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FuxWithIt.com - Best Rapper Without An Album Out: Logic.


The debut album solidifies the legitimacy of an artist  and helps to determine if they are worthy of the hype. However, prior to the release of their debut is often when artists are at their hungriest. Grinding over the years, releasing high quality material for free. One artist who exemplifies this (and is def worthy of the hype) is Gaithersburg, Maryland’s own Logic. At 24 years old, he is the best artist in the  game without an album out.  His lyrical abilities are nothing short of incredible. Every verse contains witty wordplay, hard hitting punchlines and the perfect amount of humour. Not to mention he has one of the best flows in  the game. (Peep the punctuation, that’s best flows in  the game PERIOD). Just listen to ‘Disgusting‘ and try to think differently. Logic’s sound and style is also quite unique. Being from Maryland, he has an East Coast style with hints of Southern influence. Last year, he was featured in XXL’s Freshman class, inked a deal with Def Jam, and was part of the star studded Cud Life Tour alongside Cudder himself, Big Sean & Tyler the Creator. Those are phenomenal achievements for a young artist, but it’s his music that really speaks volumes.

One of the things that really makes Logic standout is his ability to do justice to, or sometimes even completely murder classic beats. Usually when I hear an up-and-coming artist get on a classic track like Biggie’s – ‘Kick in the Door‘, I’m offended (how dare you? That’s like a child painting over a Picasso) but Logic continues to make me re-think that feeling. In the past few years he has ripped Outkast – ‘Ms. Jackson‘, Jay Z – ‘Bring It On’ (see above), A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Electric Relaxation‘, Kanye West – ‘Good Friday‘, Craig Mack – ‘Flavour in Ya Ear’ (see below) and even electronic classic Justice – ‘Dance‘. I haven’t heard a rapper kill this many classics since J. Cole was murdering mixtapes.

Just because Logic is master at ripping beats don’t think for a second think that he’s just another mixtape rapper. Logic has proven his versatility and ability to make tracks with mainstream appeal without sacrificing his talent. Whether it’s bangers like ‘5AM‘ and ‘Ballin‘, songs for ladies like ‘Do Ya Like‘ (shoutout Childish Gambino on the  beat)  and ‘Aye Girl‘ or just straight rapping on ‘Young Jedi‘, Logic can do it all. Did I mention he’s also coming into his own right as a producer? Logic crafted a beautiful, jazz inspired soundscape on  ’Midnight Marauder‘ while 'Like Me’ shows him getting more dark and heavy behind the boards.

He is the type of artist that every listen allows you to better appreciate his abilities. You’ll be catching wordplay the 15th time you listen to a song. Add to the fact that he’s  currently working on his debut album, which will be executive produced by the legendary No I.D. Right now Logic is like Kendrick Lamar in 2012, just before Good Kid, M.A.A.D City dropped. So get familiar with him now, so when his album drops and everyone is raving about it, you can act like you’ve been on him. If you’re feeling what you’ve heard so far be sure to check out all 3 of his Young Sinatra mixtapes starting with Young Sinatra: Undeniable (2012), Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever (2013), and then Young Sinatra (2011). 

On his latest offering ’24 Freestyle’ Logic spits, “It’s Logic, coming for their necks no disrespect, I did this shit in two minutes or less, spent a year on the album, who knows what to expect?” I expect greatness and seriously doubt Logic will bless us with anything less.