fuyu sora


冬がくれた予感 - BiBi
Ermahgerd. This performance melted my heart, even though it’s supposed to freeze it… XD (cause the title is related with snow….hehe). The mood totally changed after the EPIC Trouble Busters HAHAH. This performance totally made  Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan being on the same par with Natsu, Owaranai de. Even though before Natsu was more of my favorite than this HAHA. The background, the LED lights was just so pretty??? I can say that this performance might be perfect :’) The choreography was simple, but it really matches the quite slow tempo of the song. Anyway, can I just say that Jolno’s solo on the last part was just… aaahhhhh my heart melted  right away </3 it was so goOOD. Pile’s voice was also perfect and ugh oh pls JolnoPai, 2/3 Solge trio pls. Maru on the other hand is the best at rapping as always HAHAH, although on this performance it isn’t heard much. I really love the ending tho, where the white LED lights are still on, so dang pretty. I give this performance a 252/52~!


Now with English translation.