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Future food delivery predictions from 1940s by Crossett Library

“By Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow. Traveling Kitchens Deliver Packaged Dinners. Deluxe service for Tomorrow’s homes…cooked to order dinner meals brought right to the door, piping hot, on time. Ordered a day ahead from weekly menus, food is prepared en route, delivered ready to serve in ‘room service’ containers. It will be cheers from the compact, servantless homes of Tomorrow.” detail from advertisement for Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whiskey in Time magazine May 26, 1947. AP2 .T37 v.49 pt. 2


In 1967 Walter Cronkite Predicted the Kitchen of the Future | March 12, 1967 episode of the CBS show “The 21st Century”

Sweeter Than Any Cupcake [a Ray Palmer imagine]

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Request: I was wondering if a could request an imagine with Ray (my sunshine) Palmer. More specifically, baking cupcakes with him. Pretty please with a cherry on top and thank you. Take as much time as you need. 😉

a/n: yay! Ray! Request some DC imagines!

A deep sigh trips out of your mouth as you stare up at your (very tall) boyfriend. He has on his authentic prince charming smile with his dark brown puppy dog eyes. You could never resist his puppy dog eyes, no matter how hard you try.

His olive green henley shirt sleeves are rolled just below his elbows, like always, while his hands are balled to his chest. His broad chest. There’s a twinkle in his eyes as he pouts down at you. “I could teach you how to make cupcakes then! It’s just like science! Please?” he begs, grabbing your hand. Never breaking eye contact.

You snort quietly, shaking your head. Sometimes your boyfriend can be so persuasive. “Fine, but it’s not my fault if they turn out to be shit.” you justify, causing him to beam, dragging you to the futuristic kitchen. Even though he’ll probably deny it, a little squeal comes from him. “You really are just a Ray of sunshine, aren’t you?” you pun, bumping his hip with yours, grinning from ear to ear.

Ray chuckles, shrugging and glancing away; blushing slightly. “I try.” he says sheepishly, biting his lip. After he lets go of your hand, he opens the light gray cabinet, grabbing the vanilla cupcake mix. He reads the directions, sighing. “I don’t think you can eat these, Y/N.” You give him a confused look before he goes on. “You can’t eat your own kind. That is considered cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies.” he smirks, getting out a bowl.

Rolling your eyes, you take the box from him. “Well, that means you can’t either, Raymond.” you tease, booping his nose; which he scrunches. Both of you giggle. You pull up your jean jacket sleeves before ripping the red box open, yanking the plastic bag of yellow mix out. “Can’t I just watch you bake?” you whine, spinning around so your back is against the counter.

He frowns, setting the eggs he got from the fridge down. The whole point of baking cupcakes is to spend time with you. “How about I do the measuring and stirring and you just drop it in the bowl?” he asks hopefully. You nod, climbing onto the counter and swinging your legs. Ray smiles, pecking your lips. “Team effort.”

First, his giant hands grip the mix, handing it to you. You pour it in the metallic bowl that he’s holding in front of you. Then comes the two eggs; you crack one and he does the other. He pours the milk. “Ray?” He hums in response, mixing the ingredients with a wooden spoon, a grin apparent on his face. “I love you.” you muse, sighing happily. You can’t help but gaze at him; he’s so handsome.

Stopping, he peers up from the bowl,  his brown orbs sparkling and white teeth showing. “I love you too. I’m so happy I get to call you mine! I don’t know what kinda deal I made to be with you, but I’m glad I made it.” he beams, leaning his forehead on yours. “And you know what?” he whispers against your lips.

You can’t hold in a giggle, “What?” you ask, batting your eyelashes.

“You’re sweeter than any cupcake.” he smirks, kissing you softly. It isn’t a long kiss but it feels…nice having his lips on yours. When he pulls away, you let out an airy laugh, grabbing his arm and moving him in front of you. “Oh, I like this.” he snickers, feeling your legs wrapping around his lower waist.

Biting your lip, you nod, “I do too… Are you almost done, babe?” you question, glancing down at the bowl in front of you. Ray mixes it faster a few more times before nodding. You grab the cupcake tray, taking the silver bowl from him. “I wanna do the thing!” you squeal, picking up the ice cream scoop.

As you’re about to scoop the mix, he stops you. “Wait, wait, wait! You need the wrappers first. Here.” Ray plops the wrappers in the small circles, “Okay, now do it.” You scoop some of the batter in the silverware, pouring it in the blue wrapper. When all of them are filled, Ray sticks the tray in the oven, setting the timer. “These are gonna be great.” he assures, kissing your forehead.


Mick stalks into the small kitchen, the sweet smell of a baked goody interrupting his focus. “Haircut, if you tell me you made cupcakes, I swear to god-”

The tall, brown haired nerd tilts his head to the side, looking up at the ceiling. “Well…” he trails off, as you stifle a giggle behind him, “Technically, Y/N and I made them together!” he exclaims, raising his pointer finger.

A huff leaves Mick and he shuffles forward, grabbing two cupcakes in each hand. He then stands up straight, nodding to you and then Ray. “Y/N. Haircut.” he says in his gruff voice before walking out.

You slap your boyfriend’s arm. “Ow! What was that for?!” Ray pouts, rubbing his arm; you glare at him. “Sorry, sweetheart, but if I’m going down, you’re going down with me. Plus, Mick at least likes you.”


Futuristic Kitchen in the 1950s!


Whirlpoool Miracle Kitchen

How many mid-century concepts are viewed as innovations of today? 1957 marked the launch of the RCA-Whirlpool Miracle Kitchen - a wildly imaginative, futuristic and customer-relevant full-line solution for the ultra-modern home. The period Miracle Kitchen video highlights the room’s features, which took advantage of major developments in technology, television and transportation.


A montage of 1950’s housewives and husbands going about their housemaking chores, cooking and doing laundry–some of them aided by the fabulous kitchen of the future!