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fuwaprince supports lolicon and makes triggered jokes :/

ok well this just isnt true at all. i am friends with him and i read everything that happened on both sides and it was all a big misunderstanding. the person who started it even admitted they were wrong when they talked in private but he keeps going on and on about it and wont let it go. gary definitely does not support lolicon. he already explained everything on his blog and he didnt make a triggered joke, someone else did. i do not appreciate you spreading rumors about my friends when you dont even know all of the facts. sorry if this comes off as rude but im tired of people spreading lies about me and my friends.

@everyone -  gary / @fuwaprince is innocent please leave him and his friends alone.

how to wake up happier ♡

For the past few days I’ve woken up feeling a lot happier and way more positive, simply by starting a few more healthy habits. I figured that I might sprinkle and share some of my positivity with you peeps! ♡ 

If you are recovering from any mental health issues, or want to take the next step, this might be benefitial to you, as it was to me - however, I will warn you that different things work for different people :)

before bed:
practise self-care and self-love, think positive thoughts, breathe fresh air, listen to calming music, read a good and positive book, drink water - stay hydrated kiddos, drink some calming tea, take any medication you need to, make sure everything you need for tomorrow is prepared and make sure that you room is in good conditions to sleep in. 

when you wake up:
don’t reach for your phone the moment you wake up, open your curtains, open your window and let some fresh air in, have a drink, stretch and remember the positive thoughts you went to bed with.

some helpful words from some beautiful peeps
if you have trouble sleeping at night (x) | @fuwaprince
tips for getting up earlier when you’re not a morning person (x) | @halseystudy
tips for balancing sleep & education (x) | @brbimstudying
the science behind sleep, and how to sleep well (x) | @tobeagenius
the masterpost of all sleeping masterposts (x) | kudos to @shelbys-advice-blog this post is amazing♡

“Quick fact. Ready? Consuming protein prior to bed time may enhance sleep quality by providing the body with amino acids necessary to create human growth hormone. This hormone plays a role in deepening sleep, as well as muscle recovery following exercise.” | @thepowerwithin

Serious Topic: Spread some Love

@fuwaprince, the most wonderful boy in the world, is having an extremely hard time. There’s someone here on tumblr who will remain nameless as I’m not about spreading hate to people, who is spreading some very very nasty lies about him, and it’s affecting him greatly. He’s already had seven people ask him if the accusation is true or they say they don’t understand the accusation because it’s obvious from his blog it isn’t true. 

This accusation goes against everything this man is, and the accusation is affecting him greatly and it would be wonderful if you guys could send him some nice messages. 

Send some love to someone who seriously needs it right now.

Things that don’t make a person any less beautiful for having:

- stretch marks
- acne
- skin conditions
- overbites
- scars
- body fat
- eye bags/dark circles
- mental illnesses
- disabilities
- low self esteem
- speech impediments
- trauma
- a different gender than the one they were assigned
- sex
- to take medication
- eating disorders


MOVING TO @cassiopae

I’m going to leave this blog behind, because it just doesnt’ feel like me anymore and I have so many followers here that are porn,kink & inactive blogs and bots. My new blog will be different than this one. I still hope that you will follow my other blog even though it’s different. I will follow all my mutuals with my new blog♥

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Shoutout to @fuwaprince!! 💖

You’re the only person (besides my girlfriend) who gives me the feeling of being loved, needed and cared about even if we don’t have contact! I see you. I think about you. I love you. Thank you for everything you give me without even knowing! One day we’re gonna meet each other and I will hug you the whole time and try to give you everything back you’ve already given to me! 💕

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Ooo speaking of makeup! Do you have any favorite products you've found that are gentle on your skin?? Liquid foundations make me break out more often than usual too ; ^ ; darn sensitive skin..

Ah sameee ! I’m actually using this for around a year now :

And it’s absolutely amazing on my skin ! It covers skin very nicely, covers pimples and spots and looks super natural! I’m incredibly happy with it so maybe it could fit you too :o There are many colors as well varying from light skin to darker shades as well :3 This essence mouse is my lifesaver :D 

Advertise your blog&tag a few friends

Let’s see just how far this post can get. Reblog with things that you typically post. Essentially, advertise your blog, and the more people that reblog, the more people will find you and might enjoy your stuff. Also, tag people that follow you or just someone you think should get some more recognition. (I might do a consolidated, organized list afterward if this gets 30+ reblogs, with all of the correct @’s.)

I post memes, occasional art stuff, writing prompts+original works, language things, gamer I try to be helpful to those with Depression/CPTSD/things of that nature, I try not to be political, I am inclusive to LGBTQ+, and the rest is et. cetera.

I’m tagging @proxypuff @shadowpelt-d-neko @plushy16 @saferoom45 @yes-help-blog @ask-six-and-ense @michaeltheshitposter @askthescp-4050-instances @fuwaprince @undertaletheblogartist09292004 @shapeshifter911 @nasosbooks to take part in this “Advertise your blog” post.

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Windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them

Gosh, narrowing down five of my favourites is going to be so difficult. This reminds me that I need to get to making a follow forever.

1. @srnile - I remember Novia asking for a blog rate and when I saw the heartfelt advice that she gave, I fell in love with her soul. Also, the beautiful content is an added bonus and it’s a privilege to have this angel on my dash ♡

2. @strawberrylollipopkisses - I think Kay has the cutest lil blog and the way she answers asks is so sweet and sincere! ♡

3. @fuwaprince - Although we don’t talk that much, I think that Gary would do anything for his followers. He has such a positive energy about him and I think he’s a super genuine person! ♡

4. @angelic-serendipity - Jules has one of the sweetest hearts in the whole world, we don’t talk very much anymore, but I’ve been following them for the longest time and I’m so proud of them! ♡

5. @mendinghearts - Melody has a lot to be proud of. I cannot express how much I have admired her strength and selflessness over the past couple of years. I am super proud of her for taking the initiative to look after her own mental health and I’m always here for her if she needs it ♡ ♡

Ok this ask was so super hard. Picking five blogs amongst all the angels that I follow was a challenge and a half. I love everyone that I follow and I’ll be sure to make a follow forever in due time ♡

Thank you so much for the ask! ♡

Cute botanical asks

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Hey Princess! A good friend of ours is gonna be putting her baby bird down tomorrow due to health issues (it sounds like the poor thing might even be paralyzed). The vet tried everything they could to make miracles happen but there was no healing unfortunately... Do you think you could please send some kind words to overlord-satan right now? Losing a companion is always so terrible to go through alone and I want her to know we're all here supporting her! Thanks for reading this! 💞

I am so sad to hear this and I know the pain of losing a beloved pet, it’s awful.

If everyone could send @overlord-satan some kind words, that would be much appreciated!

help gary


if you don’t have money that you can spare directly, go to this page of his blog and click some links, reblog, and like (as well as reblogging donation posts!)

please just take a couple minutes to help the angel/dad friend of the aesthetic community™ who has helped and been a friend to so many of us even when he is having a hard time himself.

we love you @fuwaprince