw a familiar figure.

Munoa,the more brutal of the two warring generals,a flower-like alien,florions if Fuzz remembered correctly,moonlily it looked like,but her curved and twisted violet armor left little room to tell.

The armored Florion looked at Fuzz with burning hatred “You traitorous DOLT, give me back my hat. You don’t know what it’s capable of!”

The smaller alien shook his head furiously “I’m-I’m afraid I can’t do that. Y'all will jus’ hurt it again! Can’t..can’t you hear it…?”

Munoa scowled under her steel cowl “What’re you on about,fool?” Fuzz held the battered chapeau closer to his chest,how couldn’t she hear it?

“It’s in pain…it-its CRYING. Ah can hear it…screaming…it’s hurt an’ scared…please,stop this.” Fuzz begged,tears soaking his fur as they streamed down his cheeks.

However,Munoa didn’t share his sympathy,she laughed,almost manically “Pain? You stupid traveler,it’s a HAT. It can’t feel ANYTHING!”

Fuzz gulped fearfully,he felt the bloodloss effecting him as it became harder to stand “Y-yer wrong! This-this hat is no different than you or me,it may not seem like it to you,but it can think,and feel,and love.. and pullin’ an’ tearing at it just hurts it…is taking over the galaxy so important that innocent lives doesn’t matter to you?”

“HA! You must’ve hit your head harder than I thought! It’s just a THING, and I don’t care how sentient it may be,all I want,is my weapons.” Munoa smiled cruelly,Fuzz could practically taste the venom coming from her voice.

The Star Nomad looked down to the banged up hat, and let out a large exhale as he muttered to himself “Alright. I s'pose there’s no talking m’ way outta this one..”

Wasting no time,Fuzz carefully stashed the hat into his leather bound satchel, careful not to harm it.

Then he ran.



The Star Nomad didn’t even focus enough to hear the enraged cries of the white petaled general as he ran fast as his legs could go,even as his muscles screamed at him to stop and rest.

It didn’t register how long he’d ran until Fuzz finally stopped and fell with a thud on his rear,he winced at the sharp pain as a result,he was still sore after losing his tail.

He gave a small roll of his shoulder experimentally,a resounding pop greeted him; finally he opened his satchel,only for the battered and ripped chapeau to fling itself out.

Fuzz tried to reach out to the headwear,but..

The hat flinched away from Fuzz as he reached out to gently touch it. His heart twisted at the obvious pain it was in, drinking in its crumpled, ripped and torn state. He whispered, “It’s okay… I won’t… I will never hurt you…”

It hurt him to see this hat,that so clearly was it’s own person…to be mistreated,tortured, and outright abused for its power…it was horrible.

“It’s alright…I’m not-I’m not like them,you can trust me.” Fuzz reached out to the hat more gently, the fabric flinched away slightly at his touch,but seemed to have relaxed a little.

Suddenly,a thought occurred to the Star Nomad,quickly he reached into his satchel and pulled out a spool of green thread and a needle.

Already he saw the hat shudder “hey,hey,it’s alright,I’m just gonna patch ya up,Munoa gotcha pretty bad,I’ll try ta be gentle,alright?”

the chapeau was still tense, but allowed Fuzz to patch it up.

Carefully, the currently outlawed wanderer sewed together the ripped seams and brims,a soft hum could be heard as he worked.

“And…done! How’s that? Feel better?” Fuzz gave the hat a gentle smile,whom shifted slightly,a slip of paper appearing underneath it.


Fuzz picked up the small piece of paper to read the words scrawled on it “Who are you?” A simple question.

“Oh! Well,folks call me Fuzz, I s'pose it’s a might rude of me not to introduce myself,seeing as how.. I stole ya an’ all..” he gave a weak chuckle.

That is,when-


Fuzz just barely got out of the way of a hatchet that’d been inches from his head.

“Oh Celestials..” the Star Nomad gulped dryly as his eyes went to the source of the projectile.

There he stood,Scroff,the second warring general,an iguana like alien with silver and gold armor,multiple hatchets and blasters of all kinds were sheathed on his side,he was the weaker of the two generals,that didn’t stop him from from having the galaxies biggest arsenal ment for one person.

Fuzz wasted no time picking up the hat and stumbling up,he still felt so weak from Munoa’s attack.

“I knew you were naive,but to think a hat could FEEL anything? You must be insane!” Scroff laughed,Fuzz only held the green chapeau closer to his chest.

“Ah…I’m not lettin’ you hurt it!” Without hesitation,the smaller alien stashed the hat into his satchel once more, and plucked a black metallic stone from the ground.

Fuzz hated war,the thought of folks fighting over something that could easily be talked over broke his heart.

It was hard for him to actually hate anything or anyone,it just didn’t seem in his nature,but right now…Fuzz was tempted to make an acceptation.

“The one time you grow a backbone and you raise a little rock at me,how pathetic.” The Star Nomad gulped “No. I’m not a fighter,not anymore.”

