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Simon Pegg
From Shaun of the Dead to Absolutely Anything.

(I know I’ve skipped a few, but here are the main ones.)

DP AU - The Apprentice & The Engineer (pt 1)

“That’s the last of ‘em!” Sam said, wiping her brow and charging down her blaster. She locked her Fenton Thermos and secured it to her belt with a little flip.

“Good.” said Maddie. She picked up the Infi-map where it had been dropped in battle and handed it to her son. “I think your large, fuzzy friend will be glad to have this back.”

“I think so too, but…” Danny was sure to keep the map rolled up, “I dunno. This is the fourth time someone has tried to use it for some crazy ghost scheme.”

“Well, we can’t keep it here!” Tucker’s voice rang out over the Fenton Phones from back at HQ. He had been watching the fight and operating remotely while Technus had tried to bring ancient 80′s gear back into the present, eliminate modern technology, and give rise to a nostalgic era over which he would have ruled with an iron power glove.

“It attracts way too much ghost activity to Amity Park!”

“I agree, Tuck. It wouldn’t be safe, but…”

“… But what if Frostbite and his clan’s protection isn’t enough anymore?” Jazz finished for him, also on monitor duty at HQ. She crossed her arms, deep in thought.

“What do you want to do, son?” Jack Fenton said, finally having made his way over to the field group. Danny eyed his father who had just last year lost his leg in a ghost incident. ‘I put them through enough here as it is.’ The ghost hybrid reflected privately. After another moment to collect his thoughts, Danny made his decision.

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supah-vi  asked:

Hi fellow poly trans lady here, I stumbled on your blog today cuz a mutual reblogged one of your comics (thank you for giving me my new favorite term for hormone pills btw). Just wanted to say I'm already a fan and keep up the good work. I did see one of your comics you mentioned drawing porn tho so is that posted on a blog or something somewhere 👀

Thank you so much, and welcome to the Peach Fuzz fam! <3

My pin-up work is on my instagram (so you’re into lovely ladies and monsters, click this!

When it comes to my porn illustrative work, I’m working on a couple books and structuring a dedicated blog for it due out by Halloween! For now it’s just been commission work, so hit me up in those DMs!

Again, thank you so much for stopping by and joining the collective. I fucking love all of you <3 

Body Hair: Tip 1

1. Cut your hair short if you’re secretly thinking of doing it. Or let it grow super long if that’s your dream. A new haircut can have a surprisingly big effect on the way you feel about yourself.

2. Try shaving/not shaving your legs. Try shaving/not shaving your armpits. Chest? Peach fuzz? Arms?

3. Do you have the hormones to grow a beard? If so, try out a few of the possible styles. A beard can be refreshing and surprisingly gender neutral when combined with feminine traits in clothing, makeup, accessories etc.

4. Final tip: Experiment. Be brave. If you make a decision that you end up regretting, it won’t be final. Body hair grows and/or can be cut again.

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the comic done by Zarla on devientart were the skelebros are actually fuzzy but the only way you would know that is if you have them a static shock or charge?

Of course I did, i follow Zarla’s tumblr pretty religiously <3

Also I think it would show, if you tried to dry out skeletons with a towel >3> fuzz fuzz…