futuristic rebel

For twenty seven years, we Futurists have rebelled against the idea that war is anti-aesthetic… We therefore state: …war is beautiful because– thanks to its gas masks, its terrifying megaphones, its flame throwers and light tanks– it establishes man’s dominion over the subjugated machine. War is beautiful because it inaugurates the dreamed-of metallization of the human body. War is beautiful because it enriches a flowering meadow with the fiery orchids of machine-guns. War is beautiful because it combines gunfire, barrages, cease-fires, scents, and the fragrance of putrefaction into a symphony. War is beautiful because it creates new architecture, like those of armored tanks, geometric squadrons of aircraft, spirals of smoke from burning villages, and much more… Poets and artists of Futurism… remember these principles of an aesthetic of war, that they may illuminate… your struggles for a new poetry and a new sculpture!
—  The Futurist Manifesto, Filippo Marinetti,
Nectar for the Zodiac, Part I
  • Aries: That sparkle in your eyes when you charge into something headfirst is your best feature. The passion and drive that fuels you is to be admired by all.
  • Taurus: The immovable presence you have, the grounded reality and conviction with which you proceed is astounding. You can do anything you set your mind to.
  • Gemini: The way you speak with such enthusiasm. You run into your own words as your mind is miles ahead of your tongue. That can bring a smile to anyone's face.
  • Cancer: Your protective nature. No one thinks you're strong, but you don't have to remind them of what you go through. Just say: "I still allow myself to feel".
  • Leo: You're the heart of gold in a world where there is only coal. Don't ever think less of yourself, you are liquid gold, magnificent, and you are worthy of anything.
  • Virgo: The insecurity you shield as you constantly help those around you. Your drive to see things done right; to see others succeed. Are you the angel God sent?
  • Libra: The passion you feel as you seek to defend those unjustly treated is amazing. They say you can't get angry; I applaud you for hiding it inside to keep peace.
  • Scorpio: Your desire to know the truth; the way you keep digging away at all of the superficial is mind-blowing. You aren't terrifying or repulsive. You're perfect.
  • Sagittarius: You're not flighty; you just know the value of your life and the foolishness of wasting it on unhappiness. You're loyal to a fault to someone you love.
  • Capricorn: I love your tired eyes and crooked smiles. Saturn knows what he's doing; his works of art are enough to make even the Gods jealous of his wondrous creations.
  • Aquarius: You aren't always the futuristic rebel. At times you're just fine with the status quo, wanting to be left to your own devices. That acceptance is pure bliss.
  • Pisces: You aren't at all weak; you can be a warrior if you need be. But the inside of you is laced with emotion and empathy, the kind that would make saints jealous.