I actually opened the Futurus file today and:

Stalling was not Dooku’s forte and certainly nothing he was enamored of. 

“I see your regard for others matters little as ever. You have killed all those you care for – bravo.”

“Not yet,” Skywalker snapped tersely.


Obi-Wan was eyeing his former apprentice.

“I have to say I agree with the Count. Anakin,” he shook his head. “What?”


King Arthur carried to the Land of Enchantment.
Signed and dated W.B. Scott.1847…1862.(lower left).
Oil on Canvas.
86.3 x 114.3 cm.

Art by William Bell Scott.(1811-1890).

“Some men yet say, in many parts of England,
That Arthur is not dead ;
But the will of our Lord Jesu,
Carried into another place, that he will come again,
And win the holy cross.
And men say there is written on the tomb,
"Arthurus, Rex quondam, Rex futurus.”
- Romance of Arthur.

Source : Christies.

The Eyes of Desire

Catullus, Poems 48

If some person should allow me, Iuventius,
To keep on kissing your honey-sweet eyes,
I would kiss them a full three hundred thousand times
And never think that I would have my fill,
Not even if the crop of our kissing should be
Thicker than fields filled with dry ears of corn.

Mellitos oculos tuos, Iuventi,
si quis me sinat usque basiare,
usque ad milia basiem trecenta
nec numquam videar satur futurus,
non si densior aridis aristis
sit nostrae seges osculationis.

Blue Eyes, Henri Matisse, 1934