Tensions are reportedly flaring between Drake and Future days after a published Billboard Magazine interview saw the Atlanta rapper making dicey comments about Drizzy’s Nothing Was The Same album.

According to reports, Drake has taken extreme measures following the article’s release and has taken Future off his new tour.

Hot rappers Drake and Future are facing off in a $1.5 million feud after Drake demanded supporting act Future be kicked off his tour in a beef over a Billboard article, Page Six can exclusively reveal. Drake was booked to tour with Future and R&B singer Miguel on a 39-city schedule kicking off Friday in Pittsburgh. Future went to Billboard magazine’s office on Oct. 4 to give editors a listen to his latest album, “Honest.” Associate editor Erika Ramirez published a story with quotes from Future, which she also posted on her Twitter feed. “Not only is future’s #honest album interesting, so are his thoughts on Drake’s #NWTS album,” Ramirez wrote. She then went on to quote Future: ” ‘Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you. They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do’ — Future.” After reading the story, Future’s horrified managers argued with the mag that his quotes were off the record and taken out of context. We’re told the online story was edited, but Ramirez didn’t delete her tweets. (New York Post Page Six)

Not ending there, Drake could face a stiff lawsuit courtesy of Future in light of the last-minute decision to boot him.

Drake — whose previous rap feud with Chris Brown ended in a violent bottle fight between their entourages in a club last year — was so angry, he immediately demanded Future be booted from the tour. “He told his agent either Future gets fired, or he’ll fire him,” a source told us. Future was fired, but then negotiations started to bring him back late last week. But over the weekend, Future pulled out for good after Drake’s camp demanded he make financial concessions. Future, who was set to earn about $40,000 per gig, is set to file a lawsuit this week against Drake for lost wages, or about $1.5 million. The rappers’ beef is the latest drama in Drake’s tour. Last month, about a dozen dates were pushed back and rescheduled. (New York Post Page Six)

Some reports claim the Toronto native has already found a replacement.

UPDATE: It looks like Drake might have found a replacement for Future for “Would You Like A Tour?” A couple of individuals are indicating that Jhene Aiko has been tabbed to open up on the tour. This selection would make sense, as Jhene appeared on Nothing Was The Same, particularly on the song “From Time.” As of now, Aiko has yet to officially confirm the news. (Complex)

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ペンで描いた場所がセンサー化?血糖値や有害物質を計測するバイオインク | FUTURUS(フトゥールス)





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skygawker asked “Fic writing meme! Futurus (-a -um) + ♡”

My favorite part! Let’s see. I’m tempted to say all of the shenanigans regarding a shirt and activities done while wearing it. And I’m not going to say that writing Luke and Leia interacting with their parents isn’t a ton of fun because that is the entire purpose of the story. But it’s actually this:

Anakin stretched, yawning loudly before climbing over the back of the sofa to slump against Ahsoka.

"Master! Get off, get off!" She pushed at him, but he’d already slung an arm around her shoulder. She giggled right up until he plucked her unfinished pastry right out of her hand, and then she glared in earnest. "Hey, that’s mine!"

Anakin flicked flakes of dough off his fingers. He looked terrible. His hair was even more unkempt than the day before, the circles under his eyes dark as bruises. He wore only his trousers and a thin undershirt which stuck to his skin.

"I suggest a meditation on the transience of possession," Anakin said glibly.

"Or the transience of your face," Ahsoka growled back. She shrugged a shoulder, suddenly affecting a sweet tone, "I mean, lightsabers turn on and off so quickly."

Anakin’s response to that was to seize her bodily, hauling her in for a long, sweaty hug.

"No, ugh, Master, humans are so gross!" she sputtered. She smacked at his head, trying to get his hair out of her mouth.

anonymous asked:

I need to read Le Morte Darthur and a bunch of literary analysis so I can write a research paper. Are there any interesting topics/theses and literary analyses you could suggest? Thanks!

Aaahh sorry anon, I’ve never actually done any academic work directly with Le Morte D’Arthur, so I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but if your school ha access to the journal “Arthuriana” (used to be called “Quondam et Futurus,” I think JSTOR has most of its issues), I have found it to be super helpful in my writing! Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. But if you can narrow your focus, I’d be very interested in hearing what you’re writing about!

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Amazonが空から宅配!? 米連邦航空局がドローン耐空証明を発行

米連邦航空局(FAA)は2015年3月19日、米Amazonに対してドローンの耐空証明を発行したと発表。これを受けて今後どのようにドローンの商用利用は展開していくのだろうか。   Amazonが念願の耐空証明発 […]

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March 22, 2015

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われわれは眠っているときに、脳のなかであちこち歩きまわり、自分が昼間に訪れた場所の位置関係や道順を復習しているのかもしれない。 ニューヨーク大学ランゴン・メディカル・センターの研究者が、方向を検知する脳細胞は、ぐっすり眠 […]

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