imagine this real quick.

When the Usos eventually drop the tag titles. they should drop them to the Bollywood boyz, while jinder mahal is still WWE champion. And They go on to feud with the New day. AND THEN at clash of champions where I’m assuming all titles are to be defended(?). The Bollywood boyz drop the titles to kofi and woods and jinder drops the WWE title to Big E!!! Y'all on board with this or what?!?? Y'all on board with this or what?!??

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The Bungalow Boyz are rumored to work under the same roof as Fakehaus, but no one is really certain. They’re more elusive than the FH crew, only a select few police officers have seen their faces and they’ve turned up dead a few days afterward. Little is known about this crew, as they focus on stealth missions and hack jobs (to FH’s Lawrence’s dismay). Often, they have seen Peake, who is also a member of Fakehaus, entering their rumored safehouse, but it’s very unclear what his role is.

This group has a total of six members, seven including Peake, and their names are rarely uttered in police stations around Los Santos out of fear. The Bungalow Boyz have no one leader, as it seems they have a very functional spread of power over the six of them. Dan can often be found at the helm, however, as he is known for his calm demeanor in the toughest situations. He is in charge of where and when things happen, and getting them out safely when the Boyz decide to get a little too reckless. Jon is typically at his side, coordinating maps and listening to various police radio stations, keeping an eye on everyone and everything around them.

On the front lines, there is Bones (real name unknown) and Jacob. The two are capable of going from friendly to serious business in a split second, and Bones tends to take care of the combat while Jacob handles explosives and hacking on the ground level. Bones is an excellent shot, the best in the Boyz, and is often competing with Bruce from Fakehaus to see who is better. Rumor has it that they go way back. Jacob is the fastest hacker of the group, and is always up to date with the technology no matter how recently it came out. Omar is often guiding him remotely, as he is the other hacker in the Boyz, and he is always the one to provide the police with a distraction (whether it be hacking or physically holding up a bank to give the others time. He always inexplicably escapes.)

Don is the resident sniper. He’s carefree but he is laser focused, and he hasn’t missed a shot in all his years of running with a crew. When Peake joins in, he is often sniping with Don or on the front lines, since his typical job is covered by people on the same level (or better) as him.