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It’s Like They Know Us      Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Don’t know what to get for Mother’s Day? We have the PERFECT gift for every mom in your life!

For the mom with unlimited upper body strength:

“I want to carry my baby in the most awkward and inconvenient way possible, but I’m worried I might have a hard time accidentally banging his head into a bunch of stuff!”

Worry no more! That’s why there’s Baby Bag! All of the clumsiness of a living purse, with of all the security of a third-rate carnival ride.

Baby Bag. It’s as easy as 1, 2, WHEEEEEEE!  *thump*

For the mom who married a Chippendale:

“I work hard for my body and my baby, but standard infant carriers often hid my relentlessly chiseled midsection, or worse, put my baby at risk of being cut by my sweet, sweet abs.”

Introducing the all new “V-Cut Carrier.” Finally, a babywearing solution for people who look like 16th-century marble sculptures.

For the mom who loves the great outdoors:

Do you love taking jaunty romps through the woods, but have difficulty finding appropriate footwear?

Then you’ll LOVE new “Jaunty Rompers!” - footwear designed specifically to capture the joy of any outdoor activity involving your husband, in-laws, and pre-adolescent children - none of whom are complaining!

Jaunty Rompers, for all of your romping needs.

For the lipgloss enthusiast mom living in a strange futuristic airport:

“This baby is great and all, but how am I supposed to apply lipgloss when he CONSTANTLY needs carried around?”

Introducing ‘Magic Sassy Strap.’ Magic Sassy Strap allows you to apply all of your favorite glosses, balms, and lacquers with comfort and ease!

Use Magic Sassy Strap for hands-free control of any large, awkward object. Including, but not limited to:

  • An 8 lb. baby in a  25 lb. car seat carrier
  • A large bundle of wood
  • The alternator for a 1988 Buick La Sabre
  • A group of tantruming toddlers, known in their collective as a “hissy”
  • The baby calf that Billy Crystal delivers in “City Slickers” and then heroically carries across a river in the middle of a massive flash flood.

Magic Sassy Strap - when you want to apply lipgloss, but not the laws of physics. (From the makers of Baby Bag)

For the mom with limited patience, but unlimited floor space:

It’s Like They Know Us Retro presents:

The “Get-the-Hell-Away-From-Me” Couch

Because sometimes, get the hell away from me.

For the mom who would laugh at this list:

Because every mom deserves a laugh this Mother’s Day

Parenting is Easy: http://amzn.to/1EqTuWZ

A guy who works in our office had never seen High School Musical before...

So we made him watch it. 

These are his thoughts.

49 seconds – Zac Efron is playing basketball on his vacation? Talk about commitment.

1 minute, 48 seconds – So far, no high school.

2: 13 – Where were these cool teen New Year’s Eve mixers when I was a kid (back in the 1800s)?

3:00 – The most amazing part of this karaoke sequence is that they are singing to a song that no one in the history of the world has ever heard before … and are killing it.

4:17 – Noticing some subtle symbolism: Zac’s shirt has flowers on it, mirroring his blossoming love for Vanessa Hudgens (credited at the end as Vanessa Anne Hudgens).

5:22 – Zac Efron’s class ring has mesmerizing powers.

6:36 – It’s New Year’s Eve at midnight – KISS HER TROY!!!

7:25 – Vanessa Hudgens disappeared. Theory: she is a ghost.

7:50 – This movie takes place in Albuquerque? Why?

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