futuristic fairytale

the lunar chronicles is so great man like, futuristic fairytales? heck yes. the oppressed standing up for themselves? give me that shit. four different male characters who fall in love despite their better judgement? yes please. and four individual female protagonists who are strong and beautiful and kind in their own way? siGN ME THE FUCK UP.

Okay, but listen, guys. We’ve had modernized fairytales, fairytale characters forcefully brought into the modern world and almost every fantasy meets technology kind of AU. But what about futuristic fairytales?

Like imagine the world if fairytales had never been written. No fictional princesses or creatures in books. Then in the future where everything is more technology based these stories in our world become real in theirs?

Grimhilde was the most beautiful woman in all the world. Her face was on billboards, printed in magazines, and all over the web (which had grown enormous in the fifty years after 3100’s global crash). She had fame but even in this day and age a model didn’t always have fortune. So, she married Leopold White. A billionaire retired scientist, widower, with all the power she could ever want. And a child named Snow who was only nine years old at the time.

The woman found it all too easy to play the loving wife and step-mother for a year while she put her plan in motion. The deeds to his home and business were in her name, she was named his sole beneficiary if he should pass, and he gave her access to all of his bank information. After that it was simple to hack his pacemaker and hold his crying daughter while his body was incinerated, the ashes added to the growing forest at the edge of the city.


“MIRROR,” Grimhilde’s voice, soft as rose petals but cold as ice, brought the computer system to life. The holographic image of a man’s silhouette appeared. “I feel uneasy today. Tell me, in this world of surgical enhancement and medically gained perfection, am I still the most beautiful woman alive?”

The computer scanned its owner with a wave of the holographic hand. There was silence as she waited for it to go through it’s data to come to a conclusion. Then the head glanced back up.

“It appears to me that you are indeed to fairest woman to grace the earth.” It said in it’s synthesized tones. “But my database holds a new image I have never encountered in previous scans. The girl is only fourteen years of age but scans indicate that her features are the epitome of human perfection.”

“What?” The woman hissed. “Show her to me! I refuse to believe some kid is more beautiful than me!”

Another wave of the hand and pixels formed in the air, creating a picture of her deceased husband’s daughter. Grimhilde hadn’t bothered to look at the girl in a long time but now that she was seeing her it was obvious that this girl’s face could replace her own if anyone got a hold of her photos. Her skin was almost abnormally pale from a genetic disease that made her unable to stay in the sun for too long. Her hair was pure black and everything about her face was perfect from her full lips to her cheekbones. And the eyes were so deep a green they were like the Dead Forest itself had grown there.

“Destroy any photos you find of her online. Eradicate her profiles on any site they exist. I want her locked in this house until the day she dies!” She yelled. “No one will take my empire from me!”