With that,he threw the metallic stone,but it didn’t hit Scroff as he thought,but instead a twisted,metallic tree.

Scroff opened his mouth to taunt,only for a resounding crack to come from the tree, the large,knarled branches fell right on top of the iguana general.

“But that don’t mean I can’t still protect m’ friends!” The Star Nomad made a run for it.

“Nngh! You miserable little..!!”


Just as Wander had made some distance between him and the general,a silver hatchet was thrown,this time hitting its target,right on Fuzz’s left shoulder blade.

Still,he ran,up until what felt like hours and he couldn’t go any further,he let himself fall to his knees,panting,his breath labored.

With a groan,Fuzz reached his hand to the hatchet still in his shoulder blade, he grabbed onto the handle and took in a sharp breath preparing himself “Okay Fuzz,just yank it off,its like a bandaid,it’s like a bandaid..”

With one swift yank-


Fuzz screeched in pain as he tossed the bloody hatchet to the side “Not like a bandaid…DEFINITELY not like a bandaid…”

Quickly,he pulled out the hat “You doin’ alright there,friend?” In response,the headwear plopped out a brown bottle with a note taped to it.

“Hm?” Fuzz picked it up,he recognized it as disinfectant,he looked at the note “You should be more careful,hope this helps.”

A big smile appeared on the Nomad’s face “Why,thank you! You didn’t have to go through the trouble,I greatly appreciate it.”

Fuzz pulled out a small cloth from his satchel, and dampened it with the disinfectant as he whispered “Grop,this is gonna sting..”

It was thankful most of the planet’s ecosystem was metal and gave off a good reflection for Fuzz to properly apply the medicine to his back wound.

“FFF-” yep,it definitely stung,but the Star Nomad bit his tongue,just had to power through.

After spreading the stinging liquid around the gaping wound,Fuzz got out a needle and thread “okay,now the part that hurts..”

he looped the thread around the needle and brought the sharp end to his wound,one good thing about being raised on a planet fighting just to survive raids? Survival skills were one of the first things kids learned in school.

Then again,it’s been a good fifty years since the last time Fuzz had to stitch up his or anyone else’s wounds.

“Okay Fuzz..take it easy…jus’ like Memaw showed ya…” he tried to coax himself.

With one swift movement,he stuck the needle in.


Fuzz tasted copper when the sudden pain made him bite his tongue,he gulped uneasily “You can do this,ya can do this…”

Quickly,plunged the needle into the other side,Fuzz let out a large gasp of pain,he bit the side of his mouth to stop himself from crying out again.

“Flabdrassit-!” Fuzz swore under his breath as he prepared himself for the next stitch.

“Okay,okay relax..one..two…THREE!”

It almost felt worse than actually getting a thrown into his back,Fuzz bit his lip as he groaned in pain,slamming his small fist onto the ground,a crack was left on the metal floor.

“Nggn…grop..flarping…-” another stitch was done,Fuzz always hated it when he needed stitches,especially when he had to do it himself.

Finally his freshest wound was successfully closed,cleaned, and stitched up, and the Star Nomad was already exhausted.

And yet,he had five more large wounds to patch up.

By the time he’d finished,he couldn’t find the strength to smile, and he’d already let out several intergalactic swears to last him a lifetime; he was exhausted,but his worry kept him awake.

With a sigh,Fuzz dug into his satchel until he pulled out a map of the planet,he counted himself lucky he picked it up at the last orbble station.

Speaking of which-

“Alrighty,I’ve got an idea,but we’ll have to be real careful about it.” He gulped nervously before pulling out a marker,putting an x over one spot “This is where we are, and with a couple ‘a armies on our backs,we’ll need to move fast. We need orbble juice, and the closest orbble station is a seventy-four hour walk,that’s about three days,but if we can move fast,and play our cards right,we’ll be there in no time!”

A single slip of paper was his response “And what is your plan for when we leave the planet?”


Fuzz scratched the back of his head nervously “hehe…well,we keep movin’ if the fightin’ don’t stop,then we skedaddle ourselves to another galaxy,we’ll be safe there. Besides,I’ve always traveled around,helpin’ folks,but,if you’d prefer to be alone,ah can find ya safe place out of this galaxy,where they’ll never find ya.”

Almost immediately,another slip of paper greeted him “No.Please don’t leave, it’s a good plan, and helping people sounds…nice.”

The biggest smile appeared at hearing this “Great! Don’t hesitate to tell me if somethin’ is bothering you though,no agreeing to do anythin’ just on my account!”

One last slip of paper

“Thank you.”

Fuzz only smiled warmly “No need ta thank me,yer my friend,I’ll always protect you.”

It felt uncomfortable to walk with his stitches for several hours,but Fuzz just grinned and beared it.

As risky as it was, the duo had to make camp,Fuzz refused to let the hat make a tent for him,not after what it’s been through.

