futuristic fairytale

the lunar chronicles is so great man like, futuristic fairytales? heck yes. the oppressed standing up for themselves? give me that shit. four different male characters who fall in love despite their better judgement? yes please. and four individual female protagonists who are strong and beautiful and kind in their own way? siGN ME THE FUCK UP.

adalheidis  asked:

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5. science fiction, realistic fiction, or fantasy lesbian? 
fantasy! quite into all of those tho

10. aesthetic sideblog, “discourse” sideblog, writing sideblog, or fandom sideblog lesbian?
oc sideblog so a mix of aesthetic/writing/art, the rest ends up here in a mess

11. superhero story, fairytale, or futuristic dystopia lesbian? 

12. musical theater, stage play, or screenplay lesbian? 
✨stage play✨ directing especially 

13. what is your favorite vs least favorite lesbian stereotype?
ooh that’s tough. for faves i’d say lesbian fashion and sappy lesbians (things like help, my wife… and all) and least favorite uuh anything invented by straight guys like “lesbians secretly want a man” and bury your gays. that’s more tropes than stereotypes but eeh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