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Here is a blue Tritium stick sealed in another glass vial secured in silver tone “window” setting. Tritium sticks will glow for 10 to 15 years without the need of “charging” like regular glow in the dark pigment powders.  It is currently used in high-end watches, keyrings and gun sights - anything that needs to be seen at night. I decided to go with silver tone components because it complements the blow glow.  Just as important as the Tritium is the mechanical looking part it’s hanging from.  I was attempting to evoke a geared mechanical pulley assemblage with components found in the hardware store mixed with traditional jewellery findings.

I make in the steampunk genre but I wouldn’t classified as steampunk.  To me it’s futuristic with an alien artefact feel to it.  If you are interested in buying this you can find it on ebay here.

Indigo Aura Quartz Talisman by Cosmic Bloom Geo-Mystic Jewelry

Available at our Etsy store >> https://www.etsy.com/shop/CosmicBlooom


Futuristic Jewelry created by myself @backwordspoetry_art @backwordspoetry

For Afro Futuristic photo shoot [2050]

Shot by photographer @yannisdavy
styled by @6lackadaima And Creative Directed by myself

Now featured on @toksickmagazine
And @radronline

“2050” is a series focusing on giving an interpretation of what the black woman could look like in the future. The future of fashion is explored and analysis through black women’s perspective. By exploring issues of identity, womanhood and beauty through a futuristic lens, 2050 is a series that attempts to show the viewers that even in the future, black beauty remains timeless.

Models: Cynna / Jannai

Watch on goddessbody.tumblr.com

I love the solidarity I’m seeing amongst black owned businesses and black clienteles supporting one other. A midst current events dealing with race relations in America, it seems that as a people we are awakening to our roles in the continuation and the parts we play in many of the “struggles” we are dealing with in the African diaspora.

Most of these cultural struggles stem from the economic and overall holistic cultural castration our forefathers and foremothers endured in the 200+ years of free labor that essential built the foundation of this great country we call America.

That being said, we are realizing as a people that in order to defeat many of these cultural struggles we are going to have to invest our resources into each other! Us investing into each other has NOTHING to do with HATING any other cultural group! Having pride in ones cultural is natural, and healthy.

If and when we continue to support black business even when it’s inconvenient to do so, and hold these businesses accountable to high level service and also support black vendors to attain their raw materials our services, we begin to circulate the “black dollar” in our communities and soon enough the tides will begin to turn economically and holistically period.

So support some of these black businesses this holiday season and onward. We need to stick together. We are not In completion. The universe is abundant and will provide for us all. This is bigger than all of us.

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Futuristic Jewelry

A jewlery trend that is up and coming is futuristic jewels. This trend allows designer experimentation with cut, color, and materials to make different creations. Futuristic jewelry comes in different shapes and designs that are characterized by the use of a variety of materials such as heavy metals, plastic and stone. Oversized chunky pieces with clean lines and a hollow look define this trend. Take a look below!

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anonymous asked:

Sorry, I just sent you a message and realised that you had already responded to it. Also you should check out a brand called Finchittida Finch they are twins from England who are half Laos and half English. They make jewellery and a percentage of the profits go to clearing bombs in Loas xxx

Yes, I know them. Their products are so neat, I wish I can afford it myself! For those who don’t know, they make modern, futuristic(?) Lao jewelry. Fun fact I just learned, FKA Twigs also wears them, since Finchittida Finch and the singer are doing a collaboration. :-)

Above is a costume made chocker from Finchittida Finch with Lao designs for FKA Twigs’ music video.

And more!

Check them out and support our local Lao artists!