Fuzz banged a couple of rocks together until sparks set off,he gently blew on them to pick the flames up “There we go..”

he turned to the hat, and smiled “We’ll be heading off again in th’ morning, you get yerself some rest,I’ll keep watch.”

The floppy green chapeau responded with another note “You need your sleep too.”

A sigh “Yer right,but who knows when Munoa or Scroff’s armies finds us,I can’t let ‘em get to ya..once we’re outta the galaxy,I’ll get plenty of rest,don’t you worry”

that seemed to be the end of it,so no more notes came.

The fire had been reduced to small cinders by morning,Fuzz carefully put the hat back into his satchel before he arched his back till her heard a pop “Golly,that smarts..sooner we get off this planet,the better.”


Fuzz yelped as a lime green beam nearly hit him,thankfully,it only broke the strap of his satchel.

The Star Nomad barely had time to turn around before he was quickly pinned to a tree “AHH!”

“Trying to escape,traitor? Should’ve known from a good for nothing flarfnarbler. I thought Star Nomads were honorable.”

Fuzz’s breath hitched as he looked up to see Munoa with her spear-and-blaster combo aimed at his throat,his blood still staining the blade “Oh grop..”

The Florion smirked coyly “After I kill you and reclaim my prized weapon,I’ll finally control this miserable galaxy!” Her dark magenta eyes were filled with pure bloodlust.

“It’s..NOT a weapon..!” The larger alien’s armor clad,claw-like hand on his throats made it difficult to breathe “You an’ Scroff have done nothin’ but hurt it,ah know what it’s like to be used…I won’t let th’ same thing happen to it or anyone else,I won’t fight you,but I won’t let you hurt it either,that is a promise.”

Munoa only glared angrily at the Star Nomad “Pathetic. I should skin you just for that little speech, and I think I will,let’s see if Star Nomads fur do indeed change color after death.”

Fuzz closed his eyes tight,but before the spear could strike him,something large hit the Florion from behind,slamming her into a nearby tree,knocking her out.

Fuzz sat up to see a large,stone hammer nearby, the hat proding out of his satchel.

The Star Nomad scrambled up,running to the satchel till he reached the Hat “Y-ya saved my hide back there,th-thank you.”

The brim of the Hat moved upward in what appeared to be a smile as yet another note presented itself “Your my friend,right? It’s the least I could do.”

Fuzz smiled wide as he scooped the hat in a warm hug “We are friends, and uh-while I’d just love to stay here,we best be going before our friend here wakes up.”

The duo stopped to make camp after a couple days,it was an honest to goodness miracle they hadn’t run into any of the generals or they’re armies.

Sitting down with a small groan,Fuzz sat down and smiled at the chapeau “Heya Hatty,I wanted to thank ya for saving me,so…here!”

In his hands,he held out a black ribbon,with a hand made gold star pinned permanently on it, the shiny star was still warm from the heat.

“You always give other folks things,so I thought it was about time somebody gave you something! Ah made it myself!” Fuzz smiled proudly.

He was met with another note “I love it.”

Fuzz squealed happily, a noise reminiscent to a teapot kettle “Oh! That’s great! Here! Let me put it on!”

Carefully,Fuzz looped the ribbon and tied it around his new friend with a bright smile “You look amazin’!”

There was a shift of fabric,another note came forth “It’s wonderful,I’ve been meaning to give you something too.”

Fuzz raised a confused brow before a spot of brown under the magical chapeau; curious,Fuzz lifted the brim up and pulled out the mysterious gift.

“Oh-oh my..”

It was a finely polished,long-necked banjo, the top had two stars, the back had one large one, the strings were finely tuned.

It was beautiful.

“A..a banjo..I’ve-I’ve wanted to learn how ta play one of these since I was a youngin’!” Fuzz strummed at the strings gently “thank you.”

The hat moved its brim in a simple smile, a second note fell “I could teach you how,you saved me,after all.”

It was the most cheerful night the duo had running from the two warring armies.

small-bread  asked:

I'm super intrigued to see where this blog goes! Same for the FY!EP yt channel. I just snagged a T-Rex Quint Machine (micro pog-killer?) off reverb, next on the list is likely a Longsword. Currently messing with a fuzz war, bubble font big muff (which just kicked the Pharaoh off the board), bubble font small stone and an ehx cathedral :D

YOOO. Thanks for your interest. You’ve been supporting the blog and channel forever. 

And I haven’t played the Quint Machine. I gotta check that out. Hell yes to the Longsword, get em while they are hot around Black Friday. LSv3 forever. 

Fuck yeah to the sovtek stuff. I’ve always loved it and always will. 

How Star Wars Began: As an Indie Film No Studio Wanted to Make
And how it let George Lucas make the best business deal in Hollywood history.
By Scott Beggs

How George Lucas tricked a studio into financing a little indie film called Star Wars…