fuvking love

I love how on ninja turtles 2003 there’s an episode called Same As It Never Was. Its a scary alternate universe where Donnie disappeared and Shredder took over. Now the Donnie from the regular verse is shoved in and we meet Mikey. He’s the ultimate badass and,,,,,,,, he’s disabled. He only has one arm. Doesn’t stop him from being a fucking cool ass ninja that can take down twenty foot ninjas at once and becoming a general/leaADING A REBELLION. Not only that but Leo is now blind and Raph lost an eye but their still motherfucking BAMFs. I just find it really cool as shit that CW made the turtles become disabled but still be really strong and incredible and you almost never see that in media, much less on a cartoon from 10 years ago

2017 Goals

• Buy a sewing machine (to make my own clothes)

•Take pole dancing classes (and/or self defense classes)

•Do yoga at least 4x a week!

• Start my typography journey (start using my calligraphy pens/stencils)

•Keep my saving expanding and never stop saving, you never know when you’ll have a raining day

• Use a planner everyday and calendar to track (all yo shit and work on yo memory)

• Work on my henna and body art resumé (lol)

•Love yourself fiercely and unapologetically! Everyday.

•Never forget all this takes time, don’t beat yourself up so much, don’t give up, don’t be so hard on yourself.


My baby 😍😍😍

is it the choice of love to exist as the infinite

Yet die when exhausted

to be fleeting to give purpose to feet

to be mesmerizing out of adoration for the eyes

to infect the mind with the rhythm of perfection being one vibration away

love, what the fuck is your job?
what the fuvk is your job?