First look at NASA’s futuristic Mars rover vehicle

car boys theory

beamng.drive was never actually “created.” rather, it was discovered by a humble game developer who was messing around with map editors. one fateful day, they opened up what they assumed was an empty void of a map they hadn’t done anything with yet, and yet shockingly they found several rouge objects falling through this world. those objects were a soccer ball, a futuristic vehicle, a large inflatable mat, and most interestingly of all, a destroyed blue sedan with two infinite beams of light shooting out of it neatly labeled “n” and “g” within the maps new, unprompted code. finding no source for these objects, they used the groundwork from this instance as inspiration and framework for a fun, soft body car simulator, taking the experience as an act of divine fate. they named this simulator after the two beams, citing them as the “true creators of this simulation.”

by falling into the time vortex, Nick and Griffin created beamng, and that’s where the series has been going this whole time. that’s why buzz lightyear told them to take that jump towards the vortex, because he knew this is where they had to go. the bustos, the blob, iron man, they were all important and powerful figures, yes, but this was always the true mission, so that all the fun we had along the way would still happen in the first place.

A superphantom fanfic where Jazz went to college with Sam and was a close friend of Jess.

And she’s out of contact for a while when Jess dies, but when she finds out about it, she begins to look into it. Finds out about the appearance of a stranger on campus and then the disappearance of Sam Winchester right after the fire.

So she tracks them down. In the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle, weapons blazing, demanding answers.

I would love this to happen just for their reactions. Like, imagine Dean glances into the rear view mirror to see this tricked out camper gaining on them, and before he can even utter a confused “What the fuck?” It barrels off the road, taking out a wide swath of the local flora, picking up speed and careening out in front of them, screeching to a halt and blocking off the road.

Dean slams on the breaks, cursing, as the door to the crazy, futuristic vehicle slams open and a redhead wielding, holy cripes, a bazooka steps out.

“Who the hell…?” Dean squints out the windshield at the girl, hand moving to the gun in his jacket as she strides to the care with confident steps and murder in her eyes.

He glances at his brother, but Sam is merely staring at the girl with wide eyes, mouth hanging open dumbly.

“Jazz?" He whispers, something like a mix between awe and horror in his voice.

"You know her?” The older brother asks, incredulous, as the passenger side door is yanked open, and suddenly they’re staring down the glowing metal barrel of a weapon like nothing they’ve seen before as it makes a distressing whining sound, powering up.

“We had a mutual acquaintance.” Jazz glared down her nose at the stunned pair. “Care to tell me what the hell happened to her?

Character Occupations: Real and Fantasy

Real Occupations

  • Flower delivery
  • Professional snuggler (yes, someone who cuddles lol This really exists…)
  • Venom extractor (from snakes)
  • Professional mourner (goes to funerals to grieve for the deceased)
  • Fortune cookie writer
  • Nail polish namer
  • Iceberg mover
  • Crime scene cleaner
  • Personal shopper
  • Mermaid (For shows…trained year round and must hold their breath for two and half minutes)

Occupations for Fantasy Characters

  • Magical-garment seamstress
  • Animal Trainer
  • Blacksmith of magical materials
  • Necromancer
  • Inventor (e.g. spells, potions, weapons)
  • Arena fighter (like a Gladiator)
  • Driver (anything from a carriage to an animal to more futuristic vehicles)
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Miner (of magical objects/materials)
  • Locksmith

A futuristic Mars rover concept vehicle was recently unveiled at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with a goal of inspiration and education as NASA continues developing plans for its journey to the Red Planet.

The builders of the scientifically-themed Mars rover concept vehicle, Parker Brothers Concepts of Port Canaveral, Florida, incorporated input into its design from NASA subject matter experts. Construction of the Mars rover was commissioned by the Kennedy visitor complex without use of taxpayer dollars.

The rover operates on an electric motor, powered by solar panels and a 700-volt battery. The rover separates in the middle with the front area designed for scouting and equipped with a radio and navigation provided by the Global Positioning System. The back section serves as a laboratory which can disconnect for autonomous research. While this exact rover is not expected to operate on Mars, one or more of its elements could make its way into a rover astronauts will drive on the Red Planet.

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Morphing metal shapes future of soft robotics

Imagine an aircraft that could alter its wing shape in midflight and, like a pelican, dive into the water before morphing into a submarine. Cornell University engineering professor Rob Shepherd and his group might help make that futuristic-sounding vehicle a reality.

The key is a hybrid material featuring stiff metal and soft, porous rubber foam that combines the best properties of both – stiffness when it’s called for, and elasticity when a change of shape is required. The material also has the ability to self-heal following damage.

“It’s sort of like us – we have a skeleton, plus soft muscles and skin,” Shepherd said. “Unfortunately, that skeleton limits our ability to change shape – unlike an octopus, which does not have a skeleton.”

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