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Conversations with fic writers
  • Me: Sis, I need medical advice.
  • My Sister MD: ... for fanfiction?
  • Me: Yup!
  • My Sister MD: *sighs*
  • Me: So, listen - I need a body part that, when shot, will bleed lots, and the guy may even pass out from it, but other than the blood loss he'll be alright.
  • My Sister MD: I take it the penis is out of the question?
  • Me: ... the penis is still necessary for important plot reasons later in the story.

also can we talk about the fact that magnus bane, alone in his apartment (or with an unconscious alec, however you want to look at it), admitted to himself that he doesn’t have all the answers. being someone who his people turn to for answers, being someone who is expected to have answers, being someone who usually HAS answers ….. is actually, legitimately out of an answer and he’s admitting that to himself (and alec) and he’s so utterly heartbroken over that fact and anyways pass the tissues