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“I don’t intend to let you down.”

“I didn’t abandon you.”

But gUYS tho, guys.. Can you even imagine what is going through poor Killian’s head. Like, FUUUUUUU… They had a fight and now he’s unable to go back to her, and he KNOWS her. He KNOWS her insecurities and fears of people leaving.

And he’s gotten her to trust him with everything she is, and now he KNOWS how this looks to her. That he just up and left her. Like everybody else.

But he’s not everybody else. He didn’t leave her, and it’s KILLING him knowing that she’s breaking down back home, knowing that she’s possibly putting her walls back up, after they worked so hard together to bring them down.

LIKE. I can’t even imagine being Killian Jones right now. The thought of so much heartache happening to your loved one (over HIM) and it all being out of your control, that you can’t just go to her and hug her and tell her that everything is okay and that you will NEVER leave her, ever. I jUST SFKGHJ..

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I would actually like to see Kuro from Servamp with one of those evil expressions so Kuro and an expression of your choice :)

One of my choice??? :D This is a first! I will choose an expression no one picked. (this is A1)

A morning warm up~  It’s always weird to do these kind of things for generally “expressionless” characters… :0

Now I shall be off to post my zine piece later~ FOR REAL NOW. I keep getting distracted fuuuuuuu

Evil Smirk Challenge~! Requests currently closed!


so he agrees to do aegyo during work huh
that splitsecond “wtf-am-i-doing” chuckle tho

James Van Riemsdyk (Toronto Maple Leafs)

@carey-pricemas  I know you didn’t ask or anything but I have had this for a while and have been really nervous to post it because I am no where near a writer you are and then I saw you mention me to another blog (THANK YOU FOR THAT BTW!!<3) and i decided to post this for you because I know how much you like JVR!! 

AN: Okay so I am very aware that the leafs were put out of the playoffs this year, BUT for this just pretend that they weren’t and they beat Washington and advanced to the next round.

For the past 6 games the roles had been reversed. Lately it had been James freaking out before games and you had to be the one to help calm him down and assure him no matter how the game ended you would till be his number one fan. But tonight that was not the case. You were a nervous wreck and James appeared to be cool as a cucumber.

“I don’t get why your so worried babe.” You looked up to see James walking out of the bathroom fixing his tie. “I’m not worried.” You mumbled as you continued to play with your Van Riemsdyk jersey. James laughed, a laugh that you haven’t heard since before the playoffs started. “(Y/n)? You look like you just saw a ghost. Are you sure your okay? If your not feeling good I would rather you stay here and get some rest.”

You shook your head and stood up from the bed and walked towards where James was now standing getting is jacket out from the closest. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed a light kiss to his jaw. “No, I feel fine. I just haven’t heard you laugh like that in a few weeks. It was nice to hear you laugh like that again.”

“Maybe if you told funnier jokes more I would be able to laugh more.” You lightly slapped his chest and rolled your eyes. “I will have you know mister, I am a very funny person.” You said while waving your finger in his face. “Okay, well you can continue to tell yourself that on the way to the arena.”  He laughed as he opened the door for you. Of course not before he could lightly smack your bum as you passed by him. “James!” You squealed, “Don’t do that! What if someone saw that?”

“Well, (y/n) if anyone did see that they would know that your are mine.” James wrapped his arm around your shoulders before leading you towards the elevators where Tyler was standing with his girlfriend Mollie and their son Kanon. “Uncle James!” Kanon yelled as he saw you and James round the corner, Kanon was now jumping out of his moms arms trying to run to James. Once Mollie set him down he made a beeline for James.

“Hey there’s my favourite little man!” James said while leaning down to give Kanon a high-five. “I thought I was your favourite man.” Tyler said as you all entered the elevator. “Dude your kids cuter.” You all laughed. “Auntie (y/n) can i sit wif you tonight?” You smiled, “Of course you can buddy!” “Okay good, i like sitting with you because sometimes you say funny words.” You laughed, during most games you had a tendency to make up words instead of swearing now since Kanon had started taking a liking to you.

The rest of the ride down and to the game you made small talk with Mollie about their wedding plans for the summer, while Tyler and James talked about game strategy. When you arrived at the Verizon centre you could feel the tension in the air and it made you sick to your stomach. Normally you needed to be the calm one for James sake, but tonight you couldn’t do it.

Once the game started it immediately became a very physical and violent game. In the first period at least each team had already had four penalties. The whole first period went scoreless and after that first period I wouldn’t be a surprise if the second period became more violent and physical. Halfway into the second period Kanon decide that now he wanted to sit with you. Kanon talked to you about everything and anything. You helped him find Tyler out on the ice an d cheered with him when Toronto got the puck and booed Washington when they had the puck.

A few minutes after the scheduled tv commercial break Toronto could not seem to get it out of their end, it wasn’t until there was a line change Kadri was able to shoot the puck out of Toronto’s end to where James was after he came off of the bench after a line change. “Oh my gosh! Go James go!”  Just as James crossed the blue line into Washingtons end, on a breakaway, one of Washingtons players came up behind James and tripped him.

