Artist: Adrian Birkeland

Title: Operation Siphon

“Operators behind enemy lines infiltrate a villa complex and siphon the marks crypto-wallet.

I really enjoy Heist stories and movies in particular. My entire outlook on design changed when I watched HEAT the cinematography just burned itself into my brain. In this piece and the project that I’m building around it, I’m combining this with how much I’ve enjoyed learning the theory for Rainbow Six Siege.

I’m still terrible at the game and I don’t have a lot of time to play it but I finished all the situations and article 5 (sorry whoever had to help me finish it).”


This is Utopia.

Here lie the remnants of “the old city”. It is a slum where the victims of the great recession now reside. Old, worn, broken. Great cement and steel buildings of the mid-century, built so close to one another, they touch wall-to-wall. Ancient structures stacked so high, they disappear into the darkness of the sky. They are rusted and heavy and seem to tilt, like crooked trees in the wind, creating a jagged skyline. At any moment, they seem as though they’d collapse down onto the streets below, but they stay up somehow. The air so polluted, it blocks the sun from sight and fills the sky above like a gloomy cloak. The horizon hides behind a vast blanket of brown and grey so that the rest of the city is concealed from view.