Victoria, BC Youth Outline the Future They Want

21 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The theme of Rio+20 is The Future We Want. In the lead up to the conference organizers have been asking people around the world to contribute to the conversation on this website.

Youth have been making most of the dramatic noise at this conference, and given the weakened agreement that seems destined to be Rio+20’s legacy, their participation and calls for leadership have been a welcome breath of fresh air.

The same can be said for the youth of Victoria, BC.

As I was on the road headed to Rio, the second annual Youth Climate Action Summit took place at the Off the Grid Festival in Victoria, BC.

I had the pleasure to speak at the inaugural conference the year before and this year had the opportunity to ask youth (via video) for their statements of the future they want.

Without further ado, I present to you the future that our children desire. It’s damn better than what world leaders have agreed to.

YesBC Youth Climate Action Summit 2012

• We believe it is the right and responsibility of all people to be involved in the decisions affecting our coastal waters.

• We commit to a future of sustainable living through holding our leaders and ourselves accountable for our actions.

• We will inspire other youth locally and around the world by sharing our passion for our coastal ecosystem and stopping the enbridge pipeline via social networking, media, word of mouth and protesting.

• We believe that, if we want to make positive change in this world, we need to change ourselves.

• We believe that youth need to get involved with politics and put pressure on our elected leaders to give us policies that protect our future sustainability.

• We believe it is the right of all people to have secure local food and water – always!

• We commit to a future of sustainable living through making the right food choices, by buying local, by growing our own food and sharing our knowledge about food security with others.

• We will inspire other youth locally and around the world by spreading our knowledge and leading by example.

• We believe we have the right to a secure energy future and we will pressure our elected leaders to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

• We want to live in a world that views energy as a precious resource – to be conserved and used efficiently.