You stood up with Kanon still in your arms, “WHAT IN THE FUUUuuuu-RRRRICKITAY FRACK WAS THAT!” You could hear Kanon laughing in your arms. “MOMMY! Auntie (y/n) said a funny word again!” A blush rose to your checks as you turned your attention back to the ice to see that James was getting a penalty shot. “Fuckin right.” You muttered under your breath. “Mommy now she said a bad word.”

You turned to Molly and handed Kanon back to her, “Sorry.”
“It’s okay I’m sure that he’s heard much worse for Tyler after game.” She said laughing.

You heard the whistle signalling that  James could go and turned your attention to the ice. “Go James!” You could feel your hands shaking and everything felt like to was in slow motion as he moved around Holtby and shot the puck top shelf. You couldn’t think of anything else to do other the to jump up and down with the rest of the WAGS. “Oh my gosh no I think I can start breathing normally again.” You joked and some of the other WAGs that herd laughed along agreeing.

As the second period came to a violent end with a line brawl, You texted James a quick “wait to go text” knowing he wouldn’t read it until after the game.

When the third period began you took what you said about the second being violet as Washington became more aggressive wanting to tie it up at one. You didn’t even realize that the end of the third period had came to an end until the final buzzer went and all the leaf boys jumped off of the bench and skated towards Freddie. All around you was the WAGs celebrating. All you could think of was how it was James who had scored the game winning goal that advanced them to the next round. Damn you are so proud of him.

Shortly after the arena had started to clear out you and some other girls made your way down to the locker rooms to congratulate the boys and let them know you would be heading back to the hotel early and would meet them there.   When arriving you could see James in the middle of an interview, you patiently waited of to the side for him to finish up. When he was done he must not have noticed you standing there because he turned back towards the locker room.

“James!” You yelled trying to get his attention. He turned around and saw you, his smile grew wider as he made his way over. James stood in front of you and leaned down and kissed you lightly. He reached up and placed his hands on your cheeks deepening the kiss. You relaxed and wrapped your hands around his neck, tangling your hands through his hair. You pulled apart smiling. “I knew you could do it baby, I am so proud of you!”

He placed a light kiss on your forehead. “You sound like my mother, not my girlfriend.” You laughed and wrapped your arms around his torso. Knowing this moment, it wouldn’t last long.

“James!  You have someone else that wants to do another interview.”
“Okay, I’ll be there in a second.”
“I’m gonna head back to the hotel with the girls. I’ll see you back there when your done here.”
“Okay, I love you.”
“I love you too.”

**James POV**
When i finally got back to the hotel room it was well after two am. When I got in the room I could see that (y/n) was asleep on my side of the bed. I went over and could see she still had her glasses on. I carefully took them off and presses a kiss to her forehead before going to change in the bathroom so I didn’t wake her.

When I came back out she was now awake and checking her phone. “Did I wake you?” She nodded slowly still half asleep. “Sorry.” She shrugged. “S'okay. Now come on I wanna go back to sleep.” I nodded and crawled into bed bringing her tight to my body so her head was resting on my chest.

“Can I ask you something?”
She moved her head so she could see me better. “Yes?”
“How many kids do you want?”
She tilted her head confused. “Where is this coming from?”
“Tonight seeing you with Kanon made me think about starting a family with you.”
“Two…or three… or four… maybe five. I don’t know I never even thought about it that much before until now.”
“I want at least four.”
“Then four it is. But not tonight I’m to tired so don’t get any ideas Van Riemsdyk.”
“I wasn’t!”
“Okay sure. Goodnight James.”
“Goodnight (y/n). I love you.”
“I love you too.”

I could hear her breathing start to become steady as she slowly fell asleep next to me. Damn do I need to get a ring soon.

