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Willet! Violet and Wilbur(:


  • who cooks normally?

WILBUR.  He’d be so impressed with himself, cooking her little meals ^.^

  • how often do they fight?

Meh, not a lot but they do argue.  Most of the time they fight about how Wilbur can be too cocky and how Violet puts up too many walls.  It’s the kind of stuff that they resolve after a fight but not all the way, like they still have personal issues, but they’re willing to make it work.

  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?

Aww, they’d be the lovesick teenagers that never want to be apart.  Violet would doodle him on her schoolpapers, and whenever Wilbur found cool abandoned parts from his dad’s inventions, he’d be like “Hey Vi, check it out— oh..”  But then he’d start looking for things he could invent to see her again

  • nicknames for each other?

Wilbur calls her Vi, sometimes Invisible Girl, but she rolls her eyes at that one cause she doesn’t like to see herself as a hero, plus sometimes she sees her powers as freakish, so she doesn’t always appreciate his invisible-oriented nicknames.  Violet, on the other hand, calls him Time Traveling Guy when they first meet.  Later she’d call him Cowlick because of the hair xD

  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?

“No, no, Vi, I got it.”  "Wilbur do you even have money for this?“  "That’s…beside the point…” He’d probably try and talk her into sneaking out without paying heheh

  • who steals the covers at night?

Wilbuuuuuuur omg.  Then Violet just goes into another room to sleep because she’s cold god dammit then the next morning Wilbur is like “Vi where’d you go?” and she’s like “call me when you stop being a cover hog”

  • what would they get each other for gifts?

Wilbur would get Violet some cool futuristic gadget, and Violet would get him probably a picture of them together so that whenever they had to be apart he could have something of hers.  Ooh! Or like her hair ribbon or something.  He would reeeally appreciate all the sentimental gifts

  • who kissed who first?

Actually I think Violet would.  Like he’s dropping her off at her doorstep after their date and she’s thanking him and he rubs his neck like “sure, I had a good time” then they look at each other for a moment, she puts a hand on his cheek and kisses him and says “me too” before rushing inside, and Wilbur’s just sputtering on her doorstep blushing but then he gets this bIG DORKY SMILE HNNG BABIES

  • who made the first move?

Please, definitely Wilbur.  I could see him like doing douchey eyebrow flicks and stupid stuff like that to get her attention but she just rolls her eyes and walks away but he always finds himself trying to flirt with her again and he realizes he has a crush on her and then one day he drops the cool guy act and is just like “look I think you’re really cool, would you wanna maybe go out sometime?” and she’d grin and say yes and ahhh

  • who remembers things?

Hmm, I’d have to say Wilbur.  I mean he totally inherited that celebratory tendency from his relatives so I could see him picking her up and like blowing a noise maker in her face like “HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY VIOLET” and throwing confetti at her and stupid stuff like that for the tiniest occasions ^.^

  • who started the relationship?

What I like to think happened was at some point they were talking, maybe she’s resting her head in his lap or something, and he calls her his girlfriend.  And she just pops up and looks at him really surprised like “I’m your…girlfriend?”  And then Wilbur starts worrying that she doesn’t want that and starts stuttering like “but only if you want to be, and like you toootally don’t have to be no pressure” but then she kisses him

  • who cusses more?

I could see Wilbur using like futuristic swears that haven’t been invented yet but Violet knows that it’s a swear and she’s like pestering him to tell her what the hell “glakmar” means and he refuses mostly because he thinks she’s cute when she’s annoyed

  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?

Violet would try to find help and get worried and talk really fast, never wanting to take her hands off him, and Wilbur would get really quiet and just softly go “Vi..?” Maybe try and make a joke to cheer her up but underneath be really scared.


In 1967 Walter Cronkite Predicted Home Office Gadgets of the Future | March 12, 1967 episode of the CBS show “The 21st Century”