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i was included in /a lot/ of christmas follow forever’s and i decided i should make one too. also exams are awfully near and i’ll probably have to spend less time on tumblr so i guess this is a way of showing you i’m still here and i still love all of you my lil’ cutiepies (✿◠‿◠)

bolded are people who make great gifs/edits or i’ve been following them for too long now; which doesn’t at all mean that non-bolded ones don’t make pretty things on ps, i just haven’t come across many of their posts. so don’t despair friends, i love all of you equally and i’m extremely glad to be mutuals with most of you because y'all make every day better in one way or another; thank you for being here, for running these amazing blogs, for being the beautiful and wonderful people you are - stay rad and have a very great 2015 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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sededuce  asked:

hello yes friend i know arctic monkeys are your life and i'm just starting to get into them like jfc so could you recommend me some blogs pls i would love you<3

arcticmonkeysus blake is like the blog he started the forum arcticmonkeysus and he got it even linked it on the band’s website he is a real sweetheart a great friend and really funny he is like the dad of the fandom 

fuckyeaharcticmonkeys jan is our mum she is the cutest always keeps the blog updated to news makes monthly roundups she is a really interesting person too worth following her personal blog 

ihatealexturner chris is the pretty boy of the fandom he knows literally everything about them he will make super long text posts with sources and photos about known facts also he is a bit gay for alex ehehe 

gifmakers -

callmearabella apart from being too pretty for this worlds she is the absolute best at making gifs 

gusmen the ultimate gifmaker of the fandom 

doiwannaknow a+ gifs a+ person i just love andrea so much 

and then there’s my dear friends some of them are also gifmakers and such and they are totally worth following - 

arcticmonkeysphile tomw8s iwantabrickbybrick turnerfrutti fuzz-canyon aboutarcticmonkeys doctorhelders nicksnutellaswag whatever-peoplesay

if not check my blogroll and if you see an arctic monkeys icon click and follow totally worth it