futures league

Commission for @zk0x

If you’re interested in commissioning me for something in this style, please PM me! xoxo

my ass angry that steve trevor isn’t diana’s modern day love interest when i know damn well he’s gonna die in the WW movie


nine films that make up my aesthetic:

silence of the lambs (1991) // back to the future (1985)

pretty woman (1990) // a league of their own (1992)

birds (1963) // x-files: fight the future (1998)

thelma and louise (1991) // star wars IV (1977)

jurassic park (1993) // i tag anyone who wants to do this!

((Someone in a stream asked if I knew Overwatch characters… The answer is kinda no. Some friends and people I follow do art for it that I really enjoy! But no, I don’t plan on playing it… but this is an illustration of what Tumblr has taught me about Overwatch. Enjoy.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans! Spoilers!!! Bring it, DC. I dare you! And don’t puss out like the CN Teen Titans. Make her a sociopath!