Favorite part(s) of each song in Hamilton
  • <b> Alexander Hamilton:</b> "TIIIIIIIIME OHHHHHH"<p><b>Aaron Burr, Sir:</b> Revolutionary Bros™<p><b>My Shot:</b> "I'm PAST patiently waiting I'm PASSionately SMASHin every expectATION every ACTion's an ACT of creATIon"<p><b>Story of Tonight:</b> "Raise a glass to the four of us, tomorrow there'll be more of us"<p><b>Schuyler Sisters:</b> Angelica SLAYING Burr<p><b>Farmer Refuted:</b> "My dog speaks more eloquently than thee"<p><b>You'll Be Back:</b> "I will kill your friends and family... To remind you of my love"<p><b>Right Hand Man:</b> "I HAVE SOME FRIENDS: LAURENS, MULLIGAN, MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE OKAY WHAT ELSE"<p><b>Winter's Ball:</b> "Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)<p><b>Helpless:</b> " I'm just saying if you really loved me you would share him" "HA!"<p><b>Satisfied:</b> " To your UUUUUUNIOOOOOOOON and the hope that you PROVIIIIIIIIIIDE"<p><b>Story of Tonight (Reprise):</b> "oh shit..."<p><b>Wait For It:</b> EVERYTHING THIS SONG IS A MASTERPIECE<p><b>Stay Alive:</b> "I'M A GENERAL, WHEEEEE!!" + "Chikaplow!"<p><b>Ten Duel Commandments:</b> "Okay so we're doing this"<p><b>Meet Me Inside:</b> "Son" "I'm notcha son"<p><b>That Would Be Enough:</b> "Let me be a part of the narrative in the story they will write someday. Let this moment be the first chapter where you decide to stay"<p><b>Guns and Ships:</b> Lafayette TAKIN THIS HORSE BY THE REINS MAKIN REDCOATS REDDER WITH BLOODSTAINS<p><b>HHIEOY:</b> "You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story"<p><b>Yorktown:</b> Tbh this whole song is so lit<p><b>What Comes Next:</b> "Awesome! Wow!"<p><b>Dear Theodosia:</b> "I'm dedicating every day to you"<p><b>Non-Stop:</b> "Yo who the f is this?" + "Lesgo"<p><b>What'd I Miss:</b> "Where have you been?" "Umm France?"<p><b>Cabinet Battle #1:</b> "Thomas, that was a real nice declaration. Welcome to the present, we're running a real nation. Would you like to join us? Or stay mellow doing whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello?"<p><b>Take A Break:</b> Philip rapping while Eliza beatboxes + "ALEXAAAAANDERR" "Hi."<p><b>Say No To This:</b> "Stayyy" "Heyyy" + "Fuuuuuuu"<p><b>TRWIH:</b> "My god! In god we trust but we'll never really know what got discusses. Click-boom then it happened"<p><b>Schuyler Defeated:</b> That subtle key-change tho<p><b>Cabinet Battle #2:</b> "... France" + "You must be outta your GOD DAMN MIND"<p><b>Washington On Your Side:</b> Madison's diction +"SOUTHERN MOTHER FUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS"<p><b>One Last Time:</b> "George Washington's going hoooooome"<p><b>I Know Him:</b> "They will tear each other into pieces Jesus Christ this will be fun!"<p><b>Adams Administration:</b> "Sit down John YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKSTICK"<p><b>We Know:</b> "You see that was my wife who you decided to" "WAAAAAAT?"<p><b>Hurricane:</b> "I wrote my way out of hell, I wrote my way to revolution, I was louder than the crack of the bell"<p><b>Reynolds Pamphlet:</b> Angelica ROASTING Hamilton<p><b>Burn:</b> "You forfeit all rights to my heart, you forfeit your place in out bed, you sleep in your office instead, with memories of when you were mine"<p><b>Blow Us All Away:</b> "How bout when I get back we all strip down to our socks?" + "My name is Philip. I am a poet. And I'm a little nervous but I can't show it"<p><b>Stay Alive (Reprise):</b> "Is he breathing? Is he going to survive this? Who did Alexander did yoU KNOW?!"<p><b>It's Quiet Uptown:</b> "You hold your child as tight as you can and push away the unimaginable"<p><b>Election of 1800:</b> "Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none."<p><b>Your Obedient Servant:</b> "Here's an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements" "Sweet Jesus"<p><b>BOW+BOW:</b> Eliza being a perfect cinnamon roll who deserved so much better<p><b>The World Was Wide Enough:</b> "THIS MAN WILL NOT MAKE AN ORPHAN OF MY DAUGHTER" + Alex's monologue + "He aims his pistol at the skY WAIT!"<p><b>WLWDWTYS:</b> Eliza.<p>
Shadowhunters Episode 11? I think

First Break
-Alec in GREY
-The Lightwood brothers slaying the game
-lighting still sucks lmao
-the music is lit AF
-Jace beat his ASS LMAO
-Blah blah climon
-Good job Jace GOOG JOB
-Suffer forever Valentine
-Aldertree is where now???
-who is this new guy and why is he scary???
-that mummy add? “Maybe it’s a rogue warlock” umm no? “She’s hot” no thx. It was funny tho

Second Break
-Izzy no. Oh my god.
-Luke beat his ass plz
-“new partner?” “She’s driving me crazy”
-I’m glad Raphael didn’t give in.
-please get your mysterious demon ass away from Izzy thx
-I know he is a very bad person but I’m excited to see what they do with his character
-also the camera work is really good

Third Break
-Is Simon talking to Maureen???
-Simon is so cute I cry
-I don’t like Clary but she looks good ( I went to type clary but typed Lart instead)
-Also she knows now lmaoooo

Fourth Break
-I’m just ignoring all these clace and climon scenes TBH
-Scene this scene between izzy and Sebastian but Will Tudor is doing an amazing job so far
-Luke is so important to me. I love him so much.
-I cry who is that hoe taking pictures
-Parabatai brotherly love I cry. Jace crying is MAKING ME SAD. ACTUAL BROTHERS BEING SUPPORTIVE AHHHH.

Fifth Break
-Sebastian’s eyes are creeping me out.
-Simon is so cute I cry. He is a blessing.
-Raphael got that studded collar
-Are the rumors true??? Do Malec fight together?!?!
-also Magnus is the love of my life
-loving this scene for some reason
-Jace flipping 10/10

Sixth Break
-Malec caring about each other is what I LIVE FOR
-“I can come back home with you if you’d like?” Alec cares so much
-Alec smiling at his sister being alive I cry
-What Magnus?!?!

Preview of next episode