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Fighting Drautos later was easier tbh

“Arguing” (Luna doesn’t argue, let’s be real here)
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Reviewed Magic Knight Rayearth (Probable my favorite shojo manga).


Latter 3 pieces 
↑ People keep asking, so, Eagle is there. He’s not here with Hikaru and Lantis for a reason, which you might don’t wanna know  -_-

“Aim for the unstoppable future and embrace the unyielding wish.”

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Goodness this one took me a while to finish. I blame Clamp and their capes and shoulder armor. But I really enjoyed watching Magic Knight Rayearth for the first time! I read the original 3 volumes of the manga YEARS ago and I remember I loved them so much I was disappointed they were only 3 books. But I never got around to reading the sequel series or watching the anime. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I included it in my list of magical girl series to research. It’s a bit different from most in the genre but it’s a great magic girl series. Strong girls, friends supporting each other, swords and mech suits?? The second series will be the next piece in the series and I am still getting through it but I’m almost finished watching it. Wedding Peach is up next!

I also have a part of my magical girl series that I think is very similar to the setting of this series, but it doesn’t relate exactly to my main team of girls. You’ll just have to wait and see! :D

You’re a real flower fan, right mayor?

Haven’t painted anything for my friends in a loooong time, and I’m super into the fact that it’s almost spring here so happy spring to my dear friends @sprungit and @1211am!