futuristic scenery

Yall realize the black panther movie is going to be the most aesthetically pleasing and visually colorful superhero movie ever made. Did you see the costumes? The set pieces? The background? The natural scenery? That futurist uncolonized african inspired wonderland? Plus the most beautiful cast to ever be filmed in front of a camera, now and forever. 


Emma: Plumbob Pictures! This is… where I work!

Emit: So you’re an actress? Besides, it’s the first time I see some real excitement in your eyes.

Emma: I’ve been an emotional roller coaster since I met you, so that’s probably a false statement. And yeah, acting is my job. I’d say passion, but when you have to work your ass out and your siblings say it’s nothing difficult, you start doubting your whole existence.

Emit: Family issues, yeah. Understandable. But Emma, don’t believe anything they say, because acting… you have to put a lot in there. Like in every other job. But in science field it’s mostly brain, and when you act, you must be drained emotionally afterwards because getting attached to your character is the essential part. Haven’t seen your movies, but I’m sure you’re the kind of person who does pour her heart out.

Emma, touched but trying to hide it: … well, thank you I suppose. Hey, it’s quite cold. I had no idea.


~ Bridgeport, the city where dreams either crash or come true ~


A timelapse trip through the city and countryside of Kazakhstan

From the futuristic sceneries of the glass skyscrapers of Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan and the new Dubai of Central Asia, to the dreamy landscapes of Lake Issyk. From the Big Almaty lake, to Shymbulak, from Pik Talgar, the highest peak of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, up to Charyn, a desert canyon of red rocks carved over the centuries from the rush of water during the ice age.
The majestic mountains of Kazakhstan, the turquoise alpine lakes which like crystal clear mirrors reflect a sky of dreams, the red arena of the deserts and the coral stones of the Charyn canyon, create a unique spectacle that not many people know about yet and that will leave you breathless. For the very first time two bloggers Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev document the magical sceneries of Kazakhstan and the luxuries of a vibrant city like Almaty, one of the pearls of Central Asia yet to be discovered.
Video By: Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev


My fan artworks In the Warhammer 40.000 universe.

A few scenes of Tau vs Eldar on one of the tropical planets.
A little later, lay out another couple of scenes.
p.s. Tau my love race
W.D. 2016