futuristic hairstyle

Weeping turned to Swooning Part One. Bucky x Reader.

word count: 1,022

A/N the request came in with a partial crossover with Doctor Who, so there may be references that some may not understand at first. And yes, there is going to be a part two, just because I got this far and realized that there was still so much that I needed to write.

“Doctor! I need you!”
“Don’t blink, Y/N! Do not look away.” You could hear him, but you didn’t dare turn to see him. You had managed to end up in a staring contest with a Weeping Angel. If you blinked, they’d catch you and send you into God only knows what time period. They grew stronger from each person they did that too. The twisting of time was a gain for them. Twisting time was not in the Doctor’s favor.
“Doctor! The sun hurts my eyes. I can’t keep them open. I can’t…”
“Don’t!” And with that, there was a bright streak of light and you were pulled away.


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