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The names themselves written as kanji are not weird, but the pronunciation of the names written in parentheses are what make them weird.
大地= means “earth,” usually pronounced “daichi” but here it’s “gaia.”
希望= means “hope,” usually pronounced “nozomi/kibou/mirai” but here it’s “noah.”
皇帝= means “emperor,” usually pronounced “mikado/reon/kouta” but here it’s “kaiser.”
風凛= usually pronounced “karin,” but for some reason this parent chose to go with its other pronunciation “fuu-rin” and then go even further to make it “purin/pudding.”  

Believe it or not, some names like these actually exist, although these in particular go a little too far.

Shiko and Totty don’t think those names are weird because they all have “Matsuno xxMatsu” names. But for people like you and me, it’s like seeing someone with the name “Johnny Walker,” or seeing Kanye West naming his daughter North. It just hurts.


Rin & Akira’s Story

The RinAki story from the 5th Anniversary Chiral Night.

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For the anon who wanted Rin’s clip too. I wish you all the best in finding more fellow Rin fans.

Translation below the cut. Yet again, apologies if it’s somewhat dodgy. Please don’t look at if if you can read Japanese.

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Kinnikuman’s Fuu Rin Ka Zan (風林火山). It’s a four part maneuver.

  1. Fuu - Quick Like The Wind: The execution of this technique varies from time to time, but the essence of it is Suguru holding one or both of the foe’s arms, spinning them rapidly, and Flip Tossing them against the canvas, slamming them.
  2. Rin - Silent Like The Forest: After the Flip Toss, Suguru jumps at the still-recoiling opponent from behind and locks them into a Rolling Cradle so rapid and skillful that it takes both of the Choujin into the skies, here, Suguru seamlessly progresses into…
  3. Ka - Conquer Like Fire: High in the air, Suguru locks the foe into a Piledriver hold, and then drops from high in the sky to the canvas, driving the enemy against the floor headfirst.
  4. Zan - Immovable Like The Mountain: Suguru then throws the foe into the air, jumps after them, and places them in a midair Reverse Romero Special. The force and quick succession of the techniques makes the foe spew blood at this point. Suguru releases the hold and lets the foe fall against the floor.

Technical Aspects: Input is 2363214C, costs 2 meters, and it can chained into other Supers, if you are lacking enough HP. At more than 50% HP, the move barely does more damage than a Kinniku Driver or Buster for twice the cost, but it heals Suguru a bit of HP during Zan. At 50% HP or less, Zan becomes a free Kinniku Buster, turning this into a devastating Super. This Buster can be cancelled into a Side Kinniku Buster (hold 6). At 30% HP or less and if you have 3 meters, hold 2 during Ka to cancel the Buster into the regular Reverse Romero, and keep it held to transition seamlessly into the New York Special (Kinniku Driver followed by free Kinniku Buster, cancelable into Side Buster).