futuristic structure

Marin County Civic Center,  Frank Lloyd Wright, 1960

GATTACA (1997)

Gattaca’s futuristic world, like that of Bladerunner, is assembled from iconic elements of California’s architectural past. The characters glide down minimalist roadways in electrified Citroens and inhabit monumental Brutalist, Futurist or International Style structures- utilised selectively to reflect the film’s thematic world of authoritarianism, social engineering, and antiseptic perfectionism. (Image: Ezra Stoller)

adventurouswind  asked:

A curious young Adventurer lost his way when traveling the world as he found his way into a strange world with many new things like very futuristic structures, sights and sounds as he nervously and timidly snuck into the tallest building as he thought it was the capital of this place. His curiousity got the better of him as he heard footsteps slowly approaching, he squeaked trying to find a place to hide as he squeezed into a tight corner. Huddling in as he remained completely quiet and still.

“I told you, get it done today, or you’re going to have to answer to the board as to why you can’t get the information. If another reactor goes up and we don’t get this taken care of, they’re going to roast every single one of us on the flames.”

Tseng pulled the phone away from his ear with a frustrated sigh, sliding it back into his pocket. He was almost too caught in the moment to notice the person cowering in the corner who obviously didn’t belong. Unfortunately for them, he caught them in the corner of his eye, stopping and turning slowly to face them.

“I hope you’re just lost, and not purposely trying to break into the tower. Public access is denied beyond the upper levels.