Favorite You-Tubers(Part 1): Beauty Gurus

Just for future references and in case you were looking for more You-Tubers to subscribe to. I’ll post them in categories. This is just part 1. I’m obviously subscribed to all of them and I’ll add more as time goes by. :)

AllThatGlitters21(Elle Fowler)

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Juicystar07(Blair Fowler)

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External image

Eleventh Gorgeous(Tracy and Stefanie)

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MichellePhan(Michelle Phan)

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As I said before I’ll add more gurus to the list as time goes by. I’ll also link their other channels and website(if they have one) in a future post. :)

rihflektor  asked:

2 (LOL), 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 16, 17 :> Sorry ang habaaa take your time ;)

2) i answered it already :D

4) What i find attractive in the opposite sex: eyes, hair, over-all body structure, broad shoulders (XD?), smiles, height [preferable taller than me]…intangible ones: humor, general sense of self, sense of personal style :)

5) What i find attractive in the same sex: HAIR, over all body structure, boobs, hands, height [just as tall as me or smaller], eyes, lips, shoulders, neck, the spot where the clavicle shows? hahaha i could go on forever when it comes to this. intangible qualities: humor, general sense of self, sense of personal style and thoughtfulness.

6) Biggest Insecurity: my looks and my weight…forever and always. occasionally, my over-all self-worth.

7) My Fondest Memory: i can’t think of any right now. xD it’s not that i don’t have one, it may just be because i have so many. :) 

13) My pet-peeves: people who complain all the time but don’t do anything about what they’re complaining about, people coughing/sneezing and not covering their mouths, people opening my bedroom door and then not closing it as they go out...

14) Any weird/hidden talents: i don’t think i have a talent? xDD i’m a sad person

16) Random facts about me:

  • i have four 3-page papers, 12 bookmarks and a song list due tomorrow (later?). xD
  • i have mole on my left ear and a spot under my chin. 
  • i don’t capitalize my “i’s” xD
  • i think i fall for people easily xD
  • i love chocolate…too much xD
  • right now, my favorite color is purple 
  • my favorite word is iridescence 
  • i have a soft spot for movies with a teacher in it that does his/her best to win over his/her bitching class. xD (for example: Take the Lead, Freedom Writers…)
  • i have an official list of those movies on my tumblr drafts

17) Top Ten Favorite Movies (OMG! HAAHAH); no order.

  • Toy Story (1-3)
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Codename: Kids Next Door Movies (I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. and Z.E.R.O)
  • The Art of Getting By
  • Whisper of the Heart
  • (I CAN’T CHOOSE) Teacher-Student/s themed movies. xD
  • Parent Trap (the one with Lindsey Lohan. lololol)
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Seisouhen 
  • Matilda
  • Kick-Ass
  • Forrest Gump
  • The Truman Show
  • Inglorius Basterds
  • Men In Black (all of them)
  • Back to the Future trilogy
is that more than 10? hahahah i’m sorry! XD PHEW! THANKS FOR THE ASK, RAPH >:D< <3